Access HCG Review

There are many HCG products on the market and each claims to be the most effective and efficient. So I look at Access HCG, how efficient it is and the pros and cons in this review.

About the Company

Access HCG sells weight loss products that support the HCG diet program. Their focus is on women and men between the ages of 35 and 60. All you need is to follow the diet program and WATCH THE FAT MELT AWAY! Access HCGknows how to make you lose the weight.

What the Company Claims

The company claims its products are produced in the state-of-the-art facility regulated by the FDA. The product is 100% safe and pure since it exceeds regulations and guidelines for production. It also hasthe best client support in the industry. All you need is to call, chat or text with us to get quick help from our diet experts.

About Product

The formulation of Access HCG Drops is to increase energy, decrease hunger, improve your mood, and boost your vitality. Ittargets the fat stores in the body to facilitate the fast loss and protect the muscles.


Access HCG drops is formulated with ingredients like

L-arginine- to improve your blood flow

Ornithine – it promotes the work of the human growth hormones

L-Carnitine- transportation of fat

Rhodiola – for stress support

MACA – it improves your vitality

L-Glutamine – it boosts the immune system and reduces your crave for food

Beta-Alanine – improves your performance

Astragalus – antioxidants

PygeumAfricanum – it supports digestion

Niacin – for energy conservation

Benefits of Access HCG Drops

If you are able to strictly comply with the HCG diet plan, you are assured of benefits like:

  • Having a 100% pure and safe product
  • Value for money
  • Return policy
  • Effective client support
  • It is very effective

Access HCG Drops Packages

Access HCG has three packages/kits according to your needs.

1 month HCG Drops

The month Access HCG drop kit comes with the one month, 2 months and the 3 months kits. Each kit comes with a different package and has different prices. This enables you to choose a kit according to your weight loss needs.

The 1-month kit costs $75

2-month kit – $135

3-month kit – $180

Where to Buy

The best platform to buy Access HCG drops is the official website.

What to Eat

Access HCG drops come with an HCG diet plan that should strictly be adhered to. The diet plan is equal with each of the HCG drops kits whether you are on a one-month, two months or the three months kits plan. The success of the program depends on how you go by the diet plan. It is advisable to take only 500 calories a day when using Access HCG drops.


Most of the information about Access HCG is on their official website and it difficult to get external reviews. So this review is basically what from an internal source.

Customer Review

Getting reviews for this product has been difficult. The only review found was on their official website.

Steve A.

Lost over 10 pounds

Great product, lost over 10 pounds pretty fast.

Refund Policy of Access HCG

Access HCG has a refund policy, which enables clients to return products if not satisfied. To return the product, it must be postmarked within 30 days of the purchase date. The product must be in new and unused condition, with all original tags and labels attached.

Contact Info:
Manufactured for and Distributed by

Access HCG Weight Loss LLC
6855 W Clearwater Ave. Ste.A106
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone: (866) 465 – 4505



Do We Recommend

If you are looking for a product that contains HCG, then you have to look else because it contains amino acids as active ingredients and not hormonal HCG.

We therefore recommend you to use any of these 3 products from top products list.