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When your husband or boyfriend attempts to initiate sex, do you find yourself rejecting his advances more often than not?

Has the flame that once burned strongly for your man died away, leaving you feeling passionless and without desire for physical intimacy?

female libido enhancer

Every women is searching for that one product that works just right for them. Singlecausesinglecure.org is here to guide you in enhancing your overall physique, sexual prowess, and in turn, boosting your confidence.

Feeling and looking sexy is very important to women, that’s why we take pride in providing you with practical and concise information on general female enhancement.

Unfortunately every female will experience a low sex drive at least once in their lifetime. Millions of females suffer from lack of sexual desire, not just men, and have been dealing with it for years.

Women now have the same products available to them that men have had for years.

If you are probably anxious to get to the bottom of things and get your love life back on track by using an effective female libido booster, then you are at the right place.

Unfortunately, tracking down one that will actually work can be difficult, since there are so many on the market these days.

Instead of trying and striking out again and again, you could get on board with one of the following female enhancement supplements that actually works:

Top 4 best libido booster for females 2018

  • Provestra

Provestra is a blended herbal formula that comes in tablet form. Each ingredient was specifically chosen for its beneficial effects on the female reproductive system and ability to create overall relaxation and a sense of well being.

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Taken as a daily supplement, Provestra helps –

  • Increases sexual response time
  • Boost libido
  • Intensifies sexual sensations and orgasm and
  • Balances the hormonal system for proper reproductive functioning.

With Provestra, intimacy is at the top of your priority list, with the heat turned up. Prescription-less female enhancement pills solution to a healthy love life.

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  • Vigorelle

Is your relationship suffering from lack of sexual activity? Several women suffer from a lack of sexual desire which can be caused by several factors such as stress and fatigue.

You can put the spark back into your sex life. Vigorelle™ can help enhance excitement and pleasures for the both of you.

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Vigorelle™ has been developed for women who are chemically sensitive and for the health conscious.

Its combination of organic ingredients are naturally-derived using purely botanical extracts. Vigorelle™ rejuvenates and moisturized with its naturally silky consistency.

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HerSolution pills

HerSolution™ is an all natural libido enhancement compiled of herbal ingredients that boosts your libido with some sizzling spice.

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This product works similar to Viagra™ but better because its made just for women. Its time for women to experience the option of improving their sex life for the better.

It increases your blood flow throughout your pelvis and genitals allowing you to experience more enhanced stimulation with natural moisture.

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HerSolution Gel 

HerSolution Gel™ is a popular favorite among women experiencing a low sex drive. It can be used as a personal lubricant as well as a sexual stimulant.female libido enhancer

HerSolution Gel™ assists women with vaginal dryness by alleviating it. It also increases blood flow to help you climax stronger and harder.

HerSolution Gel™ has the right texture and wetness that every woman desires and it is pH balanced.

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Important Facts about Women’s Sex Drive

What affects a womans’ libido?

Usually, factors that affect a woman’s sex drive are emotional and physical in nature. The two most common emotional factors are depression and stress.

For the physical factors, it is inherent that a woman who reaches menopause will have major changes in her body and that would include her reproductive organs causing conditions such as vaginal dryness.

Because of the busy demands that both men and women experience every day, a sex drive won’t be noticeable not unless the partner tells something about it.

Usually, women are mostly are the ones who have a low sex drive because women are more emotional and easily stressed than men.

With a low sex drive, married couples usually experience misunderstandings. Men, with wives who have a low sex drive, may feel that their partners are not interested during their sexual intercourse. This may cause some misinterpretations causing problems in the relationship.

How can I increase my libido?

To avoid having these problems, women may need to use some female libido enhancers to increase sex drive. Good thing, there are a lot of female libido boosters available in the market. All you need is to choose which one you think is appropriate for you and your partner.

Women should know that having a low sex drive is normal and is part of life; however, they should also do something about it to maintain a good relationship with their partners. A woman usually has a peak of sex drive during their thirties.

As a woman ages, there are necessary changes that happen in the body and that includes decreasing sex drive due to low hormonal levels.

Some solutions that are available for a woman’s decreased sex drive are lubricants and hormonal medications which include estrogen patches.

Before deciding to choose among the options available, take into consideration your partner’s decision. You shouldn’t just decide for yourself, but instead, inform your partner about it to help you in your decision-making.

What Could Possibly Cause Vaginal Dryness?

What is Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness or medically termed as atrophic vaginitis occurs commonly during the menopausal stage of women.

However, it is also possible that a woman who is not yet menopause can experience vaginal dryness. This is considered normal but it can cause an effect to the sexual life of married couples.

Women with vaginal dryness need not to be ashamed of their condition. Instead, they could seek their gynecologist to give remedies to this problem.

There are a lot of available treatments to vaginal dryness to help women increase their sexual drive. However, what we will be focusing on is the factors that could’ve caused atrophic vaginitis.

Normally, the skin and the tissues in the vagina are kept moist by the glands located at the neck of the uterus. However, a hormone called as estrogen affects these glands, inhibiting release of mucus to keep the vaginal skin moist.

If a woman has decreased estrogen levels, the glands are not able to produce mucus, leading to dryness of the genitals.

How Menopause Effects Vaginal Dryness

During menopause, the estrogen levels decrease, causing different changes in the woman’s reproductive system. Because estrogen is an important hormone in maintaining vaginal moisture, decreased levels will greatly contribute to dryness.

Often, women will experience symptoms such as itching in the vaginal walls, pain during sexual intercourse, overall discomfort, urinary problems and some vaginal discharges.

Aside from menopause, stress is also considered as one of the major contributory factors for vaginal dryness.

Stress is something that can’t be avoided because it is part of our every day lives; however, how to deal with it will greatly affect a person’s reaction towards stress.

It is important that women should be able to handle stress appropriately to avoid causing effects to their health.

For couples who are using condoms during intercourse, you need to know that the latex material found in condoms also causes vaginal dryness.

This happens because of the interruption in the levels of pH or acidity in the vaginal area.

Since vaginal dryness can greatly affect the relationship of married couples in terms of sex; the problem should be addressed right away.

A best female libido enhancer  or personal lubricant can help in stopping painful intercourse caused by vaginal dryness.

Important Questions about Female Sexual Dysfunctions

The reproductive system of females comprises of different organs that function altogether. In some cases, when an organ malfunctions, the whole reproductive system is affected.

This article will provide you some important facts about female sexual dysfunctions, the descriptions of the dysfunctions, and the methods on how to resolve the problems.

Q: What are the most common female sexual dysfunctions?

A: A recent study at the University of Chicago that was initiated by Laumann et al, have found out that hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is the prevailing female sexual dysfunction among women.

In layman’s term, this disorder is called as low libido or low sex drive. Almost one third of the women who have sexual disorders are reported to have hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Aside from that, the second in rank dysfunction is difficulty with orgasm. Among the subjects involved in the study, one fourth is reported to have this dysfunction.

The third prevailing female sexual dysfunction is painful sexual intercourse. However, age is also considered because older women are usually the ones who experience pain during intercourse.

What is Hypoactive sexual desire

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a deficiency or absence of desire for sexual activity. This condition is considered as a dysfunction if it causes disruption in the woman’s social life.

Usually, relationships with partners are affected when a woman has this type of disorder. According to the recent study conducted, woman would only think of a sexual activity for only a limited period in one month.

They have also found out that normal women are more cheerful and energetic than women who have hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

When a woman is said to have difficulties in orgasm, this means that a woman is having a hard time to achieve the orgasmic phase during sexual intercourse.

However, this would still vary according to the woman’s body reactions. Normal women or those who do not have problems with orgasm are the ones who often have a good relationship with their partners.

With all of these findings, it is now evident that sexual arousal, desire, and ability to reach orgasm vary from one woman to another.

Dysfunctions occur when it already causes problems with relationships. If a woman feels that her partner is not satisfied, or if she feels that there is something that is lacking, then it would be best to consult the doctor to give proper medical attention.

Q: What are the factors that could’ve contributed to the decreased sexual desire in women?

A: There are a lot of factors associated with decreased sexual drive among women. Usually, these factors would either cause major or minor effects depending on the woman’s overall physical well being.

The most common factors that can affect a woman’s sexual drive are stress and over fatigability. Aside from that, conditions such as obesity and other diseases can also contribute to a woman’s decreased libido.

For women who have depression, sexual desire is at an extremely low level. Adding to that are the medications that are taken to treat depression that also contributes to decreased sexual drive such as SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Aside from that, there are also other medications that can affect a woman’s libido. These medications are birth control pills, sleeping pills, and psychiatric medications such as mood stabilizers.

For women who are taking these medications, it is necessary that you consult your doctor if you experience changes in your body before you abruptly stop drinking the medication.

Some medications that are stopped abruptly may cause rebound effects that are harmful to the body.

Q: How can you differentiate sexual arousal from sexual desire?

A: Sexual arousal and sexual desire are two different terms that are connected to one another. Sexual desire or libido is the woman’s interest in a sexual activity.

This may vary among women because some may have increased libido but still normal, while some may have decreased libido but is also considered normal.

On the other hand, sexual arousal is the woman’s response to sexual stimuli. Signs of sexual arousal would include lubrication in the vaginal walls and increased blood flow to the area, causing contractions.

Q: How can a woman’s sexual arousal increase?

A: Upon knowing the causes of decreased sexual drive, increasing it will be a little easier. Usually, decreased sexual arousal is caused be decreased natural lubrication.

Good thing, there are a lot of products available to resolve this problem. Water based lubricants are much preferred than oil based lubricants that are out in the market.

However, if the decreased lubrication is caused by menopause or other hormonal problems, then a hormonal replacement therapy is advised.

Aside from that, studies have also found out that Sildenafil or also known as Viagra can help in increasing lubrication in women. Another drug has also been proven to give the same effects called as Phentolamine.

However, studies have also found out that Viagra, although it helps in lubrication, doesn’t provide much desired effects than other lubricants.

Aside from medications, there are also a lot of other ways to promote lubrication. Usually, these ways would include psychotherapeutic methods such as behavioral therapy.

Psychiatrists help women to fix their relationship with their partners through behavioral therapy. This approach is effective to couples with disrupted relationships due to the sexually related problems.

Q: How can a woman’s sexual desire increase?

A: As of the moment, there aren’t any products in the market that promotes an increase in sexual desire to women, but researchers have found out that a drug called as Wellbutrin is effective in potentiating the sexual desire in women.

The results of the study have shown that women with low sexual desire who took Wellbutrin reported to have an increase in desire for sexual activity.

However, this study is not enough to prove the positive effects of Wellbutrin to sexual desire; therefore, further studies are needed.

For women who have been undergoing testosterone treatment to increase sexual desire, studies have found out that it is not really effective and would just cause masculinity in women.

Side effects would include changes in voice pitch and changes in the women’s clitoris. This shows that women should consult an expert in the field prior to undergoing treatments.

How to Keep the Heat On for Older People

For women ages 50 and above, one of the best things in life is to have a pleasurable sex life just like when you were younger. As for women who are below 50, they’re probably thinking how their life would be when they become older.

Good thing, there is now a new innovation for women ages 50 and above. Experts have found out that women ages 50 and above can still have pleasurable sexual intercourse without experiencing any problems.

As long as partners love each other, intimacy will still be on fire. Based on a survey, older men and women still have sex once a week.

A research about sexually active couples has also shown that age isn’t a hindrance to continue having sex even if couples are above 50.

Studies proved that older men, particularly those in their 60’s are more satisfied with their sexual intercourse compared to when they were younger or in their 20’s.

This goes the same for women; they also feel that they are more satisfied compared to when they were younger. However, this is only true for women who have overcome their menopause successfully.

Aside from that, studies have also shown that older men and women, ages 60 – 80 specifically, still continue to have intercourse.

Some older couples even confessed that they do not need frequent intercourse just to have a fulfilling sex life. Simply touching and caressing one another is enough for them to have a satisfactory sex life.

Knowing this, having a satisfying sex life even if we are older is truly promising. Experts such as doctors and researchers have proved that sex life can still be satisfactory even if people are older.

Here are the ways on how to keep the heat on for older people:

1. Keep a physically fit body

By maintaining a physically fit body, you will always have the energy that you need. If your body is strong and well developed even if you’re older, this makes you look younger.

A healthy and beautiful physique will make you look young and attractive. This will also bring a positive aura and helps in projecting a sexual energy that will attract your partner.

female libido enhancer

One of the best ways to keep a physically fit body is to be health conscious and take good care of yourself. Vices such as smoking and alcohol drinking should be avoided.

You should be particular in maintain a normal blood pressure while keeping your weight within the normal range. You should also eat a balanced diet and still maintain a regular exercise regimen.

It is also important to frequently visit your physician for general checkups to see if you have any health problems.

It would be much even better if both couples strive hard to maintain a physically fit body. This helps in maintaining a healthy well being inside and out. Emotional health is also balanced aside from physical health. Older couples can even share more time together during walks and exercise.

2. Maintain a positive outlook and feel young and sexy

By maintaining a positive outlook, you are able to project a young and sexy feeling. Older people who feel that they are young are often successful in projecting a youthful image. Keeping this kind of outlook makes it attractive for others.female enhancement pills

In general, older people are usually feeling remorse when it comes to thinking about sex. This is because they thought that they’re old and not appropriate for it.

However, this isn’t really bad at all. Instead, thinking this way will keep a youthful feeling. The fact is that older people can still have a sex as pleasurable and as exciting when they were younger.

Older people shouldn’t feel guilty for thinking about sex. Instead they should remain normal about it.

3. Have a time for you and your partner

When you and your partner are going to have an intercourse, it would be better if you plan first. Having a pleasurable sexual intercourse when you are older would require proper timing. You can choose to have it by day or by night, depending on your preference.

Both partners should agree to this preference as well. The ideal time is usually when both are receptive. Older men would usually prefer it by day.

This simply means that a great sex should be carefully planned. It would be best if couples are left alone in the house so that no one would bother them. It would even be better if you do things together such as watching a romantic film.

Some things can also be done to add to the spark. Massaging your partner can be a great way to relax and stimulate at the same time. Creativity will also help in making a sex pleasurable and exciting.

It would be much better if you deviate from the usual and do new things. Age isn’t a hindrance to keep you and your partner sexually satisfied.

Ideas can be obtained by doing research such as reading books and searching the internet. Remember that a strong willed and creative mind will simply do the trick.

4. Continue your sex routine

Being old isn’t a hindrance for couples to continue their sexual routine. Researchers have found out that by continuing the sexual routine, couples will not lose the spark of their sex life.

This is also helpful in maintaining a healthy body. For women who are at their menopausal stage, continuing to have sex will prevent vaginal shrinkage.

Testosterone levels in men are also at its peak when sex is continued even when older. These results simply convey that people who continue to have sex will generally be maintaining a healthy well being.

5. Be open with your partner

It would be much better if you and your partner are open to your sexual ideas. A good relationship is founded on good communication.

By simply telling your partner about your sexual interests and desires, you will be able to keep an open communication and your partner will be able to interpret your actions. Experts have found out that by being open, a good sexual relationship is maintained.

Keeping a closer and more intimate relationship is also a factor in maintaining a good sexual life. If misunderstandings and other factors are present, good sexual health can’t be maintained.

Good communication should always be achieved in couples. This is because older couples would tend to suppress their sexual feelings and just keep it to themselves rather than informing the partner.

Couples should consult a therapist if communication is becoming a problem. Through this, couples will be able to regain the intimacy that was lost during miscommunication and distance.

Sexual feelings should always be informed to your partner, no matter how old you both are. This way you will both be aiming to maintain a physically fit body and a normal positive outlook in life. Providing pleasure to your partner will also be a goal to achieve.

6. Always think positive about sex

No matter how old you may be, think positive about the outcome of your sexual intercourse with your partner. Bodies would have a different reaction and response towards sex as people ages; however, this shouldn’t be a hindrance in keeping a normal sex life.

Older men can still have consistent and normal erections; however, it may take some time and may not be the same as when they were younger. Ejaculation and orgasm is also difficult to achieve unlike before. More stimuli are also required to be able to achieve sexual response in men.

As for women, the ability to reach orgasm is still the same and the clitoris remains normal. However, some changes in the genitals such as thinning of vaginal walls and vaginal dryness will cause a painful intercourse. These problems should be consulted to the physician to provide prompt treatment.

By being able to accept these facts, couples will still be enjoying a satisfying sexual intercourse. There are a lot of treatments available to address these common problems. And by doing such, older couples can remain positive when it comes to their sexual intercourse.

7. Ask help from sex therapists

If you and your partner are having difficulties when it comes to sex, it would be helpful if you would ask guidance and advice from sex therapists. These experts have answers to your questions and problems in sex life.

Consulting a medical professional can address your problems when it comes to sex. Usually, these problems are associated with the physical changes that occur in the body as we grow old.

Usually, people who have underlying medical conditions are the ones who lose sex drive. This is due to the fact that sex can actually cause them to be physically unstable, such as those who have heart problems.

Aside from heart problems, other medical conditions such as prostate problems in men, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, backache, and depression can contribute to the loss of sex drive. These problems should be immediately addressed so that prompt treatment can be done.

Some of the common sexual dysfunctions can be treated appropriately without having any problems. Reading of books, additional research, and of course seeking medical attention are the ways to solve this problem.

Good thing, there are a lot of innovations available nowadays to address different kinds of problems related to sex.

Treatment Options for Women with Low Libido

Top 4 Most Popular Libido Enhancers

Of all the treatment options for women with low libido, Provestra is top ranked by Women. With Provestra , women can now achieve a pleasurable sexual intercourse without having any problems.

provestra female enhancer

This product increases the libido in women, allowing an immediate response to sexual stimuli and arousal.  Provestra has already brought partners back and straightened up problems related to sexual dissatisfaction.

Arousal is immediate allowing intensity during sexual intercourse. It also promotes optimum function of the female reproductive system.

What’s more good about this product is that it requires no prescription because it is made from all natural products. By using Provestra together withVigorelle Gel, each product potentiates each action making it more effective.


It immediately provides vaginal lubrication and prevents dryness. Aside from that, it also promotes improved circulation causing a woman to reach an intensified climactic phase during intercourse.

The second treatment option for women would be HerSolution™ Gel. HerSolution™ Gel is all safe and natural. It is also water based and would not cause you any sticky feeling.


This product can be applied directly to the vaginal walls to immediately provide lubrication. It has a hypoallergenic formula that would not cause rashes or any other irritations. It also provides a guarantee and discreet package during shipment.

Finally, ranked as third best option for women with low libido is a product called HerSolution pills. HerSolution is a pill that promises an increase in sex drive. It is also made up of all natural ingredients, making it safe to use by women of all ages. hersolution pills

HerSolution pill is also helpful in regulating the hormonal levels in the body which causes low libido. Aside from that, most ingredients in HerSolution pills promote immediate response to sexual stimuli and promote rapid arousal. It gives maximum results when used along with HerSolution gel.

Try Provestra™ today and relive your pleasurable sexual intercourse with your partner. You are also provided with 100% money back guarantee.



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