Body Cleanse before HCG Diet !

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Body Cleanse before HCG Diet ! IS IT NECESSARY?

Firstly, we should examine the benefits of the HCG diet. On the HCG diet you are only allowed to eat certain foods. Most of them are low-carb and hopefully contain virtually no sugar.

Products like Stevia work awesome as an artificial sweetener. It’s also important to eat organic foods and foods low in pesticides and other added hormones.

As you can see, eating clean on the HCG diet is almost already like a natural detox for the body. So is extra detox even necessary?

Well, YES, a nice body detox and cleansing can prove beneficial as it might help jump start the positive effects of the HCG diet protocol.

Your body will start going through changes when you start giving up all the sugars your body was used to having. Giving up caffeine and other stimulants will also have it’s toll on your body, making you feel tired and weak the first couple days clean.

A body detox will help you eliminate some of the buildup of toxins in the body. This will re-balance your system faster if you combine a body cleanse with the HCG diet plan.

body cleanse and detox before hcg dietA body detox and cleanse can also help get your gastrointestinal tract cleaned and renewed. This will improve digestion of foods and reduce bloat.

With improved digestive processes the healthy foods you do consume will be processed more readily and efficiently by your body.

It’s always good to be getting more nutrients out of the foods you eat. The detox will also help you get rid of excessive sodium, water,  and bloating.



In conclusion, while a detox and body cleanse is not mandatory for the HCG diet, it can prove to be beneficial in many ways.

By combining the diet plan with a detox and cleanse you are purifying your body and maximizing your weight loss potential.

You will be healthier and will be on your way to Focusing and achieving your weight loss goals even faster!