Provestra has emerged as a very popular woman’s libido supplement and this should come as no surprise. I personally have found this to be one of the best supplements on the market for women’s sexual health.

Yet, it have also noticed that a number of customers have been ringing alarm bells about a “provestra scam.” Such claims do deserve to be examined.

The Issue of a Scam

No one wants to be taken in by a provestra scam. This is understandable. However, a serious question needs to be asked here. Is there really such a thing as a provestra scam?

The answer here is based on the definition of scam you employ. For some, the term is used a bit flippantly and unfairly.

It would be very dishonest of me to say that 100% of the customers that purchase this product will be 100% satisfied with it. The truth of the matter is there will be a certain percentage of customers that just don’t like the results they experience.

This is what raises a very important point that we all need to be keenly aware of: dissatisfaction is not the same thing as an outright scam! A scam is something underhanded and disingenuous.

A scam seeks to rip someone off. It is not intended as something intended to deliver on expectations. Provestra does not fall under this definition!

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The Provestra Scam Controversy

Where do claims about Provestra being a scam derive from? There are a few origins of the claims of the scam. These claims derive from:

    • Not being happy with the results or experiencing results that are less than desirable.
    • Not receiving the order within the time frame promised.
    • Results take to long to experience.
    • Refunds are not processed because the customer waited to long to ask for one.
    • The customer only had a vague idea of what she was purchasing.

As you can see, these are all common customer service complaints which any product on the market would experience. Again, customer service problems are not the same thing as an outright scam.

As such, you do need to take a closer look at the claims of being scammed before allowing such assessments undermine your opinion.

provestra scam

In other words, you need to read the many posted online reviews closely and examine if any claims of being scammed actually entail being ripped-off or if they are mere customer service issues.

More often than not, you will likely find out basic customer dissatisfaction, miscommunication, and confusion on the customer service level is the true root of the claim of a scam.

Yet, people are entitled to their opinion and some consumers will spread the opinion that Provestra is a scam. Such assessments are unfortunate because they are not founded in accuracy. Seriously, if Provestra was a scam then it would have been taken off the market a long time ago.

Provestra is many things, but a scam is certainly not one of them. Granted, your individual experience may vary.