How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

There are many ways that are proven to increase testosterone with the easiest, quickest and most effective way being to use a testosterone booster.

I have found that generally there are three areas that can lead to an increase in testosterone.

These three categories are as follows:

#1. Diet

What you eat dramatically effects your body composition and your hormone balances. This isn’t groundbreaking news,  athletes and bodybuilders pay such close attention to their diet for a reason. If you eat sugary junk foods that have a poor nutritional profile then don’t expect to have high testosterone and a six pack.

Your body needs the right fuel in order to produce testosterone. Vitamins are an incredibly important building block for this and foods with high vitamin B6 and vitamin D aid the hormone production process.

Fat is also a crucial factor, it contains cholesterol which your body converts to steroidal hormones. Healthy fats, rather than saturated fats, should be consumed for optimal hormone production.

About 20% of calories should be from fat otherwise production may be limited. Nuts have also shown to be natural testosterone boosters, almonds and Brazil nuts proving to be the most effective.

Ditch the donuts and grab some nuts.

#2 Lifestyle

Like diet, lifestyle can have a large impact on the body. Things such as stress and lack of sleep all contribute to low testosterone levels.

When the body is stressed it produces cortisol which is bad for testosterone because it blocks its production. Not getting enough Z’s has also shown to have devastating effects on testosterone levels as large amounts of test are produced while you sleep (why do you think “morning wood” is so common?!).

Exercise is also a great way of boosting testosterone levels. Lifting heavy weights in compound movements (exercises that stimulate several muscle groups at once) stimulates production of T, with the most highly regarded exercise for this being the squat.

#3. Legal Supplements

While all of the above are good ways of making sure that testosterone levels are optimal, it is often not enough for those with naturally low testosterone or those who wish to boost their existing levels.

Sure, they will make a gradual difference but if you are looking for easy and quick ways to see large results then a testosterone booster is your answer (See the list of 6 best testosterone boosters here).

All the diet and lifestyle changes will make tiny little percentage increases in testosterone each, probably less than 1% for most of them, but using a testosterone booster can dramatically increase testosterone by up to 100% in some cases.

I am not saying don’t do the lifestyle and dietary changes, but if you want to see real results as fast as possible then this is where I would advise you to focus your attention.

Testosterone boosters are proven to increase T levels, in fact I have seen it happen again and again in my clients.

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