Dermology Skin Brightener Cream Review – Does It Work?

The skin is the body’s shield against harmful aspects in the environment. Unfortunately, it can be damaged by those same environmental elements leading to skin that’s pockmarked with blemishes and uneven skin tone. The skin brightening cream Dermology claims it can fade dark marks and brighten skin tone without any unpleasant side effects. Let’s see if it lives up to those promises.


What’s In Dermology?

This skin brightening cream is made from natural FDA-approved ingredients that have been used for centuries to treat an assortment of skin and health issues. A few of those active ingredients include:

  • Arbutin: The primary ingredient is an extract of the bearberry plant. This substance reduces dark areas on the skin.
  • Shea Butter: Used in Africa since the dawn of time, Shea butter moisturizes skin while protecting it from sun damage.
  • Allantoin: Extracted from the comfrey plant, allantoin moisturizes skin while promoting health in the outer dermal layer.

Does Dermology Skin Brightener Cream Really Work?

So far, the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Consumer testimonials and before and after pictures indicate Dermology does get results. What people liked most was that the product was safe to use, unlike other skin whiteners that can cause irritation and even worsen dark spots and blemishes. Many respondents had used other skin whitening products and felt that Dermology was the only one that produced effective results consistently.

There was some negative customer feedback, though. Some people claimed the product just didn’t work for them. After asking more questions, we found that many of these customers didn’t use the product as directed and others had purchased what they thought was Dermology from outlets that weren’t authorized to sell the skin cream. It’s possible that they bought a knock off that wasn’t formulated correctly.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

This depends a lot on the severity of the problem. Some people saw improvement within a week. For the majority of others, it took about a month for skin to clear up. Severe cases can take several months of consistent use before the desired result is achieved.

Where to Buy Dermology Skin Brightener Cream? Is It Available in Stores or at Walmart/Walgreens?

The best place to purchase Dermology is from the official manufacturer’s website. Not only can you get it at a great price, the company offers a money back guarantee that is only available to people who order Dermology direct from the company.

Should I Buy It From Amazon or Ebay?

It’s not a good idea to get Dermology from these online retailers because there is no guarantee that you will be getting the real maximum strength skin cream that everyone is raving about. If you want to order through these companies because they ship to your country, be aware that the manufacturer ships worldwide. That means you can buy Dermology skin brightener cream in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, South Africa, NZ, Singapore or wherever you are and get is shipped right to your front door.

If you are ready to obtain clear, smooth skin, click here to buy Dermology now.