Male Edge Review

Male Edge is a penis enlargement device. It claims to extend the length and girth of the penis safely and comfortably. This device is suitable for guys looking for a way to maximize the size of their penis but doesn’t want to go through the surgical and medical methods.

The scope of a man’s penis matter significantly, and it also serves as a boost of ego. Not only that, maximum sexual satisfaction is guaranteed if the penis’s size falls on the longer side.

Not all men have the ideal size of the penis. Penile enlargement devices like Male Edge vow to take care of this problem by providing a safe way by which guys can obtain their desired length.

Do Male Edge Work?

Male Edge does work, but it takes time. If you use it consistently, you will definitely see a visible increase in the size of your penis. Most penis extenders do not work instantly. You will have to use it for months non stop if you want it to work efficiently.

However, the complaints regarding its plastic materials, the expensive shipping fee and also how the company offers it in different packages seem to be too much if you’re someone who’s looking to try a penis extender for the first time.

It might be best to shop locally and see if there is something that can give you positive results without having to spend extra for international shipping.

Who Can Use Male Edge?

You have to be 18 years old to use the Male Edge device. It was designed for an adult male’s desire for penis extension.

About the upper age limit, this really depends on the person using it. If you know you can handle the device without a problem, then go ahead and use it.

Penis enlargers are made in order for men to stop limited performance and their sexual frustrations because of the size of their penis. This extender really works, the only thing you need to do is to learn how to choose the perfect product.

How Does Male Edge Work?

Penis extenders are able to extend the size of the penis through traction. This is the application of a steady and stable stretch to your penis’ shaft.

When this happens, the tissue cells will then divide and multiply. These new tissues will grow throughout your penis, making the size longer and even thicker after some time.

Male edge is considered to be safer and also cheaper compared to penis lengthening surgeries or medical procedures that may only bring potential side effects or complications.

This is a technology that has been popular over the years and is also said to be recommended by surgeons and doctors.

Penis enlargement through stretching is permanent and for the best results, the person has to wear the penis extender everyday for a few hours (about 6) for a period of a few months.

You can wear the device:

  • With your pants on, preferably loose trousers or shorts.
  • When you are working (if your job does not require much physical movement).
  • While you are sleeping although too much uncontrolled twisting and turning during sleep can make wearing the device difficult for some men.

This penile enlarger is suitable for penises of any sizes and is suitable for both circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

If you happen to get an erection while wearing the device, the device will either adjust to the angle of your erection or glide off smoothly and painlessly.

How To Use Male Edge?

  1. The extender is already assembled upon delivery. To start using it, follow these steps:
  2. Separate or detach the front part from the rods. There should be a ring-style part that you’ll need to attach around the base of your penis.
  3. If your penis is over the size of 5 inches or 12.5 cm when stretched out but soft, merely turn the rubber strap on the front around. If your size is below 5 inches, you can just leave the rubber strap as it is.
  1. Next step is to put the strap behind your glans if you are already circumcised. For uncircumcised ones, you can choose to wear it either on top of your penis’ foreskin or under it, wherever is more comfortable for you.
  2. Turn the rods clockwise, at least a quarter turn. Pull the rods out to achieve the length that you desire.

Once you’re satisfied with the rods’ length, rotate it again, this time counterclockwise until you hear a double click.

If the rods are already positioned correctly, gently push them back, aiming towards the direction of your own body.

  1. After that, make sure that the front part is already secure and firm onto the elongation rods. You can do this by pushing them again, together, and there should be a click sound.

The traction can be read and adjusted by gently pushing the elongation rods with your thumbs.

There will also be an instructions manual included in your purchase. Make sure to read it and follow accordingly.


No side effects are noted on the manufacturer’s website. However, penis extenders, in general, may bring increased tenderness, particularly around the groin area. Men who use it may feel a little bit of pain or discomfort especially during the first few days of using the device.

 Reviews From Users

We’ve actually found a lot of Male Edge reviews online, but those seem to be mostly promotional ones. Because this extender is made of plastic materials, they would usually comment that it’s more comfortable and lighter to wear compared to other extenders.

However, because of it being made from this material, there are also complaints of it being not sturdy and durable enough.

The front piece also tends to pop out when under higher tension, which might give you an uncomfortable feeling whenever you are out and wearing it.

Some users also find it unreasonable that Male Edge is offered in three different packages. The basic one might not include everything that you will need to achieve your desired length. This means you’ll have to add more for the accessories or order the more expensive package instead.

Where To Buy Male Edge?

This device can only be ordered from their official website. All items are shipped directly from Denmark, which also explains why the shipping fee is quite expensive. You have to pay $29.99 to ship it to your country. Shipping is discreet.

For those interested to buy Male Edge, take note that there are 3 models offered. The Basic, Extra and Pro models. The Basic model contains the penis extender, a ruler, rubber strap and instructional DVD.

The Extra model includes 2 rubber straps and a protection pad. The Pro version includes 4 rubber straps, 2 replacement pads and cohesive gauze.

With more than ten years of experience in the market, the company is so certain of the effectiveness of their extenders. That it offers a Double Refund Guarantee so that buyers can buy the device with complete confidence.

The product is also shipped out in anonymous packaging to ensure private purchase for buyers.