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Scar Removal

Scar Removal Cream to Heal Acne Scars, Burns and Cuts

Scarring is a natural process in which layer of skin or fibrous tissue replaces the skin of wounded area. There are many removal treatment methods available such as topical creams, laser, cosmetic surgery and gels.

Removing  unpleasant scars can be a lot easier if you know the right product that help you erase the bad memories related to scars. With so many scar removal creams available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the best one that works for you.

No Worries. We know that you are busy, let us do the work for you.  To help save your time, we have conducted extensive research and narrowed down only the top rated scar removal creams that are 100% safe, effective and affordable for all skin types.  

Here is a comparison of 3 Best scar removal creams that work on the market for you to consider

scar removal cream
Dermefface FX7™
PER MONTH $59.95
  • Ingredients : Pro Con Cell Protein
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Help Diminish: Acne Scars,Burn Scars,Chicken Pox Scars,Keloid Scars,Surgery Scars.
revitol scar cream
PER MONTH $59.95
  • Ingredients: Natural Plant Extracts
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Help Diminish: Acne Scars,Burn Scars,Chicken Pox Scars,Keloid Scars,Surgery Scars.
meladerm scar cream
PER MONTH $49.99
  • Ingredients: Natural Plant Extracts
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Help Diminish: Acne Scars,Burn Scars,Chicken Pox Scars

6 Best Scar Removal Creams and Products

There are all sort of scar creams that are available in the market today for scar removal.  However, with this variety, it becomes very time consuming and confusing to really tell which really work to get rid of your scars.

 To help you save time and efforts, we have conducted reviews and tested majority of the scar removal products that are currently popular on the market.  Below are the list of the products which we have short-listed for you to consider.  

These products have met the 5 basic elements that you should consider when choosing a natural scar cream:

  1. These products are All Natural Ingredients Products
  2. The products are Steroid Free
  3. The products are effective to remove most types of scars
  4. The products offer Great Money Back Guarantee
  5. The products are a Gentle and Safe for your skin type, especially when you have sensitive skin.

A scar is a mark that can occur anywhere on the body. If you have had a burn, been involved in an accident, a burn or had acne lesions, then you could be having an irritating scar that you do not like.

A scar results from a natural healing process by then skin. Some people have ugly scars they do not like. May be you are one of such people. You could have tried many prescriptions to remove the scar but without success. Nevertheless, you can now have the scar removed in a safe and effective manner.  

Although there are many scar removal treatments available it is important to try as much as you can to avoid the occurrence of a scar.

Nevertheless, you can have over the counter scar removal and treatment even possible with modern technologies.  Today, there are many over the counter treatments from which you can choose the one to use from. However, it is important to know how to choose the best over the counter scar removal.

Scar Removal Creams that Work

Despite there being many scar removal products available, not all of them can be suitable for your skin. Perhaps, even the number of available brands could make choosing the one to use challenging.

Nevertheless, with the appropriate information about the available brands of scar removal products, making the right choice become easy.

One such product is the Dermefface FX7. This product has been very popular as a modern scar removal treatment. It helps in treating scars that result from cuts, wounds, bites and injuries. It has been used in teens, children and even adults.

Top 6 Scar Removal Creams and Products that Work for 2019

  • Dermefface FX7™ 

    scar cream

Skinception Dermefface FX7 is a complete natural and effective scar reduction option.   Dermefface FX7 promises to provide positive results, which is true because it really fades scars in just as little as four weeks.

This product has been created to become a therapy for both existing scars and developing ones. 

The Company offer a 90-day  unconditional money back guarantee for the customer to test their product with confidence.  


  • Reduce appearance of most scars including acne, hypertrophic, chicken pox, burn, surgery and injury.
  • 100% All natural ingredients.
  • Reduce scars with natural regeneration process.
  • Generous 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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  • Revitolrevitol scar cream

Revitol Scar Removal Cream is a skin care product that that addresses the problem of hyper pigmented spots and scars caused due to injury, acne, surgery or burns. 

It is a blend of powerful ingredients that work synergistically to reduce fade away the scars and nourish the skin.


  • 100% All natural ingredients.
  • Most Consumer Recommended Scar  Products since 2002.
  • Reduce appearance of scar problems by restoring skin tissues through use of proteins and vitamin supplements.
  • Respected brand name in beauty and health industry with high quality treatment products.
  • 90 Days Guarantee Results

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  • Meladerm meladerm scar cream

Meladerm scar cream  effectively helps reduce unsightly scars from any part of the body. This scar removal cream is in demand because of the high grade medical silicone as the primary ingredient of the scar cream. 

This product works for almost all types of skin and the effects can be seen in a span of 30 days, This means that even individuals with sensitive skin can use this product, without worrying about the occurrence of negative side effects.


  • Uses 100% medical highest grade of silicone to reduce appearance of any type of scar, including keloid scars.
  • All skin types even for sensitive skin and can work in as little as 90 days.
  • Better scars healing process and  prevent skin dryness.
  • FDA Approved silicone.
  • 30 Days Money  Back Guarantee

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  • Amoils H-Scarscar cream

Amoils H scars essential oil is a specially formulated product intended to fight and eradicate all type of scars including acne marks and burn scars.

This product is 100% organic and natural; therefore, it is extremely safe to apply to the affected areas of the body.

This scar treatment product has been formulated with the superior quality essential oils extracted from herbal plants, which are free from any harsh chemicals and drugs.


  • 100% natural and organic.
  • Product since 2001 to treat appearance of all types of scars or keloids, including acne scarring.
  • Prevent wound to develop into scars.
  • Powerful skin regenerative properties that encourage new cell growth.
  • Safe for children and sensitive skin.
  • 60 Days Money  Back Guarantee

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  • Kelo-Cotescar cream

Kelo-Cote is a patented self-drying topical silicone gel for treating scars in a non-invasive manner.

It has been clinically proven to reduce the elevation, redness, hardness, itch and pain associated with all type of scars and reducing the appearance of scars and other hyper pigmented spots. This self-drying formula is easy to apply.


  • Reduces appearance and redness of scars, for old and new scars.
  • A patented self drying formula.
  • No skin irritation or maceration.
  • Ideal for irregular skin/scar surface, the face or any size scar.
  • Transparent and odorless.
  • A favourite of plastic surgeons and patients since 1998.

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  • Invicible


Invicible scar cream is a treatment product for all type of scars including acne scars, body scars and surgery scars.  

It does not just diminish ugly scars, but it is also considered an effective dark spot lightening therapy.

It claims a 94% satisfaction rate and many consumers of this cream were very happy and satisfied with the positive results associated with this product.

73% of users were able to see improved results within 6-8 weeks of application, while 87% of users were glad to see the results in just 12 weeks.


  • Scientifically proven ingredients to help scar healing
  • Reduce appearance of scars and helps speed the healing process.
  • Normalizes skin collagen.
  • Improves skin hydration,  skin elasticity, and lightens scar color.
  • 30 Days Trial available at $9.95 + s/p

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Points to consider before buying a Scar Removal Cream

Understand the Products before Buying 

With so many over the counter scar removal and treatment even possible, you need to do thorough research to make the right choice.

Visit the websites of manufacturers to know what are the ingredients of the products. It is also important that you find out how these products work on then skin in healing then scar.

It is also important for you to know your skin type. This will guide you in determining if the ingredients used in the manufacture of the product will affect your skin negatively.

Read Reviews and Feed backs

Perhaps, you can also visit review websites. These will give you important feedback from buyers who have tried the product.

In most cases, people who use a product will write a review about it. This describes their experience with the product.

When you read such reviews, you are likely to get important insight on what product can be suitable for you. Therefore, do your research do not get the excitement of over the counter scar removal and treatment even possible and use a product blindly.

Do some research first to get then best scar removal treatment for you.

Acne Scars

Looking to treat your scars in a natural way?  Look no further.  Natural Scar Removal  is in demand now as a lot of people prefer a natural scar removal over surgeries and invasive treatments as they can be scary and risky, not to mention expensive.   


 Read on to learn more about your scars and  find a right solution to fix your scar.

What Causes Acne Scars?

Acne scars are caused as a result of skin damage when acne heals. However, unknown to most people is that there are different types of acne scars.

This is mainly due to the fact that acne lesions form in different ways. If left untreated, acne scars can prevent you from taking part in social gatherings because of the appearance of your skin.

Fortunately, there are different types of home remedies acne scar that you can use to get rid of acne lesions from your skin.

In comparison to acne scar treatment products sold in pharmaceutical stores, home remedies are not only effective, but do not trigger any adverse side effects.

Discussed herein, are various types of acne scar treatment home remedies that you can use to eradicate acne lesions.

  • Natural Acne Scar Treatment #1 – Oatmeal  Oatmeal is one of the most commonly used home remedies for acne treatment because of its effectiveness. Oatmeal comprise of several nutrients that are valuable to the skin.

    Take a small quantity of oatmeal and prepare it. Once it’s ready, allow it to cool down before applying to your facial skin. Allow the oatmeal paste to sit on your facial skin for a couple of minutes. Thereafter, use warm water to wash it off.

  • Natural Acne Scar Treatment #2 – Freshly Squeezed Juice Other than oatmeal, you can also use freshly squeezed juice as an alternative home scar acne treatment. 

    Juice extracts from fresh fruits and vegetables can assist in the cleansing process, thereby minimizing the amount of toxic waste in your body. 

    When preparing juice extracts, do not limit yourself to a particular fruit or vegetable, you can use a mixture of fruits and vegetables, for example, carrots, apples, celery, oranges and pears amongst other fruits that can be peeled.

    For best results, try as much as possible to make carrot juice form majority of the mixture as carrot comprises of several nutrients that are great for the skin.

  • Natural Acne Scar Treatment #3 – All Natural Scar Cream Natural Scar Cream is one of the preferred method of treading acne scars as it is much less costly and are safe to your scars and body.  

    However, there is a trick to natural cream is to ensure that the ingredients of the scar cream that you are buying are all natural and not mixed with synthetic components.  

    The three most popular active scar ingredients that you could find in the natural scar cream are Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter.

  • Natural Acne Scar Treatment #4 – Minimize Stress Lastly, the best way to combat acne is to avoid a stressful life. In addition to triggering acne, stress can also cause a myriad of other health issues such as high blood pressure.

    Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid situations that will add stress to your life.In addition to the above, you also need to watch your diet, drink a lot of water and exercise on a regular basis.

Face Scars

What Causes Face Scars?

If left untreated, red scars on face can ruin an otherwise flawless complexion. There are several factors that can trigger face scars such as acne, accidents and chicken pox amongst others. Therefore, if you have red scars on the face, you do not have to endure with it for the remaining part of your life.

face scar cream

There are different types of face scar removal creams accessible in the market that you can use to get rid of facial scars.

They are effective; however, it is important to point out that a majority of scar creams available in the market take at least 6 to 8 weeks to show results.  As for deeper scar, it may more times to show complete results.

Below are some helpful tips and guidelines that you should know on how to treat scars on the face.

  • Use Hydroxy Cleanser or Face Wash to Promote New Skin Cells Use a facial cleanser containing hydroxy acid to wash your face on a daily basis. A number of studies have shown that hydroxy acids promote regeneration of skin cells.

    As such, fresh skin cells are created rapidly to replace the damaged skin cells. Other than cleansers, you can also use lotions, toners plus serums containing hydroxyl.

  • Massage Can Enhance Blood flow Underneath Facial Skin Massaging the scars can also help. After washing your face, apply equal pressure on the face and utilize circular motions to massage the facial lesions.

    The massage assists in breaking up lesion tissues and enhancing the flow of blood underneath the facial skin. The healing process can be speed up by enhancing the flow of blood to the affected areas.

    Applying scar treatment cream to the scarred parts of the face can also help in diminishing face scars.

    Over-the-counter scar treatment creams usually comprise of natural components such as onion extracts that function to slowly clear the lesions.

    For best and fast results, apply the scar treatment cream at least three times a day.

  • Use Skin Lightening or Bleaching Products Skin bleaching products can also be used in getting rid of face scars. These types of creams can easily be found in majorities of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and beauty stores.

    Skin bleaching creams have been designed to lighten darker areas of the skin. With time, the face scars will start to blend with the surround skin on the face.

  • Laser Treatment to Remove Facial Scars Laser treatment is also another option. While laser treatment is effective in removing facial scars, they are expensive. Laser treatment is best used when clearing stubborn scars.

    In addition to removing facial scars, laser treatments for face scars promote the production of collagen, thereby encouraging fresh skin cells to grow.

  • Sunscreen is a MUST In addition to the above facial scar reduction techniques, you need to apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

    This is because other than darkening and worsening the facial scars, sun rays harm the skin, and as such delays the healing process.

Chicken Pox Scars

What is Chicken Pox Scars?

Chickenpox is one of the most prevalent childhood ailments. Nonetheless, according to a research that was carried out by Kids Health, it was found that any person can contract chickenpox in spite of their age.

Chickenpox scars

 Whereas majorities of people prefer chicken pox scar removal home remedies techniques because of their effectiveness, it is important to point out that not all home remedies for chickenpox scars are effective.

In addition, there are no sufficient scientific proofs to support chicken pox scar removal naturally. In special cases, over-the-counter medications can be prescribed to assist in the removal of chicken pox scars.

Talk to your general practitioner prior to making a decision on the best method to clear chicken pox marks.

Chicken pox is a highly communicable ailment which causes itching and tinny swellings all over the body. While the tiny swellings usually diminish on their own, scratching the lumps can trigger bacterial infection, which in turn causes chicken pox scar. Chickenpox scars in adults tend to be darker compared to those found in children.

Discussed herein, are instructions on how to get rid of chicken pox scars at home

  • Aloe Vera Cream helps in Clearing the Lesions Applying Aloe Vera cream on the chickenpox scars can help in clearing the lesions. While Aloe Vera cream is easily accessible from most pharmaceutical stores, it is recommended that you use the gel extracted straight from the plant.

    There are a number of dermatologists (i.e. skin specialists) who use Aloe Vera as an agent of minimizing redness as well as inflammation caused by chicken pox scars.

  • Natural Scar Fading Cream Natural scar fade balms, creams or ointments can also be applied on the affected parts of the skin. Fade balms function in diminishing the darkness caused by the lesions, thereby enabling the scarred areas to blend well with the skin.

    While fade creams are effective when it comes to getting rid of chicken pox marks, they should only be used for a couple of weeks.

  • Natural Honey Balm Natural honey is also effective when it comes to eradicating chicken pox marks. Honey has been found to contain Ayurvedic, which is effective in diminishing chicken pox marks.

    There are a number of people who claim that honey can assist in eradicating the chicken pox marks in just three days.

  • Lemon CreamsLemon is also another home remedy that can be used in getting rid of chicken pox. There are lemon creams which are easily accessible from pharmaceutical stores that can be used as massage balms.

    After taking a shower, massage the lemon cream on the affected areas of the face.

Keloid Scars

What is Keloid Scar?

Keloid scar refers to a type of lesion that does not seem to stop. Keloid scars are tough and heaped scars which occur at a fast rate on the skin surface.

Keloid scars are characterized by even tops as well as pink colors. They are irregular in shape and tend to increase in size with time. In contrast to other types of scars, keloids hardly diminish with time.

keloid scar

Therefore, if you are searching for information in regards to keloid treatment, you will find this article quite an informative read. Discussed herein are causes, symptoms and keloid scar removal techniques.

What Causes Keloid?

To date, doctors and scientists are still oblivious of the exact causes of keloids on the body. It is believed that there are certain people who are more susceptible to keloid scars than others.

It is believed that keloid scar is mainly triggered by alteration within the cellular signals which function in managing and explosion. But, this is yet to be proved scientifically.

Keloid Scar Symptoms

While keloids affect both men and women, it is believed women are more likely to develop keloids than men because of body piercing activities amongst women.

Children and the elderly are less likely to develop keloid scars. But, there are studies which show that African Americans are more likely to develop keloids than whites.

Keloid Removal Treatment

As pointed out earlier, keloid scars are characterized by raised skin. The raised areas of the skin may appear shiny and ring-shaped.

The color of keloid scars may range from red to pink. There are a couple of keloids that tend to become bigger and as such unsightly.

In addition to triggering likely cosmetic issues, keloid scars can be itchy, inflamed and painful when touched.

The following are some of the keloid removal techniques that you can use to get rid of this unpleasant scars:

Cortisone Injections

These types of injections are not only safe, but less painful. Injection is normally administered once every month till that time optimum benefit is achieved.

Injection is safe given that small amount of steroid finds its way in the circulation system, thereby helping to level keloid scars.

Nonetheless, it is important to point out that steroid injection can cause the reddening of the affected area because steroids stimulate the formation of superficial blood vessels in the affected area.

 Other types of keloid removal techniques are:

  • Surgery Procedures
  • Laser Treatment
  • Silicone sheets

Tattoo Scars

What is Tattoo Scars?

While most people use tattoos to bring out their personality, this body art permanently engrave figures underneath the upper layer of the skin. This in turn causes bleeding as well as scores.

 Tattoo scar is usually formed when the tattoo is infected during the healing process. Tattoo scars not only ruins the body art, but damages the skin.

tattoo scar

 Laser tattoo removal, which is one of the most commonly sorts after tattoo removal methods, has been known to trigger scarring.

While tattoo scars are usually regarded permanent, there are a couple of tattoo removal medical procedures that can eradicate the scar

Moreover, there are also home tattoo removal methods that can not only be used to prevent, but minimize the occurrence of tattoo scarring

Below are a number of tattoo removal techniques that you can use to remove tattoo scarring.

Removing New Tattoo Lesion Naturally

Follow the steps below to remove new tattoo lesion:

  • Ensure that the scarred area is kept clean at all times. In addition, use an antiseptic soap to wash your hands prior to coming into contact with the tattoo. This helps in preventing instances of infections. Apply an antibiotic cream on the area on a daily basis. Do this for the next five days after getting the tattoo.
  • Itching will be an issue for the next couple of days. However, you need to try as much as possible to avoid scratching the area. Moreover, desist from pulling off peeled parts of the skin while the tattoo heals. It usually takes a maximum of one week for the skin to peel off on its own.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun. Ensure that tattooed area is dry at all times. If you have to go outside, make certain that you have applied a sunscreen lotion.Swimming is one of the activities that ought to be avoided like plague for the next 14 days. While taking a shower, do not spend more than 10 minutes in the shower.

Should you develop a tattoo scar during the healing process, follow the procedures given below to enhance the healing process:

  • Adhere to the aftercare guidelines, as recommended by a tattoo removal clinic.
  • Unknown to a number of people is that the post- ejection care is akin to post-tattoo care.
  • Ensure that the area is not only clean, but dry at all times.
  • As pointed out earlier, avoid being exposed to direct sun rays.

Burn Scars

What is Burn Scars?

Burn scars can greatly change the make-up of the skin. In addition to reducing the appeal of your natural skin, burn scars leave the skin scarred after the healing process.

burn scar

 Burn scar remedies will hinge on the extent of the burn. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you talk to your general practitioner regarding the different types of treatment burn wounds available in the market that you can use to enhance the appearance of your skin without damaging it in the process.

Below are few common scar removal remedies techniques that you can use to help control and manage your burn scars.

  • Moisturizing lotion to Soften on Hardened Scar TissuesUse a moisturizing lotion or cream to help with the cooling down of the burn scar. Moisturizing lotion is highly recommended if the burn scar is still fresh as it assists in softening on hardened scar tissues.

    Other alternatives comprise of Aloe Vera and anesthetic cream. Avoid using moisturizers containing cocoa butter given that they hold the heat inside the wounds rather than releasing it.

  • Pressure Bandage or Massage on Affected Area The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the use a pressure bandage on the affected area. By applying the bandage, you are basically adding more pressure to the scarred tissues which tend to break with relative ease, thereby minimizing the appearance of scars on the burned areas.

    You can also massage the burned area instead of using a bandage as the effects are relatively the same.

  • Silicone Gel with Massage on Burned Areas Buy a silicone gel and massage it in the burned areas. Burned scars have the tendencies of raising on the skin. However, silicone gels function in minimizing the swelling.

    However, you need to leave the burned area to heal prior to using silicone gel.

  • Laser Scar Revision and Treatment Laser scar revision is also another option you can use to get rid of burn scar. Whereas this cosmetic surgical procedure is effective, it is also costly.

    Laser scar treatment is useful in minimizing burning feelings as well as itchy sensations, which can trigger burn scarring.

    However, it is important to first of all consult a physician who will then assess the burn scar before determining the best laser scar revision to utilize.

  • Skin Grafting for Severe Burns While consulting with your physician, get to know if skin grafts can be used as an alternative option to minimize the appearance of burn scar.

    Skin grafting utilizes your skin so as to accelerate the healing process and enhance the appearance of the scar. Nonetheless, it is important to point out that skin grafting is only used on cases of severe burns.

Body Scars

What is Body Scars?

Body scars such as Keloid’s as well as hypertrophic can prevent you from flaunting your body in the beach during summer because you cannot wear either a bikini or short trouser.

Regrettably, there are thousands of people who suffer in silent because they cannot get the right body scar removal products.

body scar


Whereas a number of skin specialists have made us to believe that the only body scar removal techniques is laser surgery, there are a number of natural scar removal methods that you can use to get rid of your body scars.

How Does Body Scar Form?

However, before looking at the different types of home remedies, it is important to point out that the secret to removing body scars is to comprehend the kind of scars you have on your body and how the lesions were formed.

Body scars usually form due to damage to the skin, especially damage on the dermis layer. The moment there is an injury to the skin, the body secrets collagen fibers as well as skin tissues. These two substances work together to heal the damaged area of the skin. Once the wound has healed, a scar is formed.

While the skin has nursed to the extent that the body is potted to the surroundings, the cosmetic aspect of the skin has not been restored. It is for this reason that most people with body scars look for scar removal products that can restore the cosmetic appeal of their skin.

Body Scar Removal Tips

Therefore, if you are searching for information in regards to natural scar removal, you will find this article quite an interesting read.

Discussed herein are different types of body scar removal home remedies that you can use to lighten the lesion to the extent that it will not become noticeable.

Then again, it’s much easier to get rid of body scars before turning 30 years old.

1.  Vitamin E in Your Diet to Help Scars Heal

Include a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin E in your diet. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which has shown to penetrate the dermins to replace dead cells and promote collagen production.

 Foods that you can find containing Vitamin E are nuts, cereals, vegetable oils(sunflower, soybean or olive oil), seeds, egg yolk and mostly dark green leafy vegetables.  

In case you are not able to find foods that provide you with sufficient vitamin E, you can take supplements alongside your diet. In addition to vitamin E in your diet, you can use vitamin E lotion or cream to massage your body in the morning and before going to bed.

2. Body Scrub with Cream or Lotion to Enhance New Skin Cell

Body Scrub can help remove the top layer of skin or help regenerate new skin cells.  Scrubbing may help to make your body feel soft too.  Just ensure that you do not rub too hard onto your scars and skin or your skin will get red and hurt.   Just scrub every time you shower and you should see the results.   Patients and persistence are key success.

You do not have to go to a spa in order to get a body scrub. There are different types of body scrubs available in the market such as St. Ives Apricot which you can use to scrub your body. In comparison to going to a spa, body scrub at home is cost effective and efficient and  you can do it whenever and wherever you want.

3. Use Sun Screen to Minimize Direct Exposure to Sun

Minimize exposure to the sun. If you have to walk under the sun, ensure that you have applied a sunscreen lotion, particularly on the exposed parts of the body such as hands and legs. Do not forget to apply the sunscreen on the affected areas or on your body scars.

Tummy Tuck and Surgical Scars

Tummy Tuck Scars after Surgical Procedures?

Surgical scars are usually a persistent reminder of an ailment that was overcome via a surgical procedure. There are a number of surgical lesions which are more conspicuous than others.


These types of scars tend to linger even months after the surgery was completed. While there are a few people who live with these scars for the rest of their lives, unknown to them is that there are cosmetic scar removal products accessible in the market that can be used to remove the surgical scars.

These surgical scar treatment products can not only be used to diminish surgical scarring, but assist in healing the underlying tissues. Whereas surgeons usually recommend that patients keep their incisions clean after surgery so as to aid in the healing process and minimize the visibility of the scar, this alone is not adequate in making the surgical scar completely Invisible to the eye.

Discussed herein, are tips and guidelines on healing tummy tuck scars.

  • Use Scar Cream and Massage the Scar Area on Daily Basis One way through which you can remove surgical scar, is massaging the area on a daily basis by making use of cocoa butter or aloe vera.

    Alternatively, you can opt to use scar creams or lotions containing active scar ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E or cocoa butter.

    Cocoa butter and aloe vera have been the main treatments for stretch marks for many years, and several studies have proven that these natural ingredients have the capacity to enhance the regeneration of skin cells, thereby causing the surgical scars to diminish.

  • Taking Vitamin E Cream and Supplements By applying vitamin E lotion or cream on the surgical scar on a daily basis can greatly assist in diminishing the scar. Vitamin E not only contains antioxidants, but antibacterial agents.

    These two agents work together to speed up the healing process and soothe the inflammation triggered by surgical scarring. In addition to applying vitamin E creams, you can also take vitamin E supplements orally.

    This helps in boosting the effects of the lotions and balms, thus functioning in healing the lesion beneath the skin’s surface.

  • Alpha Hydroxyl Acids to Speed up Scar Healing Process Lastly, surgical scar treatment can be achieved by applying skin moisturizers comprising of alpha hydroxyl acids. Other than promoting the wellness of the skin, alpha hydroxyl functions in diminishing the surgical scar.

    A number of studies have also found that alpha hydroxyl aids in increasing the generation of collagen in the skin, which is vital for the healing process.

    Eating a well-balanced diet can also aid in surgical scar treatment. Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Types of Skin Scars

  1. Stretched scar (wide-spread)
  2. Contractures scar
  3. Atrophic scar (Depressed)
  4. Raised scar – Keloid or Hypertrophic

Stretched Scars (Wide-Spread)

Stretched scar usually appears below the level of the surrounding skin and very often, this type of scars are in similar colour.  Stretched scar is symptomless and treatments can be requested to improve the appearance.

Contractures scar

Contractures scarring – occurs when a wound crosses skin crease or joints.  It appears whilst this type of scar is still very immature especially following burns.

Atrophic scar

Atrophic scarring  – results from acne or chicken pox.

Raised Scars (Depressed)

Raised scars usually appears above the skin level and caused by excessive growth of scar tissue. Most popular treatments for these two scars are surgery, laser, topical treatment, scar cream and silicone seet.

There are two types of Raised scars :

  • Keloid scars – are raised skin which spread beyond the surroundings of the original wound. The raised areas of the skin may appear shiny and ring-shaped.
  • Hypertrophic scars are raised but confined to the original lesion.

Tips to Find the Best Scar Removal Cream

Scarring is a natural process in which layer of skin or fibrous tissue replaces the skin of wounded area. There are many treatment options available such as laser, creams and gels for treating unpleasant scar tissues on the skin.

Getting rid of unsightly scars can be a lot easier if you know the right product that help you erase the bad memories related to scars.

With so many scar removal creams available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the best one that works for you. The following tips will help you narrow down your search to find the best scar removal cream.

Know the ingredients:  The first thing that you have to look out before buying a scar removal cream is the ingredients.

The best scar cream should contain natural ingredients which are safe as well as effective in removing the scars on your skin without causing any adverse side effects such burning, irritation or itching of the applied area.

Some of the natural and safe ingredients that you should look for are cucumber butter, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, cocoa butter and onion extracts. These ingredients are derived from natural plant extracts and have lightening effects on scars.

Clinically proven:  Even if you are considering buying natural ingredients based scar removal cream, see whether the cream is clinically proven and dermatologically tested to prove its efficacy and safety.

Check out the customer reviews on internet and do a lit bit research of the cream that you are considering.

Starts showing results in less than four weeks:  You keep on applying many scar removal creams but the desired results are not seen even within two months.

Hence, look out for cream that gives results in less than a month. To know more about this, check out the real customer reviews.

Formulated for all skin types:  Whether you buy scar cream or scar gel, see that the scar removal formula works on all skin types, such as oily skin, dry or combination skin.

Works for all types of scars:  The best scar removal cream shows effective results in all types of scars whether it is keloid or burn scar.

Other benefits:  Many scar removal creams contain ingredients that also provide other skin benefits such as moisturising and hydrating skin, maintaining elasticity and removing fine lines and age spots.

Look out for cream that has multipurpose actions on your skin. Gel or serum based scar products get easily absorbed in to the skin that the cream based products.

Cost effective:  Last but not the least, the scar removal cream should be affordable. Whatever price you are paying it should be worth it. You do not have to spend a lot to get the results.

Remember that finding the best topical scar cream is not enough; the effectiveness also depends upon your consistency.

This means, you have to use it regularly until you observe visible effects on your scars. An effective scar removal cream does not just contain active ingredients, but is also safe and natural and requires patience and commitment from your side.