What is Hoodia and what are its benefits

What is Hoodia? Does Hoodia Help Weight Loss?

Hoodia is an ugly cactus that comes from the African Kalahari desert. It thrives in extremely high temperatures, and takes years to mature.

Kalahari natives been eating the Hoodia for thousands of years, to stave off hunger during long hunting trips. Scientists using extracts of Hoodia believe they can manufacture an organic diet pill that reduces appetite and attacks obesity.

Because Hoodia has no known side-effects, and contains a powerful molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full, experts consider that, when properly developed and tested, Hoodia weight loss pills may be a solution to the obesity epidemic.

Hoodia Contains Molecule P57

When South African scientists were routinely testing Hoodia, they discovered that Hoodia contains a previously unknown molecule, which has since been christened P 57.

The license was sold to a Cambridgeshire bio-pharmaceutical company, Phytopharm, who in turn sold the development and marketing rights to the giant US Pfizer Corporation.

How Hoodia Molecule P57 Helps to Reduce Weight

There is a part of your brain, the hypothalamus. Within that mid-brain there are nerve cells that sense glucose sugar. When you eat, blood sugar goes up and these nerve cells signal that you are full.

The Hoodia Molecule P57 is about 10,000 times as active as glucose. It goes to the mid-brain and actually makes those nerve cells react as if you were full. But you have not eaten. Nor do you want to.

Clinical Diet and Weight Loss Trials of Hoodia

The first animal trials for Hoodia were on rats. Rats will eat literally anything. But after being given Hoodia they stopped eating completely.

When the first human clinical trial was conducted, a morbidly obese group of people were placed in a “phase 1 unit”, a place like a prison.

All the volunteers could do all day was read papers, watch television, and eat. Half were given Hoodia, half placebo. Fifteen days later, the Hoodia group had reduced their calorie intake by 1000 a day.

These remarkable weight control results are the reason why scientists see Hoodia weight loss pills as a potential answer to obesity and severe overweight.

Natural Hoodia Weight Loss Pills

Unfortunately for the overweight, Hoodia weight loss pills will not be around for several years, the clinical trials still have several years to run.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers of diet pills are rapidly trying to produce synthetic compounds found in the natural hoodia cactus to be sold as the next miracle weight loss supplements.

Also a number of internet sites are offering Hoodia “pills” from the US but – according to the BBC (London) – one leading brand of Hoodia weight loss supplements “has no discernible Hoodia in it.”


A total loss of appetite – you’ll feel like you just finished a delicious meal and have little or no interest in eating

• Total freedom from food cravings

• A sense of well-being – Hoodia isn’t a stimulant, but it is a natural mood enhancer. Many people report feeling downright euphoric after trying it

• A feeling of being in control of your food choices for the first time in a very long time

• The help you need to lose that extra weight once and for all!

Are Hoodia Weight Loss Supplements Worth Buying Today?

We can’t answer this question. But if you have tried and failed to lose weight with conventional weight loss diets, you may care to give Hoodia diet pills a try.

However, for best weight loss results, remember to combine your use of Hoodia pills with a healthy diet and exercise program. Just make sure your Hoodia weight loss products actually contain real Hoodia!!

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