Nu Image Medical Prescription HCG Diet Drops Review


Nu Image Medical HCG  is a medically supervised rapid weight loss program. After your medical consultation, either in their clinics or by phone, Nu image Medical  staff physicians will prescribe HCG in either injection or Drops or Pellets form .

This is not homeopathic HCG. It is prescription HCG made in the United States in an FDA registered pharmaceutical lab. If you are buying HCG that does not require a medical consultation it is not prescription strength.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but this is different! Nu Image Medical HCG weight loss program WORKS! Clients lose from 18 to 40 pounds in 35 days.

And better yet, this unique process can help correct your hypothalamus and metabolism, potentially making results permanent. You may never gain weight again!

Nu Image Medical HCG weight loss program is not hard to follow. You will be eating fresh, whole foods from your grocery store and your body will be nutrient rich while on the program. Most clients report feeling better than ever.


  • Tele-consultation
  • UNLIMITED access to their medical staff via phone, email and live chat, making them ideal for beginners
  • 10% OFF when you pay via e-check
  • With every kit you get HCG Diet guidelines, recipes and tips!
  • HCG is from a licensed US Pharmacy
  • HSA/FSA payments accepted!
  • Available in Injections, Pellets or Drops.

About the Company

Established in 2004, Nu Image Medical is a tele medicine provider, which is into wellness, anti-ageing, and weight loss. The company provides both online and other means of consultations to its clients.

It aims to provide a more pragmatic and easy approach to achieve the best of health and well being. They provide all these services with experienced and certified physicians.

Nu Image Medical offer their services worldwide no matter where you are.One of the most premium services in HCG drops is Nu Image Medical. But on the other hand they have one of the most expensive services.

Therefore, the maxim is right that quality is proportional to money invested.

What Nu Image Medical Claims

The Nu Image Medical claims to provide one of the simplest platforms for buying Purest form of HCG Drops, injections, Oral Pellets.

The only thing the customer need is to choose the preferred duration for the diet plan and form of administering.

The Diet Plan packages

The Nu Image medical Prescription HCG Program offers products in the form of Injections, oral pellets and oral drops.

This HCG  program lasts between 26 and 46 days depending on how much weight there is to lose. The staff will work on your weight loss goals with you during your consultation.

Most people lose between 20 and 35 pounds during the first month. If you would like to lose more weight, you can extend your  weight loss program.

Everyone is different and the nu image medical team work individually with each client to determine the length of your program. Their staff is with you every step of your weight loss journey!

Once your weight loss goal is reached you will follow a 4 week maintenance program. The medical team will coach and support you throughout this phase to reset the hypothalamus and create a new set point so your days of yo-yo dieting will be gone forever!

Currently they are running a $50 off so you might want to check it as I am not sure as to when it ends.

The Nu Image Medical claims to provide one of the simplest platforms for buying Purest form of Prescription HCG Drops, injections, Oral Pellets.

26 Day Program
  • Lose up to 15 lbs
  • HCG from a Licensed United States Pharmacy
  • Physician Tele-Consultation
  • Get Unlimited Access to Nu Image Medical Staff Via E-mail or phone or live chat
46 Day Program
  • Lose up to 35 lbs
  • HCG from a Licensed United States Pharmacy
  • Physician Tele-Consultation
  • Get Unlimited Access to Nu Image Medical Staff Via E-mail or phone or live chat

Benefits of going with Nu Image Medical

  • You don’t require a doctor
  • Confidentiality
  • No booking of appointments
  • You don’t need a prescription
  • No long queues

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Quality of their Hormone

They are in fact the most purest form of HCG in the market. You get them as HCG injections, HCG Drops and HCG oral pellets  and you will have to order them based on various packages.

How does It Work

The body has three types of fats

 Structural Fat: This fat is healthy and necessary to give support to organs. It is “packing material” if you will. It provides bedding for the kidneys in soft elastic tissue, protects the coronary arteries and keeps skin smooth and taunt. It also provides a springy cushion under the bones of the feet.

Normal Reserve Fat: This is the stored fuel our bodies can freely draw from when we have not eaten enough food to meet the demands of our bodies.

Abnormal Fat: This is the fat that causes the bulges in our waists, thighs, backs, arms and bellies. Unlike normal reserved fat, it is not available to the body in a nutritional emergency. It stays locked up in fat deposits.

This is the stored fat that Nu image medical HCG targets first. You will lose inches in all the right places and a 10 pound loss often looks like a 20 pound loss.

What They Offer

Nu Image Medical offers various types of HCG products including injections, drops and pellets.

HCG Injection

HCG INJECTIONSThey have two HCG diet plan for the HCG injections.It is either you choose from the 26-day HCG or 46-day HCG. The 26-day plan is for those who want to shed from 5 to 15 pounds of weight.

If you want to lose more weight then you will have to choose the 45-day HCG. Nu Image Medical also provides supplements like B12 and MIC solution.

Oral Drops

hcg dropsIf you are allergic to injections, then the oral drops will be a preferred choice. You will have to administer it under your tongue for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Oral Pellets

hcg pelletsNu Image Medicals also offer oral pellets in case you don’t like the injections or oral drops. The pellet is placed in the mouth and you must wait for it to dissolve.

nu image medical prescription hcg

The effectiveness of HCG Products

All the three varieties of HCG products, being injections, drops and pellets,  all of them are effective as they are made of  purest form of  HCG with out the mixage of other products like other brands do.

HCG Oral Drops Mixing Directions

You will get Pure HCG Hormone powder and Vit B12 solution. What you need to do is, just the powder and the B12 care fully and use the mixture solution for your diet..

The below video will guide you in mixing your HCG drops.

Diet Plan

The HCG diet remains the same for injections, drops and pellets. Once you order a product, it comes with an Ebook for all your diet needs. The strictness you go by the HCG diet will determine your level of success.

Customer Reviews

  • Deborah Douglas
My overall experience with Nu Image was exceptional! The staff is knowledgeable,
 caring and professional. Super fast processing & shipping! Thank you for all your help 
and wish you all continued success!
  • Michele Garris
I've used Nu Image Medical three times now and everything has been perfect! 
Fast delivery and the products work. With the third shipment, one of the bottles of
 hcg was cracked. I took a photo of it, emailed them, and they sent me a replacement 
the same day. Very happy with their customer service. I have recommended them to friends.
  • Crystal Mclntosh
I have used this company for 4 years. I have had the best results with their HCG 
and vitamin bundle pack. Even when I'm not dieting I still use the vitamins. 
I love it includes an adrenal support and calcium pyruva
  • Anonymous
I was at the grocery store this past Sunday with my hubby. He said he needed to
 use the restroom & he would be right back......Well I continued shopping & it seemed
like he was gone FOREVER. When he finally returned he said, "I'm amazed honey, I walked
 past you 3 times & never even recognized you" WOW!! He was looking for a "fatter me". :)
 It felt great to know I am looking so different!!!

How to Ordernu image medical

You can make orders of any HCG product or other fat burners on there official website. You select the product you want and fill the ordering form.

Medical Support

In the whole globe there is no service that provides medical support for the HCG diet throughout the course. You can choose to access the medical support either from phone or through email.

Accessing through the phone is instant while the email takes a maximum of 24 hours for a reply.

Customer Service

Their customer service is simply great and I have no words to describe them. The only reason why i havent placed nu image medical in 1st position is due to their pricing factor which is very steep.



You can contact them at any time using this number and mail id.

Address: Nu Image Medical

401 East Jackson St

Suite 2340 Tampa, FL 33602.


What do we think?

We therefore conclude that you can completely rely on Nu Image for the PUREST and the best prescription weight loss products. Rely on them for your HCG drops, pellet and injections for the best results.

They don’t only provide you with HCG products but also has online doctor and nurses support. Also Nu Image contains the purest form of HCG and that makes it a little expensive as it cost $297.

nu image medical

But the price shouldn’t be a problem since it is of high quality, very safe, it works great and gives 100% results.

This means buying one pack of Nu Image will give effective results compared to using four packs of other products.

We highly recommend Nu Image Medical hCG drops. However if you are on a limited budget, you can go in for HCG complex.