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Hello and welcome our legal anabolic stacks page of  website where you can read a full review on the latest 100% legal steroid.

Please Note: This website will be covering a full review on the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack and I will also be answering the main question everyone asks. I researched and investigated this crazy bulk supplement and I’d like to share my findings with you.

  • Question – Can you get a Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack on a FREE Trial?
  • Answer – Unfortunately they do not offer a FREE trial but they do offer a real supplement that has been proven to work. It’s extremely cheap and I have even got a great solution below.
  • Solution – I was able to find it a a discounted price – click the link above you will be able to see if the discounted price is still available.

Why Did I Write This Crazy Bulk Review?

So to begin with I thought I would just give you a brief rundown on why I wrote this Crazy Bulk Review. I have written a full about me page where you can read this entire section in great details there.

me crazy mass and cutting reviewsSo to keep it as short as possible the reason I wrote this review was because I personally was feeling a little sad and unfit. I got stuck into it and ended up bulking up fairly well but I did not have a real great beach body yet at all.

So I decided to find out how to get a little more cut up, the search led me to the internet and a lot of products that were complete scams. I started getting rather frustrated and really didn’t have what it was going to take to reach my physical goals.

In the end I was directed to a product called Crazy Bulk which they produced a cutting supplement or stack. By this time I was fairly over it and decided to have one more look.

After remembering that my Brother in law was a local footy hero and not to mention very cut up I decided to ask him this time rather than just take the chance.

I asked him about it and yes he had heard of this stuff and some others I asked him about, he basically said that most of them are crap but that Crazy Bulk is among a small number of products that himself and his team mates use daily.

Now lets get back to the actual reason I wrote this review because so far you know why I needed to use it and that’s all. I wrote this review because after I found out how good the  Crazy Bulk line of products were I was shocked at the lack of good reviews.

Actually there is almost no real reviews. Most of the reviews I read are about the scientific compounds in the supplements and personally I don’t give a Shi** about that. All I want to know is whether it works, is it safe, how long does it take and so on.

So this has brought me to this very point, this review will hopefully help other out there like me that would like to read a real review on a good product.

What Exactly Is The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack?

crazy mass cutting stack supplementSo let’s get into the review, to start with here is a quick overview on exactly what the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack is and what it will do for you as an overall stack.

I will go into the individual supplements that you receive and what they do for you a little later in the review.

The cutting stack is pretty much designed to do what the name implies. It cuts you up and gets you looking ripped which is exactly what I needed to get done.

The difference is that with most cutting supplements they actually do you more harm than good.

Most of them will strip the lean muscle from your body purely because your body is working overtime and your diet would have decreased.

Therefore what happens is your body begins to burn and eat needed fat deposits and eventually muscle just to help fuel your body.

This is why Crazy Bulk and it’s cutting stack are different, they force the body to retain all necessary fats and all lean muscle. It will help to strip unwanted water retention, fat loss and overall body shaping.

This is a 100% safe and legal supplement, it has been referred to as a legal steroid because the results have been know to be extremely impressive and very fast.

The Crazy Bulk cutting stack comes in 4 different nutrients that you need to take daily, Each one works in conjunction with the other to help give you the maximum results possible.

Who Are The Crazy Bulk Company?

crazy BulkCrazy Bulk is a registered US Company that has the legal rights to a unique form of supplements and nutrients designed specifically for the body building or athlete.

They product and manufacture the leading bulk and cutting formulas available today, offering over 9 different formulas for all different possible needs.

The one that we are discussing today and the one that I have done of my research on is the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack. to clear up the common debate that I have witnessed lately about the company names.

  • The company is called Crazy Bulk, there website is called Crazy Bulk but the nutrients and there supplement brands are named Crazy Bulk.

This is a common mistake as people get the Crazy bulk and this is true but it is called the Crazy Bulk bulking supplement, it’s an easy mistake and has been the cause of many arguments. I have checked there nutrients that they use and add to there formulas which are disclosed because they have copyrighted it.

They are confident in there product therefore they are happy to spend the money to secure and protect there supplements. Yet they are happy to show us what is each one purely because they know that it is all safe, legal and it works.

Overall my investigations showed mew that Crazy Bulk is a very good and reputable company that has many happy customers all over the world.

Is Crazy Bulk Really A 100% Legal Steroid?

crazy mass cutting stack legal steroidsOkay so this was a big question because they advertise this fact everywhere, they say that the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack and Bulking Stack is a 100% Legal Steroid.

Is it true?

After investigating this exact issue I found that I was able to get hold of the ingredients or compound nutrients that they use to make up the supplements.

I was not able to get the amounts and potency but this did not matter because every single thing that they add into make up this supplement is 100% natural and completely legal.

So the answer to the question is that Yes Crazy Bulk and the Crazy Bulk supplements are all completely safe and legal.

The Crazy Bulk product range has plenty of good testimonials and I have also found a few good ones myself. After looking into this and then speaking to real human beings that have used it I’m convinced that it’s definitely worth looking into yourself if getting ripped is something that you have been wanted to achieve.

“In Short The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack and Crazy bulk supplement range are among the very best on offer with the added benefit knowing that they are a safe and legal alternative to legal steroids”

Click Here For The Official Crazy Bulk Website…

What’s In The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack?

So now seems like a good time to assume that you would like to know what’s included in the Crazy Bulk Cutting stack and you should.

Why? because you get quite a lot of cool stuff with some really long names and explanations that mean something to a chemist but to you and I it’s like Bart Simpson says (Blah Blah Blah).

Really what we need to know is the name and in human terms what it does for us.

So I have gone ahead and done a little extra research to quickly explain everything that you are getting and taking with this  Crazy Bulk Stack.

Now below you will see each of the 4 different supplements that you will receive with each Cutting Stack you get, the below information will be exactly the same for the 8 week cutting stack.

The supplements are the same there is just more of them, lets get stuck into it and breakdown what is really in this product:


See what I mean by the names of the supplements, well let me tell you exactly what this 1st one is and what it does. For starters Anvarol is one of the most important supplements of this Stack because with it the rest of the supplement would not be able to break down correctly to do there magic.

So What does It Help With?

crazy mass cutting stack anvarolAnvarol helps with a number of components when it comes to getting ripped and the cutting up phase of your workout cycles.

It forms an essential part of the 4 supplements that are required with this stack.

Actually without this one in particular the other are just not broken down correctly nor will you have the energy or stamina require to allow all the nutrients to take full affect.


Here’s a quick list of the things that it will directly help with:

  • Overall Cutting – It will help boost the ability and break down of the other supplements to help increase the speed at which you are able to see real cutting results.
  • Energy – With any workout whether it be to cut up or bulk up you need the proper amount of energy to carry you through the tough workouts. This will help with exactly that, giving you the energy you need to have in order to gain maximum benefits from your workouts.
  • Strength – Now do I really need to explain why strength is important, well in case I do here goes. You need the strength in order to have your muscle lift and endure at there very peek. This will allow your muscles to grow and then you will also have an easier time of stripping the excess water from your muscles to get that ripped look

In short this is exactly what this will do for you:

  • EXPLOSIVE – Aids with amazing power & strength, giving you the ability to push through
  • PRESERVE  –  This helps you to preserve lean muscle when cutting calories so you don’t lose size.
  • INCINERATE  – This will help completely incinerate visceral & subcutaneous fat.
  • ENHANCED – It aids in enhancing vascularity which is simply important for general health as well.
  • IMPROVED – Yep tis will help you get that muscle Hardness & density like a rock.
  • SAFE & LEGAL – Anavar Alternative, anavar is the illegal form of this supplement and this acts in the same way but has no side effects and is completely safe.
  • NO Needles or Prescriptions –  This is a must. If you get a supplement and it turns up with a needle then send it back.


crazy mass cutting stack testosteroneOnce again a great name and one you are sure to know exactly what it is from its name. Not likely, let me explain exactly what this wonderful supplement is and does because like the first part of this stack this supplement also has a very important part to play.

For starters its called Testosterone Max and as the name implies yes it’s a similar compound to that of normal Testosterone. Therefore if you know anything about the illegal use of testosterone you will know that this particular compound can be very powerful.

So What Does It Help With?

This is a very necessary part of the cutting stack as it will help you to maintain you overall bulk or size. This is important when cutting up that you don’t shred your actual muscles and reduce your overall size during the ripping stage.

Here’s a quick list of the main benefits that this supplement will give you:

  • Size – This will help you to maintain you current size or bulk while you are entering and during the cutting up phase of your workout cycles.
  • Strength – Just like Anvarol and most of the supplements in this stack they help a great deal with Strength which is so important when getting through those big workouts. Especially as cutting up requires more reps and more cardio but your muscles need to maintain there strength fro longer periods of time.
  • Stamina – Much like strength which goes hand in hand with stregnth you need a lot of it to get through the extra tough workouts that lay ahead.

In short this is exactly what the Testosterone Max will do for you:

  • HUGE  – Muscle Gains will come very fast and rather easily when using this supplement
  • SUPER – It will also help with giving you the super strength & stamina that you will need.
  • MAXIMUM – This will help you to perform at you maximum level and is a favorite amongst many professional athletes.
  • RAPID  – Recovery is exceptionally fast when using the testosterone max supplement as it aid it the recovery of torn muscle tissue.
  • ENHANCED – A major plus is the benefits in the bedroom. Your sex drive & your performance will be off the chart.
  • FAST – Results in less than 2 weeks is what they promise, you can see the testimonials that I found which do actually confirm it.
  • SAFE & LEGAL –  Once again this in not illegal it’s 100% legal and most importantly it’s a safe anabolic steroid alternative
  • NO –  Needles or Prescriptions are never needed


crazy mass cutting stack winidrolIf you want to get rock hard muscle maintain strength stamina and get ripped then this particular supplement could almost do the entire job on it’s own.

This is the main nutrient that aids in the reduction of water retention within the muscle cells therefore allowing you to get a ripped look very fast. It also helps you to maintain lean muscle while building your shorter more defined muscles and stripping fat to give you that beach ripped look.

 So What does It Help With?

Well I jumped the gun and I already told you, it basically makes you ripped and cut upbeyond all belief. No really it does have some very important factors that aid to the overall goal of getting ripped.

This is one of the most widely used nutrients or supplements by all the professional body builders to get that extra ripped look before a big tournament.

Here’s a quick list of the things that this Winidrol supplement will directly help with:

  • Strength – As I stated in the breakdown on the last supplement all of these will help in some way with strength. This is such an important factor in any cutting routine and within your nutrient requirements.
  • Performance – This is a great side benefit of this particular one. It will give you the edge you need in your performance both on the field and in the bed. Which is a little bonus.
  • Physique – This is another great supplement for really helping you to maintain that beach looked but also have that great ripped six pack ab look. Look healthy and stay healthy with this one, it helps your physique look the part.

Here’s the overall breakdown of what the Winidrol supplement will do for you:

  • SUPER – Lie all the other it will give you the super strength & endurance you will be needing.
  • MAXIMUM – Power, speed & agility are extremely important when it comes to cutting up, this is the one for that
  • ROCK-HARD – This will help keep them muscles defined and looking rock hard.
  • ENHANCED – Vascularity is important, without blood your muscle want grow or work hard enough and this fixes that.
  • PRESERVE – You will be able to preserve your lean muscle mass whilst stripping fat.
  • RIPPED – This is going to help you get that ripped competition & beach physique
  • SAFE & LEGAL This is a safe and legal alternative to the Winstrol drug.
  • NO – Needles or Prescriptions are not required as you would expect.


crazy mass cutting stack clenbutrolThis supplement makes up the final one of the 4 nutrients that need to be taken to have the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack live up to it’s full potential. This one is a pretty special one that actually is more reliant on the others for it to breakdown and do it’s job.

When all of them are now doing the work intended this one give the whole thing a real kick in the butt.

So What does The Final Crazy Bulk Supplement Help With?

It’s a extremely potent blend that when introduced with the other supplements it will give you the ability to put in an extra human performance. The ability to retain essential fats and lean muscles while stripping unwanted fats very rapidly is another great benefit of this one.

On top of that it also does exactly what we need it to do, it will get you ripped and cut up extremely fast. With all the supplement working and taking affect this one just puts the whole thing into overdrive and really gets the results coming through.

Here’s a quick list of the things that it can and will help you with:

  • Cutting – When you are entering the final part of the Cutting cycle this one supplement will really make the difference. It will help reduce water retention but most importantly it aids in the maintaining of lean muscles.
  • Performance – On top of all the others this one give you another little boost in all areas of your performance both in the bedroom and out.
  • Lean Muscle – Being able to retain lean muscle through out your entire cutting cycle is one of the hardest things to monitor. This will help you overcome any worries you may have as the muscle and size will stay right where it is.

Here’s a quick list of the things that it will directly help with:

  • POWERFUL – Fat Burning is hard to do while maintaining muscle but no when using this.
  • IMPROVED – Performance both indoors and outdoors will be improved dramatically.
  • ENHANCED – Stamina & Endurance will go through the roof when using this with the other supplements.
  • INCREASE  – Muscle to Fat Ratio will allow you to maintain the correct healthy fat while stripping the unhealthy, ugly fats.
  • PRESERVE Lean Muscle Mass is hard to maintain and as you are probably aware by now this one will fix this problem totally.
  • RIPPED – this will really boost your results and get you closer to having that ripped physique.
  • SAFE & LEGAL – Once again this is 100% legal and safe, an alternative to the not so safe Clenbuterol.
  • NO Needles or Prescriptions

That Raps Up The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

So that is exactly what is in the Cutting stack and exactly what each one does for you. After looking into it as deeply as I have I would recommend that if you do decide to get this Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack you stick to the rules.

The only negative comment I ever heard about this Cutting stack is from a person who followed through on there workouts and supplements for less than 2 weeks.

This is something that is guaranteed to give you some incredible results but “it takes work and some dedication. Stick with it and you will see the results you desire”. These are the exact words of my Brother in Law.

It’s a value packed product with some great positive feedback and I personally can’t wait to post my personal results up here as soon as I can.

Discover More About What’s In The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack Here…

The Cons With Crazy Bulk (Dislikes)

Okay so with every product there is always some things that will disappoint and the Crazy Bulk Cutting stack is no different. Although there is very little for me to complain about so I guess there is one positive thing that will come from this section there are still tings that need to be laid out.

disliked about crazy mass cutting supplementsAs I stated a number of times the reason I wrote this review was because of all the false or terrible Crazy Bulk cutting stack reviews that are out there. When really the stuff that you and I want to know is things like what is it? How do you take it?, cost?, the good stuff of course but we also want the plain old truth.

So here it is below I have listed just a couple of things but these are the things that annoyed me about the whole crazy bulk supplements in general:

  • The quantity of the dosages – I don’t like the whole idea of having to take so many tablets per day. I understand that it is required because each stack comes with a minimum of 4 difference supplements but it does feel like a lot. Now on the other side all there competitors require you to take more and they lasted a shorter period of time.
  • Support – I mention a few times that the support is excellent and it is but don’t bother try to email support and get an answer to quickly. I tried this just for a general inquiry and it took just over 48 hours. Once again on the flip side when I rang support i got through every time immediately and my question was answered.

Okay so that’s it, like I said I really don’t have too much to complain about and I really did think long and hard to make sure I could put more in this section of the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack review. Thankfully I really couldn’t think of anything else, if you have any issues you think should be added to this section then please contact me and let me know.

So overall Crazy Bulk came up golden.

Crazy Bulk Cycles

Okay so how long does it take to work? How often do I have to take them? Is it daily and how many per day? Also how long will the Crazy Bulk supplements last for?

These are all the questions that I had straight away and this company is so open you get all this information on their website. They hide nothing because they are offering a quality product that they clearly stand by.

crazy mass supplement cyclesI will cover the Cutting Stack also the Bulking stack and all other stacks that are available through the official crazy bulk website.

This website is primarily about the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack but you may also need some of the other stacks and supplements to really help boost your results.

Before I get stuck into the Usage and cycles of the different Crazy Bulk stacks let me answer the question above as I’m sure you would like to know the answer as I did. Firstly I will list the questions and then the reply or information I was able to gather from my investigations. So here we go:

  • So how long does it take to work?Well this may surprise you but it won’t work in the next 48 hours. Most companies I found tell you blatant lies to get you to purchase under false pretenses. Well here’s what the guys and gals at Crazy Bulk have to say about the results and how long it really takes.

Now apparently all this does depend on your current workout routines and diet but in general you will start to see REAL positive RESULTS in around 4 weeks time. If your goals are realistic then after 8 weeks most people are ecstatic with there results if they keep up a good diet and workout or exercise routine.

All in all I found that to be very similar to those people I have asked, they reported good results and some recorded minimum results in the first 4 weeks but all we extremely happy and had achieved there goals by around the 9 week stage.

  • How Often Do You Have To Take Them?

Once again I found that this does vary from person to person and from stack to stack. So basically a person who is taking the Crazy Bulk bulking stack would have a slightly different dose than that of a person using the Crazy Bulk Cutting stack.

In saying that the general cross the board rules with all the supplements seems to be that you get 90 capsules per container. They expect that container to last 4 weeks therefore you are having up to 3 capsules per day. They are capsules which are easy to swallow, you also get 4 different containers with each stack.

So in conclusion you take 2 – 3 tablets per day of each individual formula, some are to be taken with food at the beginning or end of the day and some are for before a workout and some are for recover periods. Don’t worry too much as you get all the instructions in great details with your order.

  • How Long will the Crazy Bulk Supplements Last For?

Well, I did sort of already answer this question in the last response but in general each stack if taken correctly will last 4 weeks. They also advise to only take one stack at a time. For instance if you were in the off season and getting back to your normal size then you may want to use the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack therefore for best results you would not use any other stack until the 4 weeks are up.

After this then it would make sense to go onto the Crazy Bulk Cutting stack to get ripped ready for summer or competitions.

So lets get into the actual cycles for each different stack and remember they are all very similar when it comes to the cycles and usage cycles. Check it out below:

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

crazy mass cutting stack cycles and usageFirstly with the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stacky ou have the option to get an 8 week stack which is what they recommend.

The benefit in doing this is you will get the results you are after and you also get a 3rd stack completely FREE.

As you can clearly see from the image the Cutting stack comes with 4 separate formulas that all work together to get you ripped in 30 days. It’s a 4 week cycle and then you should follow that up with another 4 weeks cycle.

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

crazy mass bulking stack cycles and usageSo once again as with the cutting stack you do get the option do get an 8 week cycle as they recommend.

Also this comes with the same deal that if you get 2 stacks then the 3rd one is free. I like that because you know have enough to get you through for 12 weeks.

In the image you can see that there are also 4 different supplements that make up the entire stack. Now each one is important so you MUST take all in conjunction with each other you will be instructed.

They need to be taken daily and everyday of the week for at least the first 4 weeks. I recommend you take advantage of the 12 weeks worth for the price of 2.

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

crazy mass ultimate stack cycles and usageSo we finally come to the best of the best, now this little beauty comes with the same cycles as the other 2.

So 1 stack lasts you for 4 weeks if taken correctly and it’s once again recommended to take this for an 8 week period to achieve the maximum potential. You also get the 3rd one FREE if you get the 8 week stack.

This one is the one you want if you have everything to work on and you want a one stop solution. This will enable you to bulk up in an incredible way and also cut up and get totally ripped at the same time.

This is the ONLY stack that can give you both the desired results completely safely.

This ones worth checking out as well if the above describes you.

So as you can see from the above details they really do offer a complete package or stack for every individual. Whether you are needing to bulk up of cut up they have a solution that comes in a handy bottle for every one of your needs.

They even have the Ultimate stack which does the lot. So you have more than likely landing on this page looking for the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack and above is exactly what you get, when you take and how long you need to keep it up to get results that you are proud to show off.

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The Benefits Of Using Crazy Bulk

In this section I wanted to quickly cover some of the benefits that I have become clear. I would also like to cover some of the benefits of using Crazy Bulk over other cutting stack supplements.

crazy BulkFor starters they are a real company and they are registered. The actual name of the company is Crazy Bulk and they are the sole owners and own legal rights over all the Crazy Bulk supplement including the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack.

Let’s start with the benefits I found out about the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack in particular:

  • One benefit I found out about the Crazy Bulk product is that they disclose all the information about the ingredients which is very rare. They have spent the money to protect their formula so you can be assured that it’s completely unique to the Crazy Bulk company.
  • They actually have an office you can go to and they also have real human beings answering the support phones. Where so many supplement companies are run out of shed or apartment and have no real support at all.
  • They are the ONLY company that has the exclusive rights to developing a supplement that is that close to artificial steroids that it actually gives you very similar results. Unlike Steroids these are all natural and harmless.
  • The items are shipped to you immediately and they also give constant updates of tracking the delivery and yes its Free. You get the item in a parcel that is completely free of advertising and it is always sent in discrete packaging.

So now let me cover some other benefits, these are benefits that I have found are unique to Crazy Bulk which clearly shows that the Crazy Bulk supplements have more benefits than any other brand I researched (And I Researched A Lot!).

Here’s the list of benefits that crazy bulk supplements in general have over other brands:

  • 100% Money back Guarantee, these guys are that confident in the results that they guarantee it. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied then you can simply get a full refund with absolutely no questions asked. Most other companies will only refund if the packaging is in tack of they don’t allow for shipping times so you can never really get a refund.
  • 100% All Natural Steroids, the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack, the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack and all the other Crazy Bulk full stacks made up of completely natural ingredients. This is rare as most of these supplements have all sorts of laboratory experiments in them and the side effects are usually unknown.
  • Full list of Ingredients, yep they give you everything that is in the damn stuff. It would be impossible to replicate the formula due to amounts are left of and the actually process of manufacture is not shown. This being said they are the only ones that I have seen that will give you the ingredients. This is mainly because the others are usually just a rip off brand and a re hashed product. They are also not confident enough of the longevity of there business that they did not spend the money to protect there formula which should be the most important thing. Where are the Crazy Bulk company have all there formula protected.
  • You can currently get 2 complete cutting stacks for the price of 1 which make this incredible value. This means that for one purchase you get enough supplement to last you just over 2 months. After 2 Months you will be seriously Cut up if you follow my recommended workout routine here as well.
  • FREE shipping to anywhere in the US or UK and they give you multiple secure ways to pay. You also are not locked into any contract at all. Some companies will just keep charging your credit card every 4 weeks and send you more without even asking for it. I find this unethical and I would not buy something like this. You have the option to have product shipped monthly or you simply buy them when you need them. (Which is what I have done)
  • Now for the good stuff, they guarantee you will get Fast ResultsNo Side effectsFree shipping100% Legal SteroidsNo prescriptions and definitely NO injections at all ever.

Okay so as you can see from the large number of benefits above that Crazy Bulk and especially the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack has it all over the competition. When it comes down to it and you wish to get real result fast then you need to avoid the rip offs and give Crazy bulk products a try.

I mean I did a hell of a lot of investigating, probably because I’m so skeptical and all the other products had so many obvious holes in there product, testimonials and reviews. There prices did not justify the product some were way to cheap and some were way way to expensive.

Now with the Crazy Bulk Cutting supplement I really couldn’t find anything that made it seem fake and then after talking to the real people in flesh and bone that have used it I know this stuff is the right stuff to be using.

So continue on to the last section on this Crazy Bulk review and see what my final feelings are on this product and what I recommend.

Learn More About The Benefits Of Crazy Bulk Here…

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack – Final Thoughts

So we have finally come to the end of this Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack review. I do hope that it has helped you in making an informed decision about using this Crazy Bulk supplements.

crazy mass cutting stack supplementTo finish off I thought I would give you my final feelings or recommendations on this product. As you know I have done extensive research and investigations into the quality of this product and many others.

I have found after talking to people that have actually used it and still do plus I also was able to talk to my own brother in law and get his take on it. I also asked about a few others that he had heard of but never tried and after further research it was 50/50.

So after all the research I will be using this myself and I highly recommend anyone that is keen on looking better and feeling better then the entire Crazy Bulk supplement range gets a big thumbs up from me.

I will be updating this website with my own results and the results of others over a period of time. I think if anyone is stuck at that platue point in there workouts where they either can’t bulk up or for me and some many cut up then give this a try.

Both the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack and the Crazy Bulk Cutting stack are scientifically formulated to be the closest thing to steroids but without any bad side effects and they are 100% legal.  Yes they are actually calling these 100% Legal Steroids.

crazy mass cutting stack legal steroidsI checked on all the ingredients and every single ingredient is 100% legal and above board, it’s completely safe with absolutely no side effects.

Another great fact that I discovered about the Crazy bulk company who are obviously the creators of the Crazy Bulk range are 1 of the only workout and health supplementcompanies with a 100% Money back guarantee. They also offer FREE shipping and a buy 1 stack and get the second stack free offer at the moment so you will be set for the next 6 months.

I think if you did the research and weighed everything up both the pro’s and the con’s then Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack is an obvious choice and I can almost say you would be crazy trying anything else. Remember this is your body so don’t put crap in it use the best and as far I can see the Crazy Bulk supplements are the very best.

Click Here To Go Straight To The official Crazy Bulk Website

Crazy Bulk Testimonials

crazy BulkHello again and welcome back to the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack information site and full review. So far I do hope that the information I have been able to give you here about the crazy bulk company and the Crazy Bulk line of supplements has been helpful in some way.

What I thought would be a great idea is to have some real testimonials on here from real people, some of these were actually taken from the official Crazy Bulk Supplements site and others are one’s I have sourced and actually asked in person.

I do hope that the testimonials below help in seeing what is possible with a little bit of hard work, dedication and Crazy Bulk. The photo’s have been checked and have been the all clear, so the images are 100% real.

Ian’s Progress Using The Crazy Bulk Stacks

This was sent into the Crazy Bulk company to show them the improvement that he has had, check out the image below of Ian now.

He states that he has been using Crazy Bulk products for almost 2 months now and has seen amazing results. He also states that his beer belly has gone and now I have a ripped 6 pack!

He goes on to say ‘I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is serious about exercise and muscle gain’.

crazy bulk results










Chris had some great results as well.

Here’s exactly what Chris had to ay after using the Crazy Bulk Cutting stack and other Crazy Bulk supplements:

My routine was strength and hypertrophy push and pull and legs which I did intensely.

The first session for the week was pull exercises, strength 5 sets of 5 reps pull exercises, back shoulders and biceps. Next day hypertrophy push 3×12 reps of chest shoulders and triceps. Next day strength legs 5×5.

Then rest day. The next day hypertrophy pull 3 sets of 12 for back shoulders and biceps. Saturday was strength push 5×5 chest shoulders and triceps and lastly hypertrophy legs on Sunday. Training 6 days a week but often dropping a leg session for some CV.

This is a pretty intense routine but seriously look at the results below. Totally worth all the effort and commitments he is obviously blown away with the guys at Crazy Bulk.


crazy mass cutting stack results











Tony Edwards Huge Fat Loss And Muscle Gains

Now this is one of the best testimonials that I have read. Tony has actually one a free stack and a tshirt for this testimonial and his personal story is quite inspiring.

Look I was going to re write Tonys story in my own words but the story is too good to touch it so here it is as Tony sent it in:

Tony Edwards – My Story

My name is Tony and after being told I was obese by my doctor, I knew I needed to change my life.

I’ve always been a big guy, some may say fat but when I hit my mid twenties, I fell into a downward spiral of depression and eating endless amounts of junk food. As typical as it sounds, the more I ate, the more depressed I became. And the more depressed I became, the more I wanted to eat, bit of a catch 22 really.

crazy mass cutting stack tonys resultsIt was only when I went to the doctor due to pain in my feet that I found out what my lifestyle was doing to me and my health. I’d developed a severe case of gout – most likely as a result of my weight and excessive binge eating.

I was told that I was obese, and that if I didn’t do something about it, I could look forward to more, possibly even lifelong health issues. I hadn’t realized how much my weight had spiraled out of control and left me in this situation

Hoping for a quick fix, I searched online and tried a whole range of diet pills and programs promising miraculous, fast fat loss. Unsurprisingly, nothing worked. I soon realized that in order to change my life, I needed a complete change in attitude.

Not only that I would need to change direction and get more convicted but I needed something to help me get to that point. I ditched the junk food, started going to the gym, and the weight started to fall off.  I shed almost 112lbs through a combination of weight training and cardio work.

I was thrilled with my progress, but although I was losing fat, I was finding it very difficult to maintain any muscle mass. Much as I loved seeing the weight drop off, I didn’t want to be the skinny guy. I wanted to be the muscular, ripped guy!

I noticed that I was developing loose skin and that I constantly felt weak. I knew that I needed to build muscle but I didn’t have the strength or energy needed to lift the weights required to bulk up.

I was curious about steroids, but after looking into them, the scary side effects and huge costs put me off.  But I knew that given the right products, I could supercharge my workouts and really start making some gains. I’d almost given up when I found Crazy Bulk which had a range of stacks like a cutting stack and bulking stack.

crazy mass cutting stack tonys results afterI’ve just come to the end of my second 8-week cycle (4 months total) and I love the results. I’ve gained over 18lbs of pure muscle, my biceps have gone from 15 inches to over 18 inches and my thighs from 20 inches to 25 inches.

I’ve gained over 60lbs on my bench and 90lbs on my squats, and my workouts are at a totally new level. And to top it all off,

I’ve just completed my first marathon, something I would never have dreamed of being able to do just a few months ago.

When I look at old photos of myself, I can hardly believe that was me. I’m proud of how I look now, and for the first time in years, I’m happy.

Looking forward to receiving my Crazy Bulk t-shirt and my next stack – I’m going to try the strength stack and push even harder this cycle!

Check me out now:

crazy mass cutting stack tonys results before and after











Okay now let me share another video that will give you a little more information about the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack and also what other people thought about it.

Okay so hopefully that some of the testimonial and videos here was able to help you better understand how good the Crazy Bulk supplements are. There are plenty more testimonials out there but I thought that these would give you a real good idea and by all means head over to the official Crazy Bulk website and check out plenty more.

I will be adding my results to this as I go through the cycle myself. If you had not had a chance to learn more about me or read the full Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack review then head there now before you go any further.