HCG Drops Plus Review

About Company

HCG Plus was founded in 2011. Located in Charlotte, NC, United States it has since its establishment, it has become one of the biggest providers of weight loss products on the market. They claim to be the only real HCG drops manufacturers and providers on the web since 2010.

HCG Plus has one of the premium quality African Mango and Garcinia products on the market currently. They also claim to be the top HCG providers being homoeopathic or hormone-free. Their HCG products come in drops and easy to take but very effective as the HCG injections.

All products of HCG Plus are manufactured in the US. According to the official website of the company claims that“all of the products we sell are strictly quality controlled, and all contain 100% pure clinical grade HCG”.

Ingredients in HCG Plus

Niacin – Also known as, Vitamin B3, niacin helps to strengthen the digestion system and generate enough energy from what you eat.

Pygeum Africanum Bark extracts derived from African cherry, a traditional African medicine used for the treatment of prostate diseases in men. It comes with several other benefits like strengthening the immune system.

L-Glutamine – helps in building lean muscles.

L-Carnitine – transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of your cells, for metabolism.

L-Arginine – is an amino acid that takes part in process of NO (nitric oxide) synthesis, a systemic vasodilator that helps in controlling blood pressure and promotes erectile function in men.

Maca Root extract it improves your mental alertness

B-12- improves HCG uptake and increases metabolism



HCG Plus contains no alcohol. Note that any HCG product that contains alcohol is not real because alcohol can kill the HCG hormone.

Benefits and What they Claim

  • HCG Drops Plus contains high-level HCG unlike products of other companies
  • 100% natural and real HCG
  • HCG Drops Plus contains B-12
  • Manufactured in the US so it is of high quality and safe
  • Each Bottle is Enough for 60 Full Days of the Protocol
  • 30-day money back guarantee

What HCG Plus comes With

Any order of HCG Plus comes with a full guide in a pdf format and an instruction sheet. The guide contains 90 pages of recipes and an 18-page outline of the HCG diet protocol. According to the company, this design is specifically for their customers and cant be found anywhere.

How it Works

The HCP Plus targets the fat deposit in the body to help you lose weight. It regulates your metabolism rate and improves performance. It works with the HCG diet plan to enable you to lose weight rapidly.

Does it Work

If I am to go by the testimonials on the official website and reviews by other outlets, the response has been very positive. The company claims one will lose about 20 to 30 pounds within a single regimen.

HCG plus has 90%+ positive reviews.

How to Order

You can order HCG plus from the official website. The product comes in three packages.

60-day – $61.99

ONE – 2 oz Bottle of Real HCG
Real Clinical Levels of HCG
Over 150 IUs of HCG per Day
Lasts for 45 to 60 Days

120-day –$99.99

TWO – 2 oz Bottle of Real HCG
Real Clinical Levels of HCG
Over 150 IUs of HCG per Day
Extreme 86-120 Day Program

120-day for 2- $174.99

FOUR – 2 oz Bottle of Real HCG
Real Clinical Levels of HCG
Over 150 IUs of HCG per Day
Extreme 86-120 Day Program for 2


HCG Plus drops seem to be very expensive as compared to others on the market. A bottle of the product cost $61.99



“So far after 20 weeks, I’ve lost over 70 pounds using HCG Plus! I still have plans to complete another round of at least 24 days to lose even more, but I’m extremely pleased!” Thank you


“Like most people I’m sure, I was sceptical of HCG Plus and its claims. I tried it regardless and it was a great decision! After my first round, I lost 27 lbs using real HCG drops from HCG Plus. I cannot say enough good things about this company”.


It contains no HCG as the name suggests, this can be a deception to unsuspected clients. Different people may achieve different results and embark on a strict diet is important. For the best choice visit this page.

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