Reasons for the Low Testosterone in Males

Low testosterone levels may occur for a number of reasons. Age, inadequate or disturbed sleep, nutritional deficiencies, high stress levels, and possible genetic predisposition are among the leading causes of the condition.

There are, however, numerous other potential factors, and in many cases doctors have failed to determine the exact cause. Some suggested treatments are one-dimensional.

Hormone levels can be raised artificially, however the treatment will need to be ongoing. For irreversible risk factors such as age, ongoing treatment would naturally be required.

What about factors such as illness, deficiencies, or the body’s response to stress?

In these cases the actual cause of the low hormone levels can be treated, helping the body return to healthy function levels. Most conventional treatment fails to recognize this.

Testosterone supplements, when taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can help your body to raise your hormone levels, by addressing the whole problem.

Instead of a single compound addressing a single facet of the low hormone problem, a scientifically formulated supplemental compound can treat the whole problem for a whole and healthy solution.

A supplemental compound may contain herbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins, or hormones. While the sellers of single compound supplements may lead you to believe theirs is the best, there is no best single element.