HCG Phase 4 Protocol and Maintenance

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HCG Diet Phase 4

The moment you reach your desired weight with the help of HCG diet drops, consider you have entered phase 4. This is the ever lasting phase if you could manage to maintain it properly.

The next three weeks after phase 3 will be the maintenance . Now you are going to be gradually introducing what ever you want to eat like sugars, starches, rices, breads and all those things start coming back into your diet for the next 3 weeks and you are still weighing yourself so if you go over two pounds you need to have a steak day.

You now drink lots of water, having a big steak in an apple for dinner, and then more water and that’s it to bring your weight back down for within 2 pounds of your original weight loss after you completed your drops.

That’s really just training your body to accept what ever food you eat and you stay the same way .

So that’s really key that you continue to keep this up and continue to do the steak days where you gain over 2 pounds and keep that weight down to the way you want your weight to be.

That being said the point of the program isn’t so that you go back and you start eating chocolate bars and cakes and unempty calories and non nutritious , not good foods for you. Thats not the point of the HCG diet program.

When you are doing phase 3 and phase 4 you start realizing that certain foods have a negative effect on your body and you really pay the price.

When you eat this kind of food like this sugar or this thing it really causes you feel bad but not guilty bad but actually you know your body doesn’t feel good when you eat it .

When you come out of phase 4, you now be more interested in healthy foods ,be more interested in foods that or have a nutritional value and when you complete this diet you will be more interested in eating those kind of foods and not as interested in eating the other kind of foods .

So when you are completing phase 4 you will find you can eat what ever you want and maintain the weight, but you will be wanting to eat more healthy and nutritious foods and maintain more healthy nutritious life style.

Thats Phase 4 going back to regular life, back to regular eating after you complete that maintenance phase while maintaining your way.

Final phase HCG protocol

This is 3 weeks maintenance phase where you need to introduce starches or sugars one at a time.

Week 1- one sugar or 1 starch

Week 2- You can do a sugar or a starch at two meals a day but never combine

Week 3- You may have combined but only at one meal a day, that way you could know what your body is sensitive to or not sensitive to.

For Example:

Week 1 of phase 4 – You may have a piece of toast but not toast with jelly.

Week 2 of phase 4- You can have a piece of toast with cream cheese but not jelly. Because that would be a sugar and a starch and then a different meal you can have dried papaya , dried mango or some ice cream.

Week 3 of phase 4- You can finally have the toast and jelly ,a sugar and the starch to combine sometimes. You will find out what your body is sensitive to and you will know what to stay away from.

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