What is Yerba Mate- How Does Yerba Maté Help Weight Loss

Information About Yerba Maté and Yerba Maté Tea

Yerba Maté is a South American holly tree (Ilex paraguariensis). Yerba Mate tea was first farmed in the 16th century. It has long been used by Native Americans as a daily stimulant. The herb is now marketed in the USA as stimulant for the central nervous sytem and as a dietary supplement.

Yerba Maté has been used by Native Americans since ancient times in a tea form as a daily stimulant. Its traditional uses were to aid against fatigue, nervous depression and pain.

The herb is currently being used in the United States as stimulant for the central nervous sytem and as a dietary supplement. It is also a strong antioxidant.

How Does Yerba Maté Help Weight Loss

In brief, Yerba Maté is a diuretic and an appetite suppressant. It is used as a stimulant for weight loss and as an appetite suppressant. It is also known for increasing energy and improving digestive systems.

Yerba Maté tea contains mateine, a close relative of caffeine. Mateine has the same chemical formula as caffeine, but a different molecular structure.

Mateine is absorbed differently by the body, providing a more balanced stimulation. Stimulant concentrations in maté are roughly half those in green tea.

Yerba Maté and Carb Metabolism – Body Builders

Yerba Maté has also become popular with body builders largely because of the reputed metabolic effects of Maté which include the ability to maintain “aerobic glycolysis” (breakdown of carbohydrates) during exercise.

This results in burning more calories and loosing weight. It also eliminates the sensation of hunger meaning you eat less and lose more weight.

How Does Yerba Maté Tea Work?

Yerba Maté tea acts like a stimulant, helping to boost thermogenesis. The chemical responsible for this “fat burning” affect is known as mateine. This chemical is a close relative of another well known stimulant, caffeine.

Mateine seems to have the same stimulatory affects as caffeine without the side effects that caffeine has in some people. Yerba Maté tea also contains small quantities of theophylline and theobromine which boost the thermogenic process.

To assist weight loss, it is recommended that you drink a cup of tea, hot or cold, a half an hour prior to meals. The stimulatory effect of Yerba Maté tea helps to reduce your appetite, and causes you to reduce your food intake.


Here are just a few of the documented health benefits of Yerba Mate Tea.

  • Strengthen The Immune System
  • Best natural remedy for constipation by softening the fecal mass
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • educe Blood Pressure
  • Rejuvenates
  • Breaks Down Fat (Lipolytic)
  • Balances Sleep Patterns
  • Increases Libido
  • Delivers Oxygen to the Heart and Lungs During Exercise
  • Great Diet Aid
  • Diuretic
  • Helps the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Increases Focus
  • Increases Creativity
  • Increases Strength, Energy and Endurance
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Contains 15 Amino Acids
  • Contains 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Is a Whole Body Tonic

Yerba mate tea typically contains a wide range of essential nutrients, like Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B complex, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin C complex, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, silicon.


It is unclear how effective Yerba Maté is for weight control. More weight loss studies are needed. Meantime, if you have tried and failed to lose weight with conventional diet programs, you may care to give Yerba Maté a try.

However, for best weight loss results, remember to combine your use of Yerba Maté with a healthy diet and exercise program.

NOTE: Do not overdose on Yerba Mate, as excessive use has been linked to cancer of the esophagus.

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