Meladerm Review: Does Meladerm Cream Work?

Meladerm is an advanced skin lighting cream that works on a variety of skin discolorations anywhere on the body. It has become one of the most popular products of its type on the market.MELADERM

Below, you will find detailed information on the best over the counter skin lightening product.

What is Meladerm Cream?

The Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex is an OTC cosmeceutical product aimed at reducing skin hyperpigmentation.

Produced and marketed by Civant Skin Care, Meladerm uses the latest technologies in formulating skin lightening solutions that brighten complexion, reduce the appearance of liver spots, age spots, acne marks, melasma, freckles, as well any skin discoloration and birthmarks.

How does Meladerm work?

Skin pigmentation occurs with overproduction of melanin which gets synthesized in melanosomes.

These melanosomes are produced thanks to the enzymatic action of tyrosinase which converts amino acid tyrosine into melanin. More melanosomes and you get darker spots on the skin.

The proprietary ingredients of Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex counter the formation of melanosomes by inhibiting tyrosinase action.

It is also formulated to have skin exfoliants which allow you to see the lightening results in just 2 weeks of continued initial use.

Full lightening is expected within 2-3 months and clinical tests have documented it to be free from side effects.

What Type Of Skin Issues Is Meladerm  Used For

Meladerm  is used on a wide variety of dark epidermis discolorations and other types of skin damage. These include but are not limited to:

  • Age Spots, Also Known As Liver Spots
  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • Blotchy Skin Discolorations
  • Dark Circles Under the Eyes
  • Puffy Eyes
  • Acne Marks
  • Old Scar Marks
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven or Patchy Skin Tone
  • Uneven Complexion
  • Extra Dark Tans and Sun Damage
  • Darkened Elbows, Knuckles, and Knees
  • Other Miscellaneous Dark Spots

meladerm review

What Are the Active Ingredients In Meladerm

Meladerm  contains many ingredients, mostly natural, that work on a variety of fronts to reduce dark skin patches and other skin issues.

These include

  • Kojic acid
  • TEGO® Cosmo C 250
  • Gigawhite
  • Alpha-arbutin
  • Licorice extract
  • Vitamin B3
  • Bearberry extract
  • Niacinamide
  • Paper mulberry extract
  • Emblica extract
  • Lemon juice
  • Argireline® and
  • Vitamin K.

Who Makes Meladerm

Meladerm  was developed by Civant Skin Care. The research and development of this popular skin product began in 1999.

Meladerm came on the market in 2003 after initial research tests were conducted to guage the product’s effectiveness.

The complex formula used in Meladerm has been tweaked several times since 2003 to make further improvements to its effectiveness.

What Is the Science Behind Meladerm

To understand the science behind Meladerm, you must first understand an overview of how dark spots on the skin are formed.

All normal skin contains a pigment called melanin. When melanin gets out of balance in some way, various skin issues involving dark spots can occur.

Melanin is produced in small specialized membrane bound structures inside skin cells called melanosomes. Inside melanosomes, an enzyme called tyrosinase catalyzes tyrosine, an amino acid, into melanin.

If melanosomes are over productive in some areas, dark spots and/or other related skin discolorations will form. The ingredients in Meladerm skin cream work directly on the melanosomes and also target the enzyme tyrosinase.

In most areas of the body, the melanosomes are concentrated in the lower (deeper) part of the epidermis but Meladerm skin cream is formulated to penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis.

meladerm review

How To Use Meladerm Skin Cream

it is important to note that Meladerm  works best if used in conjunction with a diligent and consistent exfoliation process to remove dead skin cells and dirt regularly.

It is also important, however, not to exfoliate your skin too roughly or the skin could be broken through abrasion. This can cause redness, or worse, infection.

It is best to apply Meladerm twice in the day, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening. The skin should be washed thoroughly each time the cream is applied.

Be sure to rub the cream into the skin until it is fully absorbed into the deepest part of the epidermis.

Meladerm skin cream can be used in combination with make up and/or sunscreen but you need to wait at least ten minutes after applying the cream before you apply sunscreen or make up.

How Long Does Meladerm  Take To Work

Generally speaking, most users of this product see a marked improvement within about two weeks.

However, results do vary widely depending on several factors including the type of skin condition being treated, how extensive the discoloration is, how often you apply the cream, how responsive your skin is, your age, and how diligently you are exfoliating.

It can take up to about three months for full results, although many people do achieve full results much sooner than this. New customers are given a thirty day money back solid guarantee.

Does Meladerm Skin Cream Contain Bleaching Substances

This is a common question and the answer is “no, definitely not.” Bleaching substances such as hydroquinone, steroids, and mercury can damage the skin and cause other deleterious health issues.

Civant Skin Care intentionally decided against using these harmful ingredients in their formula, even though they are found in many competing products.


What Makes Meladerm The Best Skin Lightening Cream Compared To Other Skin Lightening Products

There are many factors that set Meladerm skin cream apart from other skin lightening products. First, the base ingredients in Meladerm which is the bestskin lightening cream are specifically formulated to ensure the maximum absorption of the active ingredients so they can penetrate down to the deepest part of the epidermis.

This is a factor that is often overlooked when reading and comparing the ingredient labels of competing products. Second, Meladerm contains moisturizers that protect the skin from being irritated by the active ingredients.

Third, Meladerm contains higher concentrations of the active ingredients than many competing products. Fourth, Civant Skin Care puts extra care into quality control to ensure the active ingredients retain their maximum effectiveness.

For example, Kojic Acid is stored with no exposure to light and air which degrades its effectiveness. They also use vacuum desiccators to protect ingredients that are sensitive to moisture.

Does Meladerm Really Work

There are inviting success stores about Meladerm some of which are accompanied by before and after pictures online that makes the product unlikely to be a scam.

Its positive customer reviews speak for themselves. Here are some of the testimonials from the people who have been using the product.

· From Doug, 56, Kentucky: You know you’re getting old when those age spots start appearing over your face and hands. I didn’t know they can go away at my age until I discovered Meladerm which is actually used by my doctor. He’s five years older than me but has less age spots and all the while he was using Meladerm. Thanks Doc for showing me the way.

· From Pinky, 49, Iowa: It’s looked worst than getting pimples and I remember just how it was in my college days. I’m just happy that modern cosmetics have something that can treat them, especially to vain women like me. Thanks to Meladerm, I don’t look old as I do.


  • Does not contain harmful ingredients like steroids, Hydroquinone or mercury.
  • Shows permanent results on hyper-pigmented areas.
  • Results are long lasting.
  • Doesn’t block pores.
  • Works of all types of skin which include: sensitive, oily and dry.
  • Has a Money Back Guarantee if desired results don’t start to show within a month.


  • Works only on epidermal hyperpigmentation.
  • Takes longer to fade darker marks
  • Significant results are not possible on severe blemishes
  • Is only available online.


Where to Buy Meladerm Cream

Meladerm Cream is not available in stores but is available online from authorized skin care retailers. You can purchase Meladerm cream from the secure ordering page in its product website.

All major credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal. Purchases above $350 get a free gift like a free insurance on USPS shipments, a free Microdermabrasion cloth for purchases $150 or more and a free Eye Complex for $200 and above.

The Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex comes in a 1.7 oz jar and costs $49.99 while the 3.5 oz jar costs $79.99. Your purchase is covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit the product site for more information about its return policy as well as shipping information.

Are There Any Warnings Associated With This Product And Is It Safe

A small minority of users have reported a mild skin irritation using this product. However, this can be tested for by applying a small amount of the product on a small patch of skin for a day or two before it is used more extensively.

Civant Skin Care advises caution when using the product near the eyes so it is important to apply it carefully in this region.

Meladerm skin cream is for external use only and should not be used internally. You also should avoid heavy sun exposure and tanning beds while using this product.


So if you are wondering how to lighten your skin and which is the best skin lightening cream for the job, it may be worth taking look at Meladerm from Civant Skin Care.

This skin lightening cream is promoted as a highly beneficial cream for people looking for a solution to hyperpigmentation and, thanks to its American made, animal cruelty free formula, it definitely stands out from the crowd.

If that was not enough, Meladerm also offers the two factors we all desire from a beauty treatment, it is safe and user friendly.meladerm