As it stands right now single cause single cure has zero administration expenses.  Any and all donations will go directly to research.  Much basic (pre-clinical) research has already been done on the metabolism of cancer — mapping the way to actual human clinical trails.  Right now, there are two very promising projects that are very close to a full clinical trial.  They are the restricted ketogencic diet with 3-Bromopyruvate, and the restricted ketogenic diet with hyperbaric oxygen.  The 3Br is ready for the first step, a small trial called a feasibility study, that will establish safety and the path forward to a full clinical trial.  Hyperbaric oxygen with the R-KD has well established pre-clinical work, and is ready for case studies (single individuals) or a small feasibility trial.  Cost estimates for a full clinical trial of each are around 3 million dollars.  Our goal right now is to help one, or both of these incredibly promising projects get funded for a clinical trial.