BodyBuilding Supplements

With so many supplements for bodybuilding currently on the market, the choices can seem overwhelming.  While it is not necessary to take supplements for bodybuilding, they can be advantageous both physically and mentally.

Before selecting a supplement, have a clear idea of what you want the product to help you achieve, whether it be increased energy and stamina or greater muscle growth.

The following supplements for bodybuilding come highly recommended

Below you will find a detailed analysis of the supplements which are preferred all over the world and which have produced definite results.


This supplement includes a number of nutrients under its umbrella like vitamins, minerals, flavonoids etc. They are found in fruits and vegetables also which are not often present in sufficient quantities in orthodox bodybuilding supplements.

There is a misconception that it produces oxidative reactions that are detrimental to the body; on the contrary it works as a team to remove toxics from your body.


This is said to be the most popular among the top bodybuilding supplements along with Whey proteins. Basically Creatine acts like a secondary battery to your body.

It is like a buffer that helps to neutralize the any acidity that reduces energy production in muscles which are trained.

Moreover for vegetarian people who do not have meat Creatine products are a viable solution for them. There is a major debate regarding the form of Creatine to be absorbed and its side effects; however under controlled scientific practice none of the claims for side effects have been proved.

It is said that the best form of it to be used is the form of Creatine monohydrate which happens to be 99% absorbable.

Creatine Supplement  is a very commonly used supplement that allows to you lift more and recover faster by helping to fill the muscles with fluid.

Creatine consistently delivers positive results and lets you increase muscle growth stimulation.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin

These substances are naturally available in your body. They not only promote healing but also reduce pain occurring due to sore joints and any connective tissue.

Fiber supplements

Needless to say that most people do not consume enough vegetables or fruits everyday to get adequate amount of fiber for human body. So supplying this top bodybuilding supplement externally is very vital. Body inflammation can be reduced with the use of fibers and also they help in lowering of increased blood pressure and blood lipids. This sort of supplement comes in two main forms soluble form and insoluble form.

Among a few others are whey proteins, Green tea, Estrogen blockers etc. These are a few of the famous supplements.

These are considered to be the most effective of supplements. Remember that these are only in addition to your lacking nutrition. So you must consider concentrating on your daily food before you think of the top bodybuilding supplements.

Protein Powder Supplement:

There are two main choices when it comes to protein powders

  • Whey Protein Powder Supplement:
    Most effectively used after an intense training session to boost the repair and growth of muscle tissue. Use Whey Protein Powder Supplement to achieve the best results!
  • Soy Protein Powder Supplement:
    A fantastic supplement for bodybuilding that ranks among the best in the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS).  It is typically very low in or completely free of fat, lactose and cholesterol
    Soy Protein Powder Supplement is great for people with digestion issues.

Weight Gainer Supplement

The body requires a large amount of calories to achieve optimum performance results, effective muscle repair and longer muscle endurance.  A high calorie Weight Gainer Supplement can be beneficial if you believe you are underweight.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) Supplement:

Essential fatty acids encourage production of testosterone, which is vital to muscle growth.
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) Supplement for bodybuilding can be extremely useful in helping you meet your goals, but only when combined with the following:

  • A well-planned exercise routine that encourages muscle growth, but does not over-train the muscles
  • A high calorie, healthy diet with many meals spread throughout the day.  Try eating 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones.
  • Give your body time to rest and recover
  • Commitment to your goals, a consistent routine and the discipline to follow through.

Bodybuilding supplements may be combinations of concentrated vitamins, minerals, herbal additives and/or proteins used by bodybuilders to improve their diet.

What are Body Building Supplements? Information About Body Building Supplements

Many bodybuilders, weight-lifters and other athletes use functional or nutritional food supplements like body building supplements, protein supplements and other fortified shakes and powders to help promote muscle growth, reduce body fat and define muscle tone.

Benefits of Body Building Supplements

The range of benefits that body building supplements claim to offer is quite wide. Makers claim that bodybuilding supplementation can typically assist you to build muscle, boost hormone levels, burn fat or simply maintain a good body shape and physique.

Choosing the Right Body Building Supplements for You

  • To build extra muscle mass, check out body building supplements such as amino acids, creatine, glutamine and protein mrps.
  • To build muscle by boosting hormone levels, take a look at bodybuilding supplements such as ergogenics and prohormones.
  • To burn body fat and get lean, check out fat burners (thermogenics), and appetite suppressants.

You need to understand that although supplements to build muscles is an exciting idea but the fact is that none of them, however good they are do not substitute for the solid foundation of muscle building.

So well before you think of investing your hard earned money it is very important to that you take time and learn the science related to it.

It is very vital to learn the basics behind taking supplements as this is something directly related to your body mechanics. This article will give you a brief idea of the intricacies related to muscle building using supplements.

How to use supplements to build muscles

Now if you ask anyone this same question that how to use supplements to build muscles you will spontaneously hear a no.

Also you will get a lot of free advice which are easier said than done. So it is always better to consult a person who is well informed of the diet routines, training programs related to it. There is no point experimenting with your body.

Given below are a few of the supplements and benefits related to each of them which will help you in increasing your muscle strength to a great extent.

Whey proteins- Although you will get to hear a lot about this supplement but you will hardly find people really knowing how this supplement helps to build muscles.

To build muscles using this you need to take about 25mg of whey in one scoop daily. This is very easy to take just take a scoop mix it in water or milk and then consume it.

It requires hardly any preparation and you are done with it in a very short time also. This is also by far one of the cheapest types of supplements available.

Hence it won’t take a toll on your pocket. You need not add mass gainers or olive oils for that matter.

Fish oils- As many people will tell you omega three fats have been the hot cake among supplements to build muscles for a long time now.

Using this as a supplement to build muscles has many advantages as far as side effects are considered.

  1. Firstly, they give you less body ache and inflammation.
  2. Secondly it reduces your body fat by burning excess fat and giving you lean muscles as experts would tell you.
  3. Thirdly it involves less soreness and lower cholesterol levels thus preventing occurrence of cancer or any heart disease also. It is readily available in fish, so you need not go searching for it.

Multivitamins- A varied and healthy diet plan will help you obtain optimum vitamin levels for your body.  They are present in vegetables, fruits, egg etc.

Its benefits range from providing sound and uninterrupted sleep to less illness and recovery from stress due to strength training.

Creatine- Last but not the least is Creatine which many would say that it does not work so good but that is not the case. It comes usually in a mono hydrate powder form.

It has advantages like better recovery between training and strength with high performance.

So going through this you will know that until and unless you work out hard and follow the right regime there is no worth of using supplements to build muscles.

Not All Body Building Supplements are Safe or Effective

Not all dietary supplements are effective or safe. A few can be downright unhealthy. So before buying body building supplements check out the best ones on your favorite body building forum and get as much advice as you can from other body builders, weight lifters or athletes.

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