HCG Diet : The Best Weight Loss Program in Just 45 Days

HCG Diet in Brief 

By definition, HCG is a naturally occurring hormone, which is found in the human body. Internationally renowned Dr. A.T.W. Simeon worked on “Pounds and Inches” in 1972 and finally HCG diet received the credit it deserves.

HCG diet

Dr. Simeon combined the use of HCG drops with low daily caloric intake, which generally resulted to faster metabolism through the breaking down fat deposits as source of energy.

This follows a specific process but after the diet plan is successfully carried out it reverses the effect so that you will eat normally with healthy restrictions  to maintain your weight.

There are four phases (Loading, weight loss (VLCD) phase, Stabilization and Maintenance ) in HCG diet plan in which dieter needs to follow the Simeons protocol strictly in order to achieve maximum results.

The HCG Diet Plan is  a safe, easy and effective Weight Management System developed and designed to help people lose weight, detoxify and maintain.

It is also about educating people on life style changes, eating healthier and better health practices through a complete educational process.

This System is also supported by trained coaches and  Health Care Practitioners located throughout the USA, Canada, as well as Puerto Rico and Trinidad.

The HCG Diet System is a comprehensive 4 Phase (excluding planning phase) system to address better overall health.

What is HCG Or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a substance that is found only in pregnant women. It was first discovered in 1927 in a urine check that acted as the precursor for more modern pregnancy tests today.

hcg diet
Chemical structure of a Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) molecule. Elevated concentrations of HCG indicate pregnancy and are used in pregnancy tests.

But more than simply being a pregnancy indicator, HCG plays an important role in the development of the fetus because it ensures that the nutrients and calories it needs to grow are delivered to it, almost independent of what the mother consumes in the early developmental stages.

HCG peaks in the bloodstream at about 14 weeks and tapers after that. Since women don’t always know that they are pregnant in the early months, HCG kicks in to sustain the early parts of the pregnancy until the mother is able to take care of herself.

hcg diet

HCG draws nutrients and calories from the abnormal fat reserves of the mother, and not the structural and normal reserve fat that the mother’s body needs to sustain her. These diet drops will have the same effect on you.

HCG diet drops mimic how the substance acts by drawing on your abnormal fat reserves (the ones around your thighs, buttocks, and waist. Yes, your problem areas.) to fuel the body.

With an HCG drops diet plan, you will be sticking to a 500-calorie diet per day so whatever you need else will be taken care of by the HCG in your system.

How HCG Diet Works ( Mechanism of Action)

HCG basically stimulates the hypothalamus to release chemicals that trigger the release of stored fats into the blood stream to be converted to energy.

Hypothalamus is the part of the brain which controls all the automatic functions of the body such as breathing, heart beat, digestion(appetite), sleep, sex,etc.

Major tasks like storage and issuing of fuel to the body can be controlled by Hypothalamus.

As the HCG stimulates hypothalamus, the nutrients stored in the fats are also let into the blood stream availing nourishment for the mother and developing fetus.

Even in the absence of a pregnancy, the effects of HCG remain the same and thats why it is used together with a calorie-trimmed diet to achieve healthy and natural weight loss.

What are the 4 Phases of your HCG Diet plan

The HCG drops weight loss plan consists of 4 specific Phases 

  • Phase 0 – Preparation or Planning phase (optional)
  • Phase 1 The Loading Phase
  • Phase 2 The Actual Weight Loss Phase.
  • Phase 3– The Stabilization Phase
  • Phase 4 The Maintenance Phase

hcg diet

This plan has been designed to help you get people off the diet roller coaster and re-balance and nourish out of balance systems that often times contribute to weight problems in the first place.

Today, dieters continue to get excellent results with the HCG Diet Plan.

Preparation Phase

HCG diet is one of the ways to lose that excess weight you have been struggling with every day.However, before you embark on this health change journey, there are particular things you need to do earlier.

The program may be very challenging. Thus, you need to have prepared prior to HCG diet program.

Here are several ideas that will be very help full before you start the HCG diet program.

  • Research
  • Join online forum
  • Proper diet
  • Detox
  • Drink water
  • Exercise
  • Tell a friend

Read more about Preparation phase 

Phase 1- The Loading Phase

The initial two days of HCG diet program is the loading phase.

During this phase, user can gorge high calorie food items such as burger, hot dog, pizza, beef, pork, chicken, mutton, coke and other fat rich foodstuffs.

Dieters need to load as much food he or she can so that abnormal fat reserves can be created which helps the body to combat during low calorie diet days.

Along with this,HCG sublingual diet drops need to be administered thrice a day from the first phase itself in order to gain effective results. Get more information about Loading Phase here

Phase 2- Actual Weight Loss Phase ( VLCD- Very Low Calorie diet)

hcg diet phase 2 vlcd

This is the actual Diet Phase. The HCG Diet is done for a minimum of 3 weeks – up to several months, depending on the amount of excess fat and weight desired to lose.

HCG Diet Plan is a balanced meal plan of 8 servings of food a day, including 2 proteins; 2 vegetables; 2 fruits and 2 starches.

This 2nd Phase is part of an entire system designed to support some of the imbalances, as well as emotional reasons for weight problems.

People who follow our 4 Phase HCG Diet Plan generally lose anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds a month.

Woman generally lose from 15 – 20 pounds and men can lose about 25 – 30.

Some begin to lose weight in the Phase 1 before they even start the HCG Diet!  Read more about Phase 2 

Phase 3- Stabilization Phase

The 3 weeks after the HCG Diet are exciting!

When the goal weight has been reached, the Diet portion if over with and all foods are now added back into the diet, except starch and sugar.

Specific supplements are recommended to assist with better digestion and to help break down fats. Go here to know more about Phase 3

Phase 4- Maintenance Phase

In this final 3 weeks, all foods are now added back into the diet and specific supplements are used to support the stabilization of the lost weight. Read more about phase 4

Maintenance – For the rest of your Life

When the 4 phase HCG Diet Plan System is followed exactly, people consistently lose from 15 – 30 pounds a month and never gain it back.

To maintain the weight loss, weigh every day following correct weighing tips and the protocol to stay within 2 pounds of the end weight!.

If you follow the HCG diet strictly, the average amount of weight you’re going to lose is 1-2 pounds daily.

Along with the weight loss, you will experience immediate health effects allowing you to be more energetic and this effect extends years after.

Thousands of patients have been following the original HCG protocol formulated by Dr. Simeon.

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HCG Diet – Why it works

how hcg diet worksHCG is a natural hormone produced in the human body, which becomes especially dense (10,000 plus units) in pregnant women.

In smaller doses (200 units or less), it is an amazingly effective product for safe, quick, and healthy weight loss in both men and women, when combined with the restricted diet presented by Dr. Simeons.

In the research available, three significant facts are noted:

-Men and women alike have weight loss of between ½ to 1 lb a day on the average.
-Due to loss of abnormal fat, the body begins to reshape.
-The weight lost during this program is typically not gained back.

How does HCG diet weight loss program work

HCG speeds up metabolism, burning fat into calories that increase the metabolic rate and make it higher than normal.

HCG does this by alerting the body to move the fat out of the stored areas and make it available for use. All weight loss comes straight from the extra fat stored and not from the muscles.

Good Fat VS Bad Fat

The body has three different types of fat 

  • Structural (which cushions the organs),
  • Normal fat reserve (which our body can draw on when we need additional fuel)
  • Abnormal fat (which is typically the hardest to lose around the mid section, hips,thighs, arms, back fat, neck and face)

With typical diets, the first fat “lost” is the normal fat reserve, often leaving one tired and fatigued. The next is the structural fat, which leaves us looking like we are starving with skin drooping.

Unfortunately, our body only begins to “lose” the abnormal fat as a last resort.

The best part of HCG diet drops weight loss program is that the fat loss takes place from the abnormal fat deposits – as the HCG targets mainly Abnormal fats RIGHT FROM THE START !

Faster HCG Weight Loss Results

Most people lose a pound a day by simply taking the drops and sticking to the meal plan. If this isn’t fast enough for you, eating more fiber and drinking more water can help speed up results.

Broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts are great sources of fiber and can be included in lunch and dinner meals for faster weight loss.

Healthy, Rapid Weight Loss

Many other low calorie weight loss programs strip the body of lean muscle tissue and healthy fats. Because HCG pulls fat from the abnormal, excessive fat deposits, the body is not deprived of important vitamins and minerals.

At the same time, HCG stimulates the excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients, which can then be released and burned into calories.

Obstacles to Weight Loss

To achieve the best results on the HCG diet weight loss program, you must prepare yourself mentally and be determined to stick to the plan.

If you cheat by eating any sweets or simple sugars, you will set yourself back by at least three or four days. This doesn’t mean you will suddenly gain weight, but you will not see any results for a few days.

Controlled Appetite

You may experience hunger and cravings the first day or two of the HCG diet plan, but then you will start to notice your appetite is controlled.

The best part of the HCG weight loss plan is that the stored fat is released, providing more calories than you are consuming. Your appetite is controlled while you reach your weight loss goal!

hcg diet


HCG Diet for Diabetics

HCG diet plan is getting prominent across the world due to its effective weight loss technique.

There are various form of HCG diet such as injections, pills, gels, sprays and oral drops but among these HCG oral drops are safe and easy to administer without any pain or side effects.

HCG drops has proved to be effective in the treatment of obesity among all sections of people.

The diet is suitable for everyone as it can go with other medication also. Even the diabetes patients can also take the HCG doses but it is advisable to consult a physician before getting started with the diet.

These don’t contain any sugary content which can be harmful to the diabetics.

Dieter just needs to maintain low calorie diet with correct HCG dosage. These drops, when administered under the tongue, prove to be quite effective as it gets dissolved in the blood very quickly and raises the level of metabolism which targets abnormal localized in different body part and burn them quickly.

Is HCG Diet Plan Safe to Diabetics

  • The HCG drops are absolutely safe to the diabetics. It is observed that the HCG diet plan is stunningly able to lower the sugar level of diabetic patients.
  • In fact, during the HCG VLCD phase, calorie intake is restricted to only 500. In such circumstances, the sugar level is bound to drop.
  • Moreover, sugar is strictly prohibited during the HCG diet. Instead, stevia is taken as a sweetener. It also helps the dieter to keep control over diabetes.
  • The reports say that someone who has undergone HCG treatment has lower chance of becoming diabetic. The diet resets the metabolism. Thus, it becomes easier to decompose sugar even after completion of the diet course.

HCG Diet for Vegetarians

In the past few decades, obesity has increased at a steeper rate and HCG weight loss programs has proved to be quite successful in reducing the same up to huge extent due to the presence of hunger suppressing properties.

The weight loss protocol is designed by Dr Simeons in such a way that it suits vegan, vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

It is always recommended to follow Simeons HCG weight loss protocol by maintaining 500 calorie diet with correct HCG diet dosage during the second phase. Some points which prove that HCG weight loss program is suited to vegetarian dieters as well.

How To Avoid HCG Diet Mistakes

HCG Diet is the latest buzzword, which is a blend of HCG hormone and Very Low Calorie Diet.

Most people are skeptic about the diet and despise the fact that HCG Plan demands the dieter to remain under 500-calorie limit.

But the fact is HCG diet plan never makes you feel hungry or weak during your weight loss regime as the hormone present in the drops burns only localized fat banks resting on your thighs, hips, chin and abdomen that consequently releases 1500-2000 calories extra into your body during the protocol.

HCG Diet promises permanent weight loss however there will be temptations to cheat and eat more during your initial days as human body is accustomed to high calorie food.

HCG diet slowly refurbishes your eating habits by resetting your hypothalamus hence the dieter gets used to the diet plan and lose weight naturally.

HCG Diet is a strict protocol that allows selected foods and drinks during the diet regime. Dr. ATW Simeons in the year 1950 conceptualized this diet plan after an extensive research.

HCG Diet is a combination of (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone and Very Low calorie Diet that promises to shed weight permanently however some people struggle to lose weight and ends up feeling hungry and weak.

In order to achieve goal weight without trying hard, dieters should avoid common HCG Diet mistakes.

Common Diet mistakes

Cheating: HCG Diet is a low calorie diet hence temptations do distract the dieters to indulge in high calorie foods. Human body is used to high calorie foods therefore they easily gets tempted to cheat which is extremely prohibited during HCG Diet.

It is advisable to strictly maintain 500 calories during the weight loss  phase. Cheating during HCG diet causes weight loss stalls.

Alcohol: HCG Diet doesn’t allow alcohol consumption. In order to lose one-pound daily, the dieter should avoid drinking anything that contain alcohol.

Heavy Workouts: HCG Diet naturally helps burning localized fat resting on your thighs, hips, belly and chin however some dieters make mistakes by doing heavy physical activities like lifting weights, running, swimming etc during the diet.

One should completely avoid heavy exercises during HCG diet to lose weight as promised in the protocol. There’s no harm in doing light workouts such as Yoga, brisk walking etc.

Loading Days: The initial two days of loading during HCG diet is important. Eating high calorie fatty foods is extremely important.

Most dieters don’t eat much during these days, which is why they feel hungry in the initial days of phase 2. It is advisable to eat lots of high calorie food during your loading days.

Mixing Vegetables: Simeons’ protocol doesn’t allow mixing vegetables during the diet. Some dieters make huge mistakes by doing so.

In order to avoid such errors, one should read Simeons’ Foods and Drinks recommended during HCG Diet.

Water: Drinking enough water is a necessity during the diet plan. Most dieters don’t drink enough water hence they face early plateau. It is advisable to drink at least 10-15 glasses of water daily during HCG Diet.

Fiber: Adding fiber to your diet mainly keeps your bowel movement stable during the diet. Soluble fibers also help slowing down your digestion process that consequently prolongs the sense of fullness during the diet plan.

HCG Diet recommends Miracle Noodles. These noodles are 100% free from calories, gluten, soy and carbohydrates. One serving of these noodles that contain 140 calories after preparation can be taken daily.

Sleep: Proper sleep during HCG diet is crucial for losing one-pound daily. One should avoid staying awake late during the protocol. It is advisable to sleep at least 8-12 hours during the protocol.

Personal Care During HCG Diet

The key to success in HCG diet is to follow a disciplined lifestyle. Throughout the diet period, you have to restrict your eating and consume only low calorie foods.

All kinds of edibles which contain fats should strictly be avoided. However, the dieters often forget that fat can be absorbed in the body through different channels.

You must remember that fats can be deposited through skin pores as well.

The Simeons’ protocol strictly prohibits all kinds of oil based products. The cosmetics which contain oils or any other fatty substance should not be applied during the VLCD days.

However, the water based and mineral based products can go on. Moreover, you have to be extra careful to make sure that oil/fat doesn’t get into your body through your hands.

You should wear latex gloves while you are cooking some fat containing edibles or oiling someone else’s hair.

List of HCG Personal Care Products

Here is a list of personal care products which can be incorporated in the HCG weight loss plan.


  • Bare Essentials
  • Pancake Raw
  • Any Oil-free base / foundation lines
  • Mineral Based Makeup


  • Crystal Deodorant Stick
  • Crystalux Crystal Deodorant
  • Thai Deodorant Stick

Face Soaps / Make -up Removers

  • Neutrogena Oil Free Cream Cleanser
  • Arbonne – All Botanical Based Skin Care
  • Witch Hazel

Skin / Lip Moisturizers

  • Alba Oil Free Facial Moisturizer
  • Coconut Oil (cold pressed, not expeller pressed)
  • Corn Huskers Lotion
  • Aloe Vera 100% Gel Baby Oil (basically mineral oil)
  • Fiji Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Body, Massage and Hair
  • Curel Continuous Comfort, Fragrance Free
  • Kiss My Face Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Lotion
  • Mineral Oil
  • St. Ives Vanilla Lotion

Shampoos / Conditioners

  • ubrey Organics
  • Fiji Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Body, Massage and Hair
  • Life Extension
  • Magik Botanicals Oil Free Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Mastey Products


  • Dial
  • Ivory
  • Jason’s
  • Zest

Sunscreen Oil Free

  • Aveeno Sunscreen
  • Clarins Oil Free Sun Care Spray SPF 15
  • Ocean Potion Sport Xtreme Sun Block Water and Sweat
  • Copportone Oil Free Sun Block for Faces SPF 30
  • Copportone Oil Free Sun Block Lotion
  • Sport Xtreme Sun Block
  • Thomas Roth Ultra Lite Oil Free sun products
  • Sunscreen SPF 15


  • Spry Toothpaste ( fluoride free)
  • Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Lubricants (water based or silicon based)

  • ID Velvet Silicone-Based Lubricant
  • Kama Sutra Pleasure Potion
  • ID Millennium


  • Latex Gloves

hcg diet

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HCG Diet & Workouts

HCG diet plan helps reducing abnormal fat banks located on your thighs, hips, belly, abdomen and chin.

The combination of HCG hormone and Very Low calorie Diet not only burns fat by boosting metabolism but also resets your Hypothalamus gland.

There are various other health benefits associated with this weight loss plan however losing weight quickly and effectively with this diet protocol requires extreme dedication and discipline.

HCG diet is a strict weight loss therapy that prohibits cheating during the diet regime. Alcohol consumption and smoking isn’t allowed.

In order to achieve your weight loss goals, you should understand Dr. Simeons’ book Pounds and Inches. You are not allowed to eat anything, which is not mentioned in his book.

Mixing vegetables is also not allowed. Although HCG diet is a low calorie weight loss protocol, dieters never feel hungry or weak because extra 1500-2000 calories are released in your body from the burnt abnormal fat banks.

Exercising on HCG diet can be disadvantageous.

What Do You Eat On The HCG Weight Loss Diet?

Not much. You only eat about 500 calories a day which is pretty far off from the average diet in which you eat 1200 calories.

The thing is, while taking the drops, your body is also using the calories from your fat stores to feed your body…and so you are living on way more than 500 calories. You don`t feel hungry on this diet so you don`t suffer:)

A typical eating day on this diet will look like this:

Breakfast: Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea
Snack: Apple
Lunch: protein with vegetable
Snack: melba toast
Dinner: protein with vegetable
Snack: Apple
You will also be taking about 10 drops of HCG 3 times a day.

Exercising on HCG diet Plan – Pros and Cons!

Heavy workouts on HCG diet isn’t allowed as your body requires extra energy and as mentioned above HCG diet is low calorie diet, you may not have sufficient energy for performing heavy exercises.

You are not allowed to workout during any of the HCG diet phases. However, dieters can workout after the diet gets over.

HCG diet prohibits heavy workouts however dieters can easily take up light exercises like brisk walking, Yoga etc. Light workouts won’t affect your weight loss process.

HCG diet plan is completely free from side effects however dieters may experience muscle cramps, headache, sleeplessness etc. if they perform heavy workouts. In order to attain maximum benefits from this diet, dieters should sleep properly and drink lots of water daily.

You should be completely dedicated during this period. Food temptations should be ignored.

HCG diet plan not only helps burning fat but also promotes your overall health. It helps changing your food habits for good. Heavy workouts during HCG diet can also make you restless due to lack of energy.

HCG Diet food list and HCG diet recipes is available all around the web. There are forums where you can discuss about your weight loss.

HCG dieters should weigh regularly in empty stomach for tracking his/her weight loss. Performing Apple day and adding fibers to your diet can tackle plateau, which is common during the protocol.

There are no advantages of working out during the protocol. If you are addicted to exercise, you can do Yoga and brisk walking till the diet gets over.

HCG Diet Dangers


hcg diet dangers

HCG diet dangers are very minimal in the human body. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is basically produced by pregnant women in order to nourish the placenta.

Researches and studies show that this glycoprotein based hormone is both suitable for men and women, especially in reducing body weight. Dr. Simeons was first to discover the benefits of HCG diet drops.

A drastic weight loss is possible only if moderate workouts and fat free diet is taken by the user during the diet period.

Homeopathic HCG drops are available in diluted form and is  much powerful than any other form. Moreover, it has no side effects on the body as it is based on bio-chemical elements.

Is HCG Diet Drops Safe For Fat loss

HCG diet drops are safe for fat loss. Everyday dose of this hormone under the tongue will stimulate metabolism.

It collects the unused fatty substances from all parts of the body and converts these into calories. Now, as calories are important to speed up digestion, it makes one slimmer in a few days.

The HCG diet plan is very simple to follow. Both men and women can undergo the dietary treatment of this beneficial hormone.

One has to consume fat free foods from 2 to 3 weeks during the diet plan.

HCG diet drops are a proven way to reduce body weight. Initially, you have to feed on high calorie diets for 2 days. After that as your daily drop of HCG starts on, you have to eat a very low calorie diet, say up to 500 calorie  diet per day.

Some light workouts like aerobics and cardiovascular exercises will bring extra potency in the treatment. These diet drops can be administered easily under the tongue without any pain or side effects which one can face while taking HCG injections.

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin is not a sex hormone like testosterone and progesterone. It is like Thyroxin and adrenalin that has a good role in our metabolism.

To get a toned figure in a few days, you can completely rely on buying HCG drops that can be procured from this  website.

HCG sublingual drops can be purchased online as well as over the counter such as medical stores, HCG clinics and super market.

Dieter needs to be clear with the HCG meal plan as he/she has to maintain 500 calorie diet with the correct dosage.

Guidelines for HCG diet

hcg diet guidelines- do's and dont's

  • HCG must be refrigerated, even while traveling. Use a good, natural multivitamin daily.
  • If you get odd muscle pains, use Mrs. Dash potassium salt, instead of regular table salt.
  • Do Not take omega 3 fish oils, flax seed oil, vitamin E in oil or any other oils, because these compete with your fat stores for the hCG.
  • Day 1 of the diet starts with your first dose of HCG drops. From that point until the end of day two, eat as mush as you want, but especially eat items with a high fat content.This is important because working in the hypothalamus, so you must supply fat for it to work on. Also if you do not do the fat loading, you will be hungry the whole time you diet.
  • On day 3, start the hCG Phase 2 (Very Low Calorie Diet plan). Continue this phase for 40 days.
  • Phase 2 Breakfast: Take any non-calorie fluids in any amount. (See fluid options below)
  • Phase 2 Lunch and Dinner : Protein Foods – 3.5 ounces twice daily . Choose only lean meats particularly Veal or Steak.Make sure you remove all the visible fat before cooking and  weigh the portion  raw. It must be cooked without any additional fat.Vegetables 3.5 ounces selected vegetables twice daily (Lunch and Dinner)DO NOT MIX VEGGIES.Only one vegetable choice per meal.
  • Fruits- Two portions per day, at least 6 hours apart.
  •  Fluids-A minimum of 2 liters of water should be consumed a day. Tea and or coffee in any quantity, soda water, mineral water, diet soft drink (up to 2 cans a day)

Little Extras

  1. One tablespoon of fat free milk daily only.
  2. Use artificial sweeteners. NO SUGAR
  3. Salt, vinegar,pepper, garlic, mustard powder,  parsley,sweet basil, marjoram, thyme and other spices are freely available as seasonings.
  4. NO margarine, butter, oil or dressing.hcg diet

Top rated HCG Drops 

How to End the Diet

Once you have reached your goal weight, stop taking the HCG drops, but continue the VLCD for 3 more days.

At the end of the 3 days, you can eat anything except sugars and starches, as long as you weigh yourself each morning after emptying your bladder, and before eating or drinking anything.

It takes about 3 weeks before the weight reached by the end of the diet becomes stable.

During this 3 week period, the intake of carbohydrates must be carefully limited.

To prevent weight gain during this 3 week period maintaining a low carb diet is must.


If your weight goes up by 2 pounds or more, that day you must skip breakfast and lunch, but drink at least 2 liters of fluids.

That evening eat as large a steak as you can, along with an apple or a raw tomato. It is of utmost importance that this done on the day of the weight. Do not postpone this to the following day.

Loosing more weight

You should never gain more than two pounds,  and you should never lose more than 2 pounds either because this loss will be due to the loss of normal fat.

Any normal fat that is lost can be regained without fail as soon as more food is taken, and it usually results in a gain of more than  2 pounds.

Beware of over Enthusiasm

After treatment has ended, a problem can be encountered with people who are skeptical that they can resume eating normally.

If you continue, more or less, on the 500 calorie diet, adding only a few things to the diet, you will gain weight. Follow the rules listed above and this will not happen.

  • Relapses

-Dr. Simeons had to 60% to 70% of his cases who experienced little or no difficulty in holding their weight permanently.

-When relapses did occur it was usually due to the negligence in the basic rule of daily weighing.

-Many patients think that this is unnecessary and that they can judge an increase from the fit of their clothes.

-Some do not carry a scale with them while traveling as it is cumbersome and takes a big bite out their luggage allowance when flying.

-This is a disastrous mistake, because after a course of HCG as much as ten pounds can be regained with any noticeable change in the fit of their clothes.

-The reason for this is  that after treatment newly acquired fat is first evenly distributed and does not show the former preference for certain body parts.
-Pregnancy or the menopause may annul the effect of a previous treatment. Women who take treatment during one year after the last menstruation – that is at the onset of menopause do just well as others, but among them the relapse rate is higher until the menopause is fully established.

-The period of one year after the last menstruation applies only to women who are not being treated with ovarian hormones. If these are taken, the pre-menopausal period may be indefinitely prolonged.

-If you experience a come back weight gain,you can go for a second course of HCG diet and it  is completely acceptable. Repeat courses can often be more satisfactory with the results than with the first one.

HCG Diet in a Nut shell

Phase 1: Loading phase

  • Day 1: Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, Take HCG drops and eat like a pig all the high fats that you can eat.. try to get 3000 cal. in of high fat foods.
  • Day 2: Same as above
  • Colon Cleanse ( Your Choice of kind and length)

Phase 2: VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)

  • Day 3- day 40: Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, Take HCG DROPS and Eat the 500 cal day diet of the approved foods.
  • Day 41 – Day 43: Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, DONT Take HCG DROPS and Eat 500 to 800 cal day diet of the approved foods.

Phase 3: Stabilization phase 

  •  From Day 44 is now Phase 3 : No Sugar No starch and you do this for 21 days. Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, DONT take hcg drops and Eat anything except sugar and starch. Work in exercise if desired.

Phase 4 : Maintenance phase

  • 21 days after phase 3 you enter into phase 4  where you SLOWLY add healthy sugars and starches back into your diet and you do this for 21 day or for life if you dont want to ge back to do another round of Phase 2.

Now you have completed your HCG Diet and must have attained your desired weight. You can follow some simple tips after hcg diet to maintain the weight loss.

HCG Diet Risks

HCG diet is a combination of low calorie food and HCG Hormone. The protocol mainly helps your body to burn fat naturally.

There are thousands of testimonials available on the web about the success of this quick weight loss therapy but still people are little apprehensive about HCG diet at large.

  • Are their any side effects associated with this diet?
  • Is this diet plan healthy?
  • Does HCG diet for weight loss really work and what are the diet risks associated with this program?

These questions often come to a dieter’s mind when they think of taking up this weight loss plan but as mentioned above there are thousands of real life success stories available and thousands of people can’t be wrong.

There are no serious diet risks associated with HCG drops, as they are prepared after a rigorous dilution procedure. These drops contain Vitamin B12, HCG and cell salts.

HCG drops can be taken without the presence of a physician unlike HCG shots. These drops should be taken under your tongue.

HCG diet also strengthens your immune system and cleanses your colon. Alcohol and smoking is not allowed during the protocol.

Cheating on HCG diet however can cause adverse effects hence following the HCG diet strictly is extremely important.


The combination of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Hormone and 500 calorie diet helps your body to lose weight fast.

HCG diet not only burns unwanted fat but also prevents abnormal food cravings. It refurbishes your entire eating habit.

The weight lost during the HCG diet days never returns back hence it’s a permanent weight loss therapy. However, maintaining a very low calorie diet can be a monotonous activity.

People often cheat out of boredom and complains later about their unsuccessful weight loss venture. HCG Diet is one of the most effective weight loss programs in recent times and there are thousands of testimonials floating in the web that proves the authenticity and efficiency of this protocol.

In order to lose weight fast, one should strictly follow the HCG Diet protocol. The dosages should be taken properly and only food mentioned in the diet guide should be eaten and proper diet guide lines should be followed.

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