Colins F. Watson’s HCG By Semper Fit Nutrition

There are many companies out there claiming to be the sole answer to your weight loss means. They claim to have the best and ultimate HCG diet plan and HCG product. But have you heard of Colins F.

Watson’s HCG by Semper Fit Nutrition? I am here to review Colins F. Watson and the HCG diet program he provides.

About Colins F. Watson

Colin F. Watson aims to support people from all walks of life to explore and achieve physical and spiritual transformation.

They help clients to achieve a healthy and fast way to lose weight through HCG diet through their result oriented professionals.

To provide the most effective HCG fat loss program, Colins F. Watson has developed a tried and tested  advanced HCG diet protocol “HCG Body for Life.”

Programs They Offer

HCG Bootcamp

HCG Bootcamp is organised by Colins F. Watson to help you lose weight while having “fun.” It doesn’t matter whether you are new to HCG diet or an experienced dieter, the HCG Boot camp helps you feel renewed, relaxed and stronger. Participants engage in Daily HIIT workouts, fitness instruction, yoga, meditation and eating tips among other routines.

Colins F. Watson also has seminars like the HCG Body Rock and Semper Fit NPL aimed to equip participants with all you need to know about the HCG Body for Life lifestyle phase 1, 2 and 3.

HCG They Offer

Colin F Watson is mainly into pharmaceutical based HCG hormone. What they provide may differ from products of other companies.

Quality of Products

HCG products offered by Colin F Watson are of quality according to reviews by some clients online. Products are said to be genuine, safe does contain HCG. It is also shipped from a regulated pharmacy in the US.

Benefits of buying from Colin F. Watson

  • Versatile HCG diet programs
  • Ready-to-use kits
  • Free Coaching
  • Effective results
  • Nutritional foods  options
  • No prescription required

What Does Colins F. Watson Offer for Weight Loss?

Surprisingly, Colins F. Watson and his wife Jayne Watson once had a problem with weight management and obesity. But after some trial and errors, they achieved tremendous success in weight loss using HCG.

They have since then decided to extend a helping hand to other who a battling with weight issues. The couple has through time come up with a new micro-nutrient-rich recipe and a high-intensity training workout that works perfectly for weight loss.

You are therefore guaranteed of 96% chance of success when the HCG diet plan is duly followed.

Available Diet Plans from Colins F. Watson

Colins F. Watson has two HCG varieties to choose from. You can either go for the HCG injection or HCG diet drops kits and follows the diet plan according to your needs. The kits come with the HCG Body for Life book that will guide you through the process.  Colins F. Watson also offers the HCG Body Mastery Retreat.

HCG Diet Drops

This is meant for those who have a phobia with injections. It is very easy to administer and hassle-free. You can go for the 30-day starter drop to lose about 25lbs or less. The 45-day drop is for men who want to burn 43lbs and a woman 35lbs. You can also go for the 60-day package if you want to burn more.

HCG Injection

The HCG injection is faster and more efficient than the drops so if you aren’t scared of shots, that is the best option. The injection has HCG diet plans like 26-day,  30-day travel injection, 50-day, 75-day and the 100-day HCG injection.

Whether you go for the HCG injection or drop diet, you will have to adhere to a diet plan, which spans from phase one to three. Here is an example of what you may have to eat in phase one and two.

Phase One or the loading stage

Breakfast – A bacon, sausage and ham omelette with a bagel and cream cheese.

Midmorning snack – Donuts, strawberries with whipped cream

Lunch – chicken or pork with one baked potato and sour cream

Afternoon snack – milkshake from your favourite food restaurant

Dinner – Alfredo pasta with bread, a Ceasar salad with avocado and cheesecake for dessert

Phase Two – cutting down calories

Breakfast – Coffee or tea

Mid-morning snack – 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch – customized protein portion for rapid weight loss. Include multiple vegetables

Snack – one apple

Dinner – Choose recommended protein and vegetable

Late evening snack – Strawberries

Review by Customers

Amazon customer Reviews

  • Love all their books – Amazon customer

Too many typos – Beachey
“This book seriously needs an editor. I would volunteer to do it in exchange if the Watsons pay my next hcg round for FREE.”

  • Same old info – Joann Spirito

“Have read better hcg books. I was expecting something new and advanced as they claim.”

Where to Buy

You can purchase your HCG products directly from the official website

Contact info



Customer Service: (800) 613-9923


Do We Recommend this Product?

There have been several complaints from buyers of this product.The review says it all as customers are not satisfied with the content of the guidelines that comes with the product.

To be safe from all this choose one of the products from the top rated.