Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

If you are looking for a safe, natural, and effective testosterone treatment, you are probably wondering just how well do testosterone boosters work – if they work at all.

Are they a waste of your money, or an answer to your prayers? The short answer to these questions is yes, testosterone supplements do work. In fact they work quite well, for several reasons.

According to a report published in the prestigious JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) a six month, placebo controlled study measured both body fat and lean body mass.

After 6 months the group taking hormone supplements increased their lean body mass AND decreased body fat. This is one reason that testosterone supplements are quickly becoming popular with body builders, among other groups.

Increasing testosterone levels with the assistance of testosterone supplements has been shown to alleviate a number of conditions.

Many symptoms often attributed to normal aging, such as decreased stamina, lack of sex drive, difficulty concentrating, frequent fatigue, and failing memory may be a result of declining hormone levels.

These levels begin to decrease sometime after puberty. For many men the decline becomes noticeable around age 40 = though it can occur as early as 20 – 30.

Low levels of testosterone have been associated with a number of serious health conditions.

best testosterone boosterOne of the most commonly named, and feared, complications of reduced testosterone levels is erectile dysfunction.

While this is a real possibility in cases where the condition goes untreated, it is not the most serious complication.

This condition has been associated with increased risk of health conditions such as diabetes.

Raising your testosterone levels will effectively reduce or eliminate the risks that may be associated with low levels. Even man with hormone levels falling in the mid-to low range of what doctors call healthy may benefit from hormone supplements.

Professional sports coaches frequently recommend safe, natural testosterone supplements to athletes as a legal performance enhancer without the risks and side effects.

The Mahesh, V.B.and R.B. Greenblatt study determined that testosterone supplements do raise the level of testosterone in the body.