Single Cause, Single Cure.

Other foundations typically focus on one single cancer type; we focus on the one feature of cancer that pervades all cancer types – defective metabolism.

We don’t believe cancer is really a collection of over 200 different diseases, each one requiring a different cure.  We believe cancer is a single disease, with a single cause, and requires a single cure.

To be honest we don’t like asking for donations – so we want to be abundantly clear why we are asking.  Cancer research is off track.  New “targeted” cancer drugs can cost up to $100,000 per treatment, offering no increase in survival time.  The relationship between value and price is completely lost.

Cancer is capable of bring out the best in people, and sadly, the worst in people.  Pharmaceutical companies are guilty of selling false hope.  It is immoral to sell a drug treatment for an exorbitant price, that provides zero benefit, when people are at their most vulnerable.  We are of the firm conviction that metabolic research, without question, promises the most benefit at the least cost – but funding remains challenged.

Most drugs that have shown promise are unable to be patented, and as a consequence receive no attention.  Sadly, it will most likely take your help for these promising therapies to be realized at all. We are different from other foundation because the status quo is no longer acceptable.  Continuously throwing money at these failed concepts is no longer acceptable.  Money that is capable of bringing to fruition meaning progress at very little cost is our mission.

 The goal of our foundation is to put ourselves out of business as quickly as possible.