What is Coral Calcium- Health Benefits of Coral Calcium Supplements

Information About Coral Calcium Dietary Supplements

What is Coral Calcium?

Coral calcium is a mineral and health supplement – found in naturally occurring coral. Yes that is right, the coral that is found in the coral reefs around the world.

However, there is something extraordinary about the coral found in the Okinawa region of Japan. It has been discovered that the coral here is very special because it is found to contain a range of important minerals such as a calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium – and more importantly, these minerals are found in very advantageous concentrations.
It has been demonstrated that this source of coral calcium (with this unique mixture of other minerals) is particularly well absorbed into the human body and hence is an excellent means of supplying us with supplemental calcium.

What Are the Benefits of Coral Calcium Dietary Supplements?

Calcium is a most beneficial mineral. It strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis, may protect against colon cancer, high blood pressure and premenstrual syndrome.

Calcium is good for muscle function, the heart, blood-clotting and the nerves. In short, calcium is an extremely important nutrient and for many of us calcium supplements are an excellent way of ensuring an adequate calcium intake. Coral calcium supplements are one type of calcium supplementation, although perhaps a pricy option compared with ordinary calcium tablets.

Coral Calcium Dietary Supplements and Dairy Foods

Coral calcium supplements are a good way of taking extra calcium. It’s worth noting that over-consumption of dairy products may be counter-productive as, being high-protein foods, they may cause calcium to leach out of the bones.

[Osteoporosis rates are lower in societies where people eat few, if any, dairy products.] Your other option is to combine dairy foods with green leafy vegetables, or other calcium-rich but low-protein foods.

If you’re trying to lose weight, consuming dietary calcium from dairy foods may not be best. Dairy products are generally high in fat.

In terms of calcium and weight loss, you may be better off with calcium supplements that have virtually no calories or fat.

Coral Calcium Dietary Supplements and Weight Loss

Calcium seems to help weight loss. Since the first tests on rats over a decade ago, several recent clinical weight loss studies demonstrate that calcium may help weight loss in humans as well.

Clinical trials have investigated the impact of calcium and dairy products on prevention of weight gain, weight loss or development of the insulin resistance syndrome.

The implications of these results are that coral calcium supplements may play a substantial contributing role in reducing the incidence of obesity and prevalence of the insulin resistance syndrome.

This does not mean that taking huge doses of calcium is going to cause huge or dramatic weight loss. Rather that it is important to ensure that your calcium levels are fully adequate.

Health Benefits of Coral Calcium Supplements

From scientific and/or anecdotal experience the potential benefits of calcium supplementation are:
Improved bone strength and healthy skeletal function

  • Prevention or reduction of bone loss
  • Prevention or amelioration of colon cancer
  • Prevention or control of hypertension
  • Cardiovascular wellness
  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Calcium regulates pH and the cell membranes voltage and channel
  •  openings, hereby bringing nutrients to the cell
  • Required for normal DNA function
  • Essential for nerve impulse conduction
  • Required for skeletal muscle contraction
  • Calcium is required for almost every major body functions
  •  Essential for cell division, immune function, enzyme activity and hormone production
  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Increased oxygen available for body
  • More energy

Coral Calcium Supplements vs. Ordinary Calcium Supplements

Since surveys show that many people are calcium deficient, calcium supplementation may be a good idea for most people, for both health and weight control. As to whether you choose ordinary calcium supplements or the more expensive coral calcium supplements, is entirely your choice.

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