JES Extender Review

Jes Extender is a device used for penis enlargement. It was first introduced in 1994 when it was manufactured as a remedy for Peyronie’s disease.

This device has since then been tried by many users who testify to the beautiful work of Jes Extender. It is a class 1 medical device endorsed by the European CE.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration also approve of it and classified it as a safety device for use.


  • The manufacturer of Jes Extender, DanaMedic claims that the device increases the size of a penis by 28%. Thousands of guys using Jes Extender have reported that they are pleased with the result.
  • The invention stretches the tissue of the penis to a certain length. It can extend the muscle for about 1500 grams. 4,000 grams is the recommended limit.
  • Users can see visible result in about just seven days.
  • Jes Extender does not only increase the girth of the penis but also straightens curved one which results from Peyronies disease.
  • One good thing about the device is that it has been clinically tested several times and some of the results can be found on their website.

How does it work?

The Jes Extender device provides a safe non-surgical way to enlarge the penis. It is also painless, safe and effective method. It works by the traction process. Traction is the stretching and extending of a surface.

The Jes Extender apply a little stretch to the walls of the flaccid penis. The stretched tissue grows back with the current length

Jes Extender Parts

  • A glans support piece which holds the head of the penis in place when in use.
  • A ring for the penis base
  • Two full bars which are joined with the ring. You can adjust the length of the bars depending on the tension you want.
  • Some packages include a Velcro strap, but you will find the silicon tube and the comfort strap in any box you buy.
  • Elongation bars

How To Use

  1. Put your soft penis into the base ring through the elongation bars.
  2. Make sure the head lies on the support front piece. Secure the head using a strap.
  3. Give the elongation bars a twist until you reach your desired length. Ensure that you do not fix the bars too tight or too loose. As long as you feel the penis stretched and you are also comfortable, then you can leave it like that.

Most users do not experience pain during use, but the degree of comfort you get depends on you.


The Jes Extender can be easily setup, and it’s easy to use.

Comfort varies per user, but generally, there is no long-term comfort issue with the Jes Extender. Depending on the package, you will get access to various accessories, like comfort strap, velcro support, protection pad, and gauze.

  • You can choose and adjust the tension, depending on your goal and comfort level.
  • The Jes Extender is discreetly packaged upon delivery.
  • If you don’t get the expected benefits within 1,000 hours of usage, DanaMedic offers a 200% refund within a year of using the product.
  • The extender can accommodate penises of different sizes and will work regardless if you’re circumcised or not.
  • Unlike surgeries and medications, the Jes Extender has no side effects, provided that the device is used correctly.
  • Jes Extender is made from high-quality materials. The cheaper packages have stainless steel rods while, the more expensive ones boast of gold-plated or platinum-plated materials. Other parts of the extender are made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials.


  • While the Jes Extender is generally comfortable, it is not uncommon for first-time users to experience discomfort. It is recommended to use the protection pad and other comfort accessories included in the package.
  • The Jes Extender is not available in local stores and can only be purchased online.
  • You can’t urinate, masturbate or have sex while the Jes Extender is on. If you’re the type of guy who always goes to the toilet, it is going to be unhandy to remove the device frequently.
  • Results vary per person. Depending on many factors like age, physical condition, genetics, traction used and the frequency of use, the degree of size increase is not uniform.
  • Results take time to be visible. While the manufacturer claims results are seen in the first seven days, it will take months before you achieve your desired size. After all, growth will not happen overnight.
  • While Jes Extender has been shown to be effective, its design is already dated. One common complaint with the plan is that the single strap is a constant source of slippage and readjustment.
  • The device is expensive. There are other penile extenders out there that are cheaper and more versatile.

Where to buy

You can buy the Jes Extender at its official website Depending on your needs and budget, there are six options you can choose from Light, Original, Titanium, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The shipping fee is €15. Delivery takes 1-3 days in EU, and 2-5 days in the US, Canada, and the Pacific region.

Common Features

All packages have these standard features:

  • 1 Base ring, 1 Silicone Tube, 1 Comfort Strap, 1 Protection Pad, and 1 Instructional DVD.
  • 2 Spring loaded bars: These are attached to the biologically contoured base ring. These parts can be adjusted from 0 to 1500 grams traction, with 800-1200-1500 indication markers. Packages have different types of coatings.
  • 1 Dual function front piece: This support is compatible with the soft comfort strap, velcro strap, or the silicone tube for a traditional noose style.
  • 2 further elongation bars 1”/2.5cm: Like the spring-loaded bars, the material of construction also depends on the package.

Other Features

Here are the other features of the packages:

  • 2”/5cm elongation bars
  • Set of tightening keys
  • 0.5”/1.25cm elongation bars
  • Cohesive gauze
  • Soft attach
  • Velcro strap


As one of the original penis enlargers on the market, there’s a reason why Jes Extender stayed relevant even with the arrival of supplements and other penile enhancement products. The Jes Extender can lead to size gains with zero side effects, as long as the product is used correctly. The only issue is that there is initial discomfort for first-time users.

If you’re the type of person that will quit from frustration after using the extender for a week, then this device is not for you.

Results vary between users, but generally, three months is what you’ll need to notice some size increase. Extend your usage to six months to attain the full potential of this device.

We have heard of users extending the usage beyond six months; surprisingly, their penises still register some growth.

For patients who underwent a penile surgery, they also can benefit from the Jes Extender. Penis retraction is common after such procedure so an extender can help regain original penis size, even gain some more. It’s strongly recommended though to recover first before attempting to use the Jes Extender.

As we mentioned in the “How to Use” section, it is important to start slow. Once you become comfortable with the device, you can now use it for 12 hours, for at least six months. Consistency is the key, so you must use the tool regularly.