How to prepare for HCG Diet- Know about Preparation Phase or Zero Phase of hCG Diet

Preparation Phase or Zero Phase of hCG Diet

HCG drops diet is one of the ways to lose that excess weight you have been struggling with every day.However, before you embark on this health change journey, there are particular things you need to do earlier.

The program may be very challenging. Thus, you need to have prepared prior to HCG drop diet program.Here are several ideas that will be very helpful before you start the HCG drop program.


Before you decide to use any of the HCG Drops product, it is imperative that you make a very thorough research about the product that will change your life.

To begin, you will need to research the best way to use the HCG product to be sure which of the several product suits your needs.

Again, it is important that you ask every possible question regarding the product from the retailers and the physician.

Join Online Forum

The best way to prepare you for the HCG diet drops program is to have the best example of the product results.

You can achieve this by joining the countless online forums where other users interact to teach, explain and testify about the HCG results.

You will also be able to prepare yourself mentally when you interact with positive minded users.

Proper Diet

Before you start the HCG drop diet program, you will have to be very cautious with your diet; this means you will have to stick to your healthy eating habits, not too little or too much.

You can introduce a small amount of the type of food you will be eating during the entire program while you prepare for the program.

The average diet will help you to start the program while it allows the HCG drops to take effect.

The new diet that you are introducing to yourself will be your new diet even after the program to assist you to maintain the proper weight.

Drink Water

Water and fluids are essential during this program; this means you should be preparing your body to accommodate a minimum of 12 glasses of water every day.

When you drink improper amount of water you will be depriving your body the right amount of water needed and may inhibit weight loss, more so initiate weight gain.

The water is paramount in metabolism and respiration during the program when you continue with your daily schedules.


To be able to finish the HCG program successfully, you will need to change some of your routine and lifestyles.

The program prohibits you from consuming any form of alcohol, as it will make the program obsolete and waste of time and money.

If you are a heavy coffee and tea drinker, this is the perfect time to moderate the beverages so that you do not relapse during the HCG drop program.


The need for HCG drop program is so that you can lose extra weight you do not want and for healthy purposes,

Start with simple exercise that you can do in your house and office, and may be you will be ready for vigorous exercise after the HCG drop program.

Tell a Friend

Before you begin the program, it is advisable that you tell your friends and family so that they understand your intention of the program.

Friends and family are the best motivation and moral support you will need to the HCG program acting as your check and balance.

It is important to start the exercise to compliment your HCG program, by the time you are through with the program you will be eating the right amount of food, have enough exercise and a beautiful body.

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