Go Pure HCG Pure drops Review

Go Pure HCG Pure drops

Go Pure HCG Pure is one of the many weight loss products on the market now. You may have heard of many HCG product but how do you choose one that will work for you?

GO Pure HCG has been on the market for some time now and in this review, we will be telling you all you need to know about the product.

Go Pure HCG Pure is a product of GoPure Labs LLC. It claims to be the hottest weight loss product on the market. When administered under the tongue is sends signals to the hypothalamus inthe brain to release all stored fat in the body.

The fat is converted into energy and a source of food for the body. In effect, it limits your craving for food. The Go Pure HCG Pure works with a very low-calorie diet to burn the fat by converting it into energy. This is to say that, dieting plays an essential part for it to work as expected.


  • You need no needles since it comes in drops
  • You will start seeing results in the first 7 days of use
  • Easy to take
  • No heavy exercise is needed
  • It increases energy and metabolic levels
  • Less crave for food as it suppresses hunger
  • Lose 1 to 2 lbs daily
  • No prescription required

Does it Work?

Go Pure HCG Pure does not contain HCG as the name suggests. It is made from natural ingredients, which is clinically tested and very effective on weight loss.

It contains many slimming agents that can work for you.The African mango and other ingredients in it reduce your craving for food. So automatically, when you add the diet protocols, you will surely lose weight.

Using Go Pure will help you to maintain the weight loss without difficulties. In addition, the green tea extract is a fat burner and energy booster to keep you through your daily work.


African Mango – suppresses hunger and your craving for food. It helps to reduce weight and blood cholesterol level.

L-Carnitine- acts as a fat burner

L-Ornithine – it helps you to build lean muscles

L-Arginine – it improves your heart

L-Glutamine – works in the brain to mental alertness

Tyrosine – reduces your stress level

Maca powder extract -it improves your mental alertness

Beta-Alanine – it is an effective amino acid used to improve performance, stamina and reduces fatigue after exercising.

Other ingredients are

Tryptophan, GABA,grape seed extract, and Green Tea leaf extract EGCG.

Is Go Pure HCG Pure drops Safe?

Go Pure HCG Pure drops has no harmful ingredients in it. The only thing is that the green leaf extract contains some form of caffeine .

However, there has not been any report of side effects online. It is very important to consult your doctor before enrolling in a weight loss program.

Recommended Use

The recommended use of Go Pure HCG Pure is not detailed on the label. It may be part of the main package though. But it seems all the drops on the market have similar dosing.


There are no testimonials or customers reviews about this product on online. There is also none on the official website of the manufacturer.

This is not good for a product that claims to be very effective in weight management.

You may have to rely on goodwill or testimonies from friends and family before doing a purchase.


If all the ingredients listed on Go Pure HCG Pure are to go by then, this supplement is natural and safe. However, the dose of the ingredients is low and that means its effectiveness can be less.

In addition, it contains no HCG as the name suggests, this can be a deception to unsuspected clients. Different people may achieve different results and embark on a strict diet is important.

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