Gynexin Will It Help You Have A Flat Chest?

An Overview

The aim of this site is to give a genuine review of Gynexin using objective thought and research in order to help men with enlarged male breasts make the correct decision on whether or not to purchase Gynexin.

Unfortunately, doing a search on any product related to how to get rid of man breasts is very difficult. Researching Gynexin is no different.

There is little genuine information that is not marketing related designed to sway your opinion one way or another.

Those selling the product will focus only on the benefits and those selling a competing product will bash any competition in order to sell theirs.

So this review will focus on certain claims made by the Gynexin website and then try to objectively validate or refute those claims using the data available.

Hopefully, by the end of the review, you will be ready to make a much more informed decision concerning Gynexin that if you were to read spammy marketing reviews only. Let’s get started.


Gynexin is an herbal remedy for Gynecomastia, a condition in which the breasts of men become padded with extra layers of fat and begin to resemble those of a woman.

Although often associated with obesity, an imbalance of the hormones estrogen ad testosterone in a mans body can lead to the development of breasts even in men who are not overweight.

Gynexin, when used in combination with regular exercise and healthy eating, has been shown to have success in helping to reduce the size of mens breasts.

Gynecomastia is a common ailment, with one in three men suffering from it at some point in their lives. Some see the onset of man boobs at puberty when the body is rapidly changing.

Fortunately, these cases are usually temporary, although they may cause a great deal of shame to the young men who suffer from them at this difficult stage of life.

More common is the appearance of breasts in men over the age of fifty. At this age the hormone production in the body begins to slow down.

If the amount of testosterone being produced slows faster than the production of estrogen an hormonal imbalance is created that may lead to gynecomastia.

It is the age group in the 30s upwards, that has found the most Positive results by taking Gynexin.

Gynexin Pills Formulation

I am sure you are curious to know the exact formulation of Gynexin pills. Gynexin Alpha formula is natural and safe gynecomastia cure product.

All of the ingredients are carefully selected to maximize the fat loss effect in your mammary glands. These herbal ingredients make your body to fight the extra fat cells in your chest and reduce their amount and size and so making your chest slimmer and tighter.

The exact formula is secret, but you can see the supplement facts and ingredient list at ingredients of Gynexin.

Whats The Ingredients Of Gynexin?

Gynexin is a proprietary mixture of several ingredients. The five active ingredients are:

  1. Guggulsterones- stimulate the thyroid gland to increase the metabolism and aids in the regulation of cholesterol in the body, may cause skin rashes, diarrhea and other stomach maladies.
  2. Theobromine Cacao-A vasodilator that increases blood flow thus making the body run more efficiently and a mild stimulant that helps to boost the metabolism.
  3. Green Tea Extract-Also acts as a stimulant and has antioxidant properties. The caffeine contained in the tea is also a stimulant and diuretic which will help rid the body of excess fluids.
  4. Sclareolides-May help boost the bodys production of testosterone.
  5. Chromium Picolinate- Reduces the bodys craving for carbohydrates.

Most of the active ingredients are the same ones found in weight loss products.The manufacturers claim that these weight loss ingredients in combination with their proprietary blend helps to target the burning of fat specifically in the breast region.

How Gynexin Works?

So you may be wondering how exactly the gynexin works and helps you to lose those embarrassing man boobs. First of all, let´s start with some overall information about gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is the medical term used when male has enlargement of breasts. It is actually very common problem, so you are not alone.

Almost one third of men suffer from it at least at some point of their life. Men with overweight have the manboobs more often, but even thin men can suffer from it.

It can be very embarrassing problem and prevent you from wearing certain clothes and for example going to swim. Surgery is an alternative, it works but it is dangerous and expensive.

Diet and training and reshape your chest, but if you want to see real dramatic changes, you have to combine training with gynecomastia reducement product, like Gynexin.

Okay, so when you have man boobs, you actually have large amount of big fatty cells in your chest, on top of your chest muscles.

Now Gynexin works by targeting those fat cells in your mammary glands. The unique natural formula in Gynexin has been developed with nutritionists and medical scientists to target those fatty cells and make them smaller and also reduce the quantity.

Take maximum of 4 capsules a day with plenty of water and within few weeks you will start to see results and within two months you will notice dramatic change.

I recommend you to try out Gynexin. Order one of the bigger packages and you will get free Korexin, which will increase the effectiveness of Gynexin.

Combine Gynexin and Korexin with healthy diet and chest exercise (weight training is preferred) and you can have that masculine tight chest quickly.

So What Are Men Saying About This Supplement?

Of the men who have tried Gynexin, 99% report overall satisfaction with the effectiveness of this product. This is an incredibly high satisfaction rate for any product, especially one that requires that the consumer take additional steps to ensure its effectiveness. No serious side effects have been reported.


“Good product,
would buy it again.”
Derrik, Bakersfield, Ca
“The best thing
about Gynexin is that it WORKS FAST. My chest is now ripped. There are no 
of my old man boobs. I'm so glad I was referred to your product. This
supplement will make such a difference to so many men out there. “
Jorge Miami, Florida
“Just wanted to
add a quick note with my re-order of Gynexin, I was very skeptical
when I found your product on the internet, but you've made me a believer. I've
been serving in the military for almost 3 years now, and thought that when I enlisted I would be whipped into shape and lose my extra
body fat in basic training. I lost fat alright, but not my chest fat. Since
gynecomastia surgery is considered cosmetic/elective and deemed unnecessary, I
am not able to have surgery while I'm in the service. So I thought what the
hell I'll give your product a shot. It didn't take long, I only got a three
month supply, and what a difference. I'm very active with training, so I think
that helps me with quicker results. Regardless, it works for me. Thanks again.“
J.P.Ft. Bragg , NC
“my boobs have
shrunk and for this i thank you, my wife thanks you and the circus freaks hate
me now, Thanks!!”
Captain Crunch
“I would like to order my second box of Gynexin. It's amazing, everything just started to happen
in the 3rd week! Do you guys offer any kind of auto shipping where you can just
bill my credit card monthly? Please let me know. Thank you. “
Dayton Nelson, BC
“Fast Shipping,
great seller. Product works well for me.”
Simon L. Edmonton Alb.
"I ordered
my first box of Gynexin 6 months ago and have made steady progress from about
the third week. It's taken a while but my results are worth it!" 
Devin P. Oxnard, California
“I was due for
gynecomastia surgery. I was about to go under the knife when I decided to give
Gynexin Alpha Formula a trial run. My results have been so impressive. I no
longer needed surgery! Gynexin has litterally saved me thousands of dollars and
delivered the results I wanted in 3 months.”
Los Angeles, California
“Gynexin is the
ultimate formula for men suffering from gynecomastia!!! I had mild man boobs
after experimenting with steroids whilst body building. My breasts are already
well toned after taking just three Gynexin blister packs. The negative effect
of my steriod use has VANISHED. Being a body conscious person it’s been such a
relief to get rid of the man boobs I developed. “ 

So Is Gynexin Alpha Perfect?-No

The most common complaints were the cost of the product and the fact that it could take as long as three months to see noticeable results. Even with these issues, the vast majority of users were pleased with the results.

As with any medication or treatment, you should consult your physician before taking this product if you are currently taking any prescription medication to ensure that Gynexin will not reduce their effectiveness.

Those who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or thyroid problems should not take this product. Do not exceed the maximum dose of 4 capsules in 24 hours to minimize the risk of side effects.

According to Zudker medical group, the producers of Gynexin, this product works by specifically targeting the fatty deposits in the breast area. They claim it not only reduces the size of the adipose cells but also the number, meaning that the fat is not likely to return to that area.

Because the manufacturers of this herbal remedy recommend a rigorous exercise routine and the consumption of large amounts of water while taking this product, many users report significant weight loss from their entire body.

Considering this, it is difficult to ascertain whether the product itself is reducing the size of the breasts or whether they would have been reduced by the same amount if the consumers had lost the same amount of weight without taking the product.


  • All natural ingredients that have no known side effects, which is essential for any consumer that wants to take a supplement without having to fear the consequences or wonder if they are putting bad chemicals into their body.
  • Ingredients that have been proven by years of research and studies to aid in metabolism boosts, weight loss, better internal body functioning, and remedies when it comes to diseases like cancer, asthma, and other sicknesses.
  • Will give men the chest of their dreams by firming up their pectoral area while removing any extra fat that may linger.
  • Capsules only need to be taken with water. This is essential for someone that is always on the go and does not have the time to sit and eat two full meals with each capsule.
  • The ingredients in this product eliminate the overpowering hormone estrogen and increase testosterone in the male body so that the estrogen can not take over the body’s hormone production and the development of breasts can not occur.
  • In capsule form so there is no messy powders or nasty tasting drinks.
  • The product comes in a plain package so consumers do not have to be concerned or worried about what their neighbors may think of them since they will not be able to see what is in the box.
  • This product was developed by leading herbalist and scientists to ensure the right formula is made for each individual.
  • No surgery needed to have the look you want. Consumers will no longer have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on surgeries that will leave nasty scars and may not even work or will leave the chest looking disfigured.


Ordering Gynexin Alpha Formula online is not only cheap and easy, but it is also safe. Gynexin offers 100% money-back guarantee where you can get refund for unopened packages.

The guarantee comes handy especially on larger packages, like 3-month and 5-month supply as you can get your money back for the unused boxes if you are not satisfied with the Gynexin results.

Also, 20% re-stocking free and shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. You have 45 days from the ordering to request the refund from the official Gynexin website customer service.

You will get authorization code which is valid for 15 days, so the total return policy is 60 days long. If you want to learn more, visit Gynexin guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the reason, the fact is that users of Gynexin have reported that they have successfully reduced the size of their man boobs.

When one considers that the only other option available to sufferers of gynecomastia is breast reduction surgery, which of course comes with a much higher risk of dangerous side effects, it may seem like a good choice to give this product a try.

Even if all you succeed in accomplishing is substantial weight loss from your entire body, including your breasts, if may be worth the cost. You will feel younger and healthier and perhaps just a bit more confident of your masculinity.

Ordering Gynexin

Ordering is easy and quick. Just choose between 1, 2, 3 and 5 months packages, type your shipping and payment details and the product will be shipped to you via post.

The payment page is secure and no third party will see your details. Also, the product is packaged discreetly in plain package with no markings of the actual contents, this will guarantee that no one knows what is inside.

Gynexin is shipped via USPS and it takes 3-5 business days within US and 7-14 business days for international orders to arrive.

Also the payment is easy to do, besides credit card, there are several other payment options like eChecks and Paypal, check out the website for more information. Alternatively you can also order offline via phone, fax or mail, see the website for full details.

Now, the hardest part in ordering Gynexin is to choose the right package. As I already said there are four different options; 1 month, 2 month, 3 month and 5 month package.

I recommend you to order 3 month or 5 month package, because you will get cheaper unit price and bottles of free Korexin as bonus, which will boost the effects of Gynexin.

3 months and 5 months packages are recommended also for really good results, as sometimes it takes for a while to see the real effects.

You are safe to try out with bigger packages as Gynexin comes with full money back-guarantee, so just return the unused portion of products and you can get your money refunded, see the website for full details on refund-policy.

1-Pack costs: $69.95, 2-Pack: $128.95, 3-Pack: $183.85, 5-Pack: $234.65. With 3-Pack you get 1 bottle of Korexin for free and with 5-Pack you get 2 bottles of Korexin for free.

Now, just follow the link at the beginning of this post and start your ordering online.


Gynexin FAQ

What exactly is gynecomastia?

Aptly dubbed ‘man boobs’, gynecomastia is a male condition in which the man suffers from enlarged breast tissue, which can make him appear as if he had breasts like a woman’s.

This subjects the sufferer to much scrutiny in society, sometimes drawing negative attention on him and creating the potential for bullying and discrimination.

While it should be noted that gynecomastia is not life-threatening, one must also keep in mind that the condition can leave a man emotionally scarred if left untreated.

Here’s a secret: roughly 1/3 of the male populace has this condition, with most of them trying to cover it up.

How can Gynexin help men with gynecomastia?

Gynexin is specially-designed formula for those suffering with the condition. A non-surgical alternative to treating gynecomastia, it gradually reduces the symptoms of gynecomastia, aiming to significantly shrink the size of the patient’s fatty breast tissues, which are located in his mammary glands.

What is the recommended dosage for Gynexin?

Ideally, Gynexin should be taken twice daily (one capsule per serving) and always an hour before eating—as well as accompanied by 8 oz. of water.

It is important to note that this is the daily recommended dosage. Upping your intake of Gynexin will not speed up results, so don’t waste your capsules by taking more of them than you should be consuming at given period in time.

How does Gynexin combat gynecomastia?

The process for this is simple. Gynexin simply targets the fatty cells located in the mammary glands and shrinks both its size and quantity, which allows you to experience a reduction in breast size.

This is an attractive option that serves as a cheaper and less life-threatening alternative to cosmetic surgery, which can cost you thousands of dollars in terms of investment.

What precautions do I need to take when consuming Gynexin?

Remember to stick to the daily recommended dosage, as mentioned above. Only a maximum of four (4) capsules can be taken in a day.

In terms of health conditions, remember to consult your doctor before taking Gynexin if you are already on a regular dosage of drugs.

Make sure that your doctor knows that you are planning to take Gynexin so that he then can make sure that it is safe for you to combine this treatment with the medications and prescriptions that you are currently on.

Also, if you are under the age of 18 or are taking other herbal or natural supplements, you also need to consult your doctor before taking Gynexin.

If you have other conditions that may require you to take other medications in the future, then you should also talk to your GP to make sure that Gynexin will not conflict with these medications or create a hostile internal environment for them in the future.

What is Gynexin made of?

Gynexin plays host to a wide array of nutritious and powerful ingredients, including Chromium, Gynexin blend, Guggulsterones, Theobromine Cacao, Green Tea extract, caffeine and sclareolides.

Are the results permanent?

As far as we are concerned and as far as studies and tests have shown, the results of Gynexin are permanent. As such, we can advise those who are already satisfied with their breast size to cease taking Gynexin already, ensuring that they do not run the risk of losing the results after stopping their regular intake of the medication.

Are the results balanced? Will my breasts be even after taking Gynexin?

In general, Gynexin ensures the equal reduction of both breast sizes. However, in some rare cases when one breast contains more fatty tissue than the other, the reduction of fat may be greater and more significant for that other side. You will notice, though, that initially, the breast reduction will be equal for both sides. Keep in mind that the best part of the process is that there will be no physical scarring, as Gynexin will not require you to go under the knife.

What are the other benefits of Gynexin?

Apart from the obvious physical upside of taking Gynexin, this medication does a whole lot more than that. The physical repercussions of gynecomastia create deeper emotional scars that can stay with a person for the rest of his life if the condition remains untreated.

With the use of Gynexin, users can experience a more confident way of looking at themselves, brought about by an increase in self-esteem and in being comfortable in one’s own skin.

This combats possible teasing and taunting from other people who may not understand the condition as well.

Can I look at previous performances of Gynexin before purchasing the product to try for myself?

Yes. In fact, we have before and after pictures that you can peruse before deciding to try the product for yourself. Feel free to look through our before and after gallery for photos of actual users who have experienced the beneficial effects of regularly taking Gynexin.

What are the various payment methods I can choose from when buying Gynexin?

Customers can opt to pay via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Discover, eChecks and Paypal. The Gynexin checkout counter carries GeoTrust SSL certification, which ensures that payment is always secure and safe and users’ sensitive information is kept confidential.

How long does it take for Gynexin to arrive at my doorstep?

For U.S. orders, Gynexin is always shipped using USPS Priority Mail. Under this method, your order should get to you in 3-5 business days.

However, if you are located in another country across the world, expect your order to arrive in about 7-14 business days via USPS Registered Mail. International deliveries require a signature upon receipt and arrival of the order.