Find The Best Stretch Mark Creams That Work!

Finding the most effective product isn’t easy. There are many creams available in market promising false claims. More seriously, chemicals and synthetic ingredients in many OTC and prescription treatments can lead to serious side effects.


Until now in the absence of credible information it was hard to know which treatment or natural remedy works and which not. At our aim is to educate sufferers about best way to get rid of them quickly and easily.

In the last two years, we have already helped hundreds of sufferers to remove them.

How do we Find the Most Effective Stretch mark Cream/Product?

The creams to have highest success rate have been stringently tested on volunteers to see if marks do clear up and go away as fast as the product manufacturer claim. We collected information of top selling brands and compared there effectives. Further we asked several consumers to rate and review the products they have used for removing stretch marks.

OK, So what are the safe and effective options?

Based on our research, here are the top creams that we found to work best.

Top Stretch Mark Cream
Overall Rank
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Results Seen
  • Ingredient’s Quality
  • Safety
  • Customer Support
  • Free Shipping
  • Bonuses
  • Overall Rank
  • 60 days
  • 4-6 weeks
  • 9.8/10
  • Very Safe
  • Yes
  • 1 Free Jar of Kollagen Intensiv
  • # 1
PER MONTH $69.95
Dermefface FX7
  • 90 days
  • 6-8 weeks
  • 9.3/10
  • Very Safe
  • No
  • Free facial exfoliator
  • # 2
PER MONTH $59.95
XYZ Smart Collagen
  • 90 days
  • 6-8 weeks
  • 9.0/10
  • Very Safe
  • No
  • No
  • # 3
PER MONTH $49.99

3 Best Stretch Mark Creams That Work- 2019

  • Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark therapy

Skinception stretch mark therapy is the most powerful of all creams that you will find in the market today. The product is backed with numerous clinical studies.

The formula includes a proprietary blend of very effective ingredients that enables restore smooth, normal skin tone by getting rid of stretch marks permanently.

One of the greatest advantages of Skinception Stretch mark therapy is that it’s effective on marks caused by pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, growth spurts and surgery.

We found the product to be powerful enough to correct discolored skin around the marks. Loaded with natural skin regeneration ingredients, this cream delivers fast and effective results.


There are plenty of lotions and creams, but not all work equally well for mild, moderate or sever stretch marks as Skinception therapy.

When it comes down to value for money, it’s the best choice one can ever make.


  • Safe & Effective in restoring normal smooth skin tone
  • Enhances natural production of collagen
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Prevents appearance of new marks
  • Works equally well on old and newly formed marks

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  • Dermefface FX7 

dermefface FX7

Dermefface FX7 cream is one of the most popular creams. One of the refreshing things about Dermefface FX7 is that it is all natural.

And is therefore safe for pregnant women. Comes with renewing microdermabrasion complex cream and a skin eraser.


  • Works on all types of marks
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Non Greasy, Pleasant Smell
  • Uses All Natural Ingredients
  • Side effect free
  • Full Money Back Guarantee


Although you can see marks fading away in 28 days, It is recommended to use it for 3 months to make them disappear fully with Dermefface FX7. Being all natural its bit slower than Skinception.

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  • XYZ Smart Collagen

xyz smart collagenXYZ Smart Collagen is another gentle treatment that ranks at No.3 in our ratings.

XYZ Smart Collagen also comprises of powerful natural ingredients that enhance the growth of collagen and elastin in skin cells.

This enhanced cell growth improves skin elasticity and reduces marks naturally over a period of few month.

It’s the solid XYZ Smart Collagen formula that does the trick over here. The formula contains strong ingredients that play a great role in reducing deep marks in addition to treating discoloration issues.

The good news is that XYZ Smart Collagen cream can also be acquired without a prescription as well.


  • Promotes Healthy Flawless skin
  • Reduces appearance of existing marks
  • Uses All Natural Ingredients
  • Side effect free
  • Full money back guarantee


We recommend XYZ Smart Collagen because of its ability to eliminate stretch marks , reduce wrinkles and improves skin texture without any side effects.

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Are other home remedies and alternative herbal treatments not that effective?

From our online research and surveys it shows that a large number of people have tried different over the counter, homemade and prescription medications out there. Commonly used remedies were:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Different Types of Oils – Olive, chamomile, avocado, almond, jojoba
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Lemon Juice
  • Scrubs

We found little evidence of these giving any significant results.

So what really works and what is just garbage?  We let people vote on the different remedies out on the market and tell us what worked or did not work for them.

The feedback clearly showed that Skinception Stretch Mark cream, Dermefface FX7 and Dermalogy are the top quality products that gave the best results followed by home remedies and prescription medications that had mixed positive and negative response.

 No Harmful Ingredients

Throughout our intensive research, we did encounter many surprises. We were shocked to learn that most of the over the counter solutions, meds contain highly toxic chemicals. Long term exposure to such harsh chemicals has been linked to side effects like reddening of the skin, irritation and burning sensation. Therefore, they are banned in many European and Asian countries.

The products recommended by us don’t include any harsh chemicals. On the other hand, they include herbal and safe to use synthetic ingredients that get rid of marks quickly and effectively.

An Important Warning:

You shouldn’t expect overnight results. Despite what the product manufacturer’s claim, there is no “quick fix”. With regular application, your marks will start to reduce in appearance and will gradually fade away. Needless to say, mild marks will take lesser time to vanish in comparison to severe deeper marks.

How fast are treatment results?

We found that individuals who continued with treatment religiously for a period of 6 months experienced complete vanishing of all types of marks. So, clearly it does take time and effort to witness substantial results.  There is nothing much you can do to speed up results except applying the treatment religiously.

Home Remedies for Stretch Removal

4. Aloe Vera

A long time friend of skin, Aloe Vera has been used to treat issues such as sunburn and dry skin. It moisturizes skin and promotes healing. Not only will Aloe Vera help fade existing marks, it will prevent new ones from forming. Purchase Aloe Vera gel at a beauty or health food store and apply it to the affected areas twice per day. To increase its effectiveness, mix in vitamin E and vitamin A oils.

5. Potato Juice

Potatoes make great tasting French fries and chips, but they may also help improve the appearance of skin. These starchy vegetables contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin. One way to use potatoes is to cut the vegetable into thin slices and rub them into the affected skin making sure the juice gets on the marks. Let dry and then rinse with lukewarm water. Another way is to juice a potato, carrot, and orange and drink every day to improve skin tone from the inside out.

6. Cocoa Butter

A vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean, cocoa butter is used in numerous personal care products because of its emollient properties. In addition to preventing dry skin and treating burns, cocoa butter can reduce the appearance of striae and prevent more from forming. Apply the butter to the marks twice per day every day. It will take about two months to see results. To avoid getting the scars during pregnancy, start using cocoa butter in the first trimester.

7. Vitamin C (Topical and Oral)

Vitamin C is an immune system booster, but it also contains properties that promote strong healthy skin. It’s an antioxidant that helps fight off environmental toxins that damage skin and slow the healing process. Topical creams containing vitamin C are capable of increasing skin renewal which can help fade the marks faster. To make good use of this remedy, increase your intake of foods containing the vitamin like oranges, broccoli, and strawberries. Apply a topical cream made using vitamin C to the affected areas twice per day.

Other Over The Counter Solutions for Stretch Removal

8. Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is another name for alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), which is synthesized from a number of sources including sugar cane, cantaloupe, and unripe grapes. It contains properties conducive to sloughing off the epidermis to improve skin appearance and tone within a short period of time. It is often used in chemical peels performed by licensed dermatologists as well as at-home kits. It’s important to take care when using chemical peels because they can actually damage the skin. As an alternative, you can use topical products that contain this substance as a primary ingredient, but expect it will take longer to see results.

9. Wheat Germ Oil

There is no scientific data that supports the efficacy of wheat germ oil, but anecdotal evidence suggests it can reduce the appearance of striae. Extracted from wheat kernel, this essential oil is thought to stimulate affected tissues into regenerating. It also has antioxidant properties that protect skin from environmental damage. Wheat germ oil must be diluted with additional oils, such as olive oil, because it is too strong to use alone. It also has a strong odor. Apply the oil directly to the marks at least once per day.

10. Vitamin E Oil

This essential oil has been used for years to improve the look and health of skin. Found in a number of foods like avocados, almonds, and sweet potatoes, vitamin E is important to many of the body’s biological functions including gene expression. It helps protect cells from oxidative damage that can make skin look older before it’s time. In addition to eating a healthy diet consisting of foods containing vitamin E, you can apply this essential oil directly to striae.

11. Peptide-Containing Products

Touted as an answer for lines and wrinkles, peptide-containing products have short snippets of amino acids that are designed to promote collagen production. In addition to firming skin, these products can potentially reduce the appearance of striae scars. Most of the products are sold over-the-counter at department and beauty stores.

12. Retinoids

Retinoids are chemical compounds that are similar, at least chemically, to vitamin A. These substances are used by the body in numerous ways including bone tissue growth and maintaining healthy vision. Products containing retinoids have been shown to be effective at promoting collagen production and improving skin elasticity. In addition to minimizing existing striae, retinoids can prevent new ones from forming. However, these treatments are not appropriate for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Surgical Options

13. Laser Treatment

Laser removal of striae involves using high-intensity light to scrub away the pigment in the marks and stimulate collagen production. Dermatologists estimate that patients will see a 30 percent improvement in the appearance of their scars, but they won’t go away completely. Additionally, there can be some discomfort and the treatments start at $450 per session.

14. Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is one of the very few ways to get rid of stretch marks permanently. That’s because the skin is surgically removed. The primary purpose of this type of surgery is to tighten the muscles of the abdomen and eliminate sagging skin caused by pregnancy or weight loss. One of the side effects of this type of surgery is the removal of striae. It should be noted that not all of the marks will be removed and this treatment is often expensive.

What You Need to Know about Stretch Marks

One thing you have to know about stretch marks is that they occur on people who have abruptly lost weight. This is why the best way you can avoid these marks from appearing on your body is to be careful about the diet you are about to follow. It is a must that you choose the right diet which will not result to you losing weight too quickly. When you opt for a gradual decrease in your weight, you can be sure that stretch marks will be the least of your worries.

Why do Stretch Marks Occur?

During a change in your weight, your skin loses its elasticity. This is because it gets shrunk or stretched. Needless to say, you can also get stretch marks when you become pregnant. Depending on how elastic your skin naturally is, you can be prone to have stretch marks or none at all. When you lose weight too quickly, your skin will not have the chance to retain the nourishment that it has lost. As such, stretch marks can appear on areas of your body.

How to Avoid Getting Stretch Marks after Losing Weight

As mentioned, the occurrence of stretch marks on your body will depend on your skin’s natural elasticity. If you are prone to having stretch marks, the best thing you can do is to know how you can get rid of them after you have lost weight. One of the best ways you can get rid of stretch marks on your body is to start using products that contain Shea.

This is because this is a highly effective ingredient that can return your skin’s nourishment. If you prefer a fast way to get rid of stretch marks, you can opt for laser treatment. However, you will have to keep in mind that this is a painful and expensive way to get rid of these unsightly marks on your body. But if you feel that you should sacrifice a little to be beautiful, then you should opt for this method.

What are Stretch Marks?

Reduce Stretch Marks

The best way to define what stretch marks are is to talk about what skin is composed of. Normal and healthy skin is made up of 80% collagen and 4% of dry weight is from elastin fiber mesh. Because the skin contains elastin, it is flexible enough to stretch. This normally happens during pregnancy and weight gain.  Once the weight has been lost, the skin will revert back to normal. But because of the expansion it has experienced, the skin will have marks known as stretch marks.

In a nutshell, stretch marks are actually damaged elastin fibers. Because they have been stretched previously, they produce a scar on the skin. Despite the fact that it is visible, there is actually very little change stretch marks produce on the skin.

Common Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are commonly caused by pregnancy. But other than that, there are several other factors that can contribute to the occurrence of stretch marks in the body. Men can also have stretch marks even if they do not go through pregnancy. This is because stretch marks can be the result of:

  • An inherited genetic trait
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Excessive weight gain during pregnancy
  • Reappearance of stretch marks from previous pregnancy
  • Women who have multiple pregnancies

Due to their occurrence in the body, it is important to know the seven steps of reducing stretch marks. This is why there are a lot of people who are looking for these tips to help them get rid of these damaged elastin fibers in their bodies:

Seven Steps of Reducing Stretch Marks

  1. Gently massage almond oil, creams or lotions on the stomach area. This can help improve the circulation of blood and prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.
  2. Consuming skin nourishing foods that are rich in zinc such as nuts and fish. This can help improve the skin’s elasticity.
  3. While bathing, body scrubbers should be used to brush the skin. This helps improve the circulation of blood in the body.
  4. Other foods that are good for the body are the ones that are rich in Vitamins A and E. Examples of these include colored fruits and vegetables and milk.
  5. During pregnancy, mild stretching exercises should be done as they are good for a developing baby. It is also good for healthy skin.
  6. Avoiding fatty and oily food helps avoid weight gain and the occurrence of stretch marks.
  7. During pregnancy, plenty of water should be consumed as this can help in hydrating the skin and prevent it from stretching.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks in Bodybuilding or By Working Out

Exercise is good for the body. It can improve circulation, reduce the risk for heart attack or stroke, and alleviate stress. Unfortunately, one side effect of exercising, and especially body building, is that it can cause stretch marks to form. Stretch marks develop when the skin is stretched too far too fast. This causes damage to the dermis and underlying elastin leading to stretch marks forming.

You can avoid developing stretch marks while still improving your physique. Here are a few tips for preventing the formation of stretch marks while bodybuilding or working out.

Avoid Building Quick Muscle

Because stretch marks form when the skin is stretched too suddenly to account for the increased mass, it is best to build muscle at a slower pace. Unless you are a bodybuilder who wants to compete professionally, there is no reason to try and pack on the muscles fast. Avoid lifting maximal weights. This will lead to a sharp increase in muscle fiber and you’ll bulk up quickly. Instead lift light to moderate weights and do more reps.

Do More Cardiovascular Exercises

Many people who are trying to build muscle shun cardio exercises, but this is a great way to get a good workout to limit fat increase while bulking up. Although muscle burns more calories, cardio exercises like running, stair climbing, swimming, and rowing also burn lots of calories and can help those wanting to lose weight to slim down. To get the maximum benefit, do cardiovascular exercises at least 3 times per week for 30 to 45 minutes.

Take Care of the Skin

Perhaps the best thing you can do to prevent stretch marks is to take care of the skin. Supple skin tends to recover better. One of the best treatment for stretch marks is to use an emollient moisturizer on a regular basis. Olive, coconut, and castor oil all seal moisture into the skin helping it to remain pliable. Using lotion or cream that includes one or all of these ingredients can stop stretch marks from forming in the first place.

If you already have the marks and need advice on how to reduce them, one option is to use a scrub to remove the outer layer of skin and speed up the fading process. A scrub consisting of a mixture of sugar and olive oil is safe enough to use during your daily bath or shower. Other home remedies include mixing lemon juice with castor oil and cleansing the skin with it three days per week. Using stretch marks products is also a popular result oriented option. You just need to be sure to follow up with a good product. Few most effective products are recommended above.


Support your skin’s health by following a well-balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those containing vitamin C. When ingested, vitamin C can promote collagen production. Good sources of vitamin C include broccoli, strawberries, pineapples, oranges, lemons, green leafy vegetables, and peppers.

Getting rid of stretch marks can be challenging. In extreme cases, you may want to consider laser stretch mark removal. However, there are side effects and disadvantages associated with this option, so be sure to research it thoroughly. For most people, though, the cure and remedies suggested in this article will be enough to deal with most problems associated with stretch mark formation.

Makeup for Stretch Marks

If you want to use makeup in covering your stretch marks, you have to know that your new best friend will be a concealer. This is because this makeup product is responsible for helping conceal blemishes, marks and any impurities on the skin. As such, there are many who consider this as a wonderful tool for hiding away the imperfections on their face and body. Using a concealer is helpful for those who intend to wear a bikini or something that can reveal stretch marks on the stomach. However, it is not advised to go swimming as the water can wash away the concealer product on the stretch mark.

Important Notes about the Steps in Covering Stretch Marks Using Makeup

There has been a lot of talk about using a tanning product to help hide the problem. Unfortunately, this is not a wise idea as this does not do anything to hide stretch marks. If you undergo a tanning treatment, you will not get to hide your stretch marks at all. Instead, the marks will be more noticeable due to the fact that your skin will become darker.

If you don’t intend to wear a bikini or show off the area where your stretch marks are located, you can just make do with a simple top or long blouse. At the same time, you have to wear something that reveals another portion of your body. When you do this, you can balance out your look and attract others to you.

Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Despite the fact that stretch marks can eventually fade on their own, there are several who look for a way to get rid of these imperfections as soon as possible. Some even go as far as using laser treatments to help them get rid of the marks on their bodies. If you do not want to go through such extreme measures, you can make do with consistently exfoliating and moisturizing your stretch marks. There are a number of different stretch mark oils and creams that are now available in the market. If you start using them now, you will have no trouble getting rid of your stretch marks. The important thing is that you keep on applying these products on a daily basis.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks after Pregnancy and Rapid Weight Gain

Apart from the availability of a number of products, there are some safe and effective ways to get rid of stretch marks. If you would want a fast way to get rid of stretch marks, you can result to undergoing laser treatment to help you with these unsightly skin imperfections.


If you change your diet to a well-balanced and healthy one, you can get enough nutrients that you need to keep your skin nourished. This is why you should make sure that you eat foods that contain a lot of Vitamins C and E, silica and zinc. However, you have to avoid Vitamin E while you are pregnant as it is unsafe.


Being the universal solvent, water has been known to help the body a great deal. It is important that you drink enough water so that you keep your skin hydrated. As a result of this, you will be able to get rid of stretch marks on your skin.

How to Get Your Skin’s Elasticity Back

The reason why you get stretch marks on your body is because of the damaged elastin fibers on your skin. These get damaged when they have been stretched due to pregnancy or weight gain. The moment the excess weight is lost, they will produce marks on the body and can damage the fibers. This is how stretch marks start appearing on your skin.

In order to get rid of stretch marks from your body, it is important that you work it from the inside. You need to drink enough water so that you can hydrate your body and your tissues. At the same time, your skin needs to be moisturized with essential oils and vitamins. Finally, it is important to have a well balanced and healthy diet. Once you start having a nutritious diet, your skin will become softer, tighter and healthier. By following these tips, you can have an effective way to get rid of stretch marks on your body.

Other Methods to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

While there is a safe and natural way to get rid of stretch marks, there are several other treatments that are available. You can learn how to get your stretch marks fade away naturally by using the above mentioned method. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a faster way to get rid of stretch marks, there are some surgical procedures that can be followed. However, there are many who do not prefer these procedures because they are painful and costly.

Because of this, it is important for them to have a natural way of getting rid of stretch marks. Apart from having a safe way to get rid of stretch marks, you can save money.

Tell us about your success story

We often receive comments from readers about how they got rid of their marks. Their success stories are hugely inspiring. We cherish the fact that our continual effort of providing unbiased and reliable information is helping lots of sufferer’s world wide. If you have something to share or ask, please feel free to contact us.

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