Ageless Male Testosterone Booster Review

Ageless Male is a popular enhancement supplement to men. It is known for its wonderful job in helping them regain back their sexual urge and vigor. Going by the name, it attempts to restore you back to your youth. Ageless male boosts your well-being and endurance.  This test booster solves all your problems that are as a result of your age.

Ageless male is an all-natural supplement with quite many natural ingredients. It brings back aged male to their early ages in terms of sex and endurance. They regain back their vigor, energy, and stamina.

Does this really happen? Do men get back their vigor and the promised stamina? Let us see. Ageless male testosterone booster has quite some natural ingredients.  It has Fenugreek as the main ingredient. It is the only active ingredient among the others. The amount in the product is not enough for what you are to take on a daily basis. It offers the only 300mg of Fenugreek instead of 1300mg of what is recommended. So, it is not in a position to give you any health improvement.

Caltrops – It is a natural hormone that has the potential of boosting sexual hormones. It has been used in Europe for centuries. Works well for the bodybuilders.

Mucuna prurien – It produces L-Dopa,  a neurotransmitter precursor responsible for preventing the breakdown of testosterone by prolactin.

Saw Palmetto – It helps older men in preventing of testosterone into DHT, which contributes to prostate enlargement.

Cissus Quadranglaris – This is a natural herb that helps in reducing inflammation.

Safe Musli – It is a product from Asia for years. It increases the growth of hormone levels.

LJ100 [a jack extract] – It enhances the amount of unbound sexual hormones in the blood. The hormones become useful when they are free from the binding.

Most of these ingredients have some side effects to the consumers. Among them are having headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and insomnia. Ageless comes in a full dosage of one month. The box contains 60 capsules. You are to take a most of two pills per day.

How to check on the best product you intend to buy

Every time you want to buy a certain product it is advisable you have comprehensive research on it. The cheap thing will always be expensive. Compared to the other supplement, Ageless male is quite cheaper.  It costs for only $40 for the monthly supply. When you order for two months you get another one month supply free.

The effectiveness of the product is attributed to the number of customer reviews on the product. For our case, the supplement is found at the Amazon, GNC, and Walgreen among other online stores. We have a good number of customer reviews at Amazon than at Walgreen. Is the product guaranteed by the company? If not, then why?

The issue of the ingredient in the product is important. We buy the effect of the product but not the name. Check whether the ingredients in the product have side effects or not. The other important aspect to look is the company where the product is made from. Is it recognized or approved by Food and Drugs Administration?

Effectiveness of Ageless Male Testosterone Booster

There are a lot of doubts on the efficiency of the product. It does not work according to most of the customers who have been to it. All the ingredients apart from Fenugreek have some side effects. Although it has Fenugreek in it, the amount is not enough. We all have different body reactions. What does this mean? Although we have negative reactions, we also have few positive reactions. The reactions are related to our body. We all have different reactions to different drugs. Most of the reviews taken are negative. This shows that the product did not work well for them hence not effective.

Many are not complaining about the product but the ordering process. The upset is coming on the auto- renew and auto-shipping. This will continue until you call for cancellation and this may fail. When you order the first month you assume you are getting it only for that month but that has not been the case. You won’t be surprised when your credit card is charged again. When this happens to many customers, then the product will definitely get negative reviews.

Number of sales of Ageless male product at Amazon, eBay, and Walgreen

It is high at Amazon than eBay or Walgreen. People will purchase something in relation to the number of customer reviews. At Amazon, the reviews are many attracting more customers to get the product. The rating is also important in getting the customers. Out of 140 reviews at Amazon, 31% gave a rating of 3.5 stars.

We have some customer’s reviews on eBay. They have given the product the rating of 4.3 stars. 83% would recommend it while 85% term it to be of good value and quality. The customers at the site would recommend the product as good. Although we have some critiques the approval outnumbers them. The reviews attract more customers to have a test on the product. At Walgreen, we do not have customer’s reviews. Whoever wants the product get disappointed hence making the product not to sell.


As we have seen Ageless male is not the best testosterone supplement to go for. It may be having the natural ingredient but they may be having a lot of side effects. The contents of the ingredient may also hinder its effectiveness to the customers. For example, it has 300mg of Fenugreek instead of 1300mg which is taken per day.

At the end, the day this company behind the product is only gathering a bad name. The product has a fair rating by customers. However, there are some who did not find the good in it, in terms of results.  The dissatisfactions are a big blow to the product and the company behind it. Despite that, some of the customers recommend it going by the few reviews we have seen. Always look at the products, which have approval from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).