HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review

Many people are currently paying attention to their weight and looking for effective weight loss product that can give value for money. With this, many people have resorted to HCG products and more and more companies are popping up claiming to be the best HCG product,provider.

So I have decided to assess the numerous HCG product on the market and bring to you the best of reviews so that you can make an inform choice when purchasing a product. I look at HCG Ultra Diet in this review.


What is HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

HCG Ultra Diet Drops is a weight loss product that claims to contain “homoeopathic ingredients.”It works by reducing your craving for food and using stored fat in the body for your source of energy and calories. HCG Ultra Diet Drops does not work in isolation as it follows the HCG diet plan to be effective.

It is taken 10 minutes before meal or water and you will have to put 25 drops under the tongue.

How effective is HCG Ultra Drops?

The effectiveness of HCG Ultra Diet Drops varies according to the consumer. There have been both positive and negative reviews about the product. We cannot verify whether those who had negative results went strictly by the HCG diet plan or not.

Also, for those with positive outcomes, It is unknown if the HCG Ultra Diet Drops indeed gave the results or it was the cut in calories intake. It is important to also note that there is no clinical research published to prove that HCG Ultra Diet Drops works.

All the information provided here are based on what is found on the companies website and some reviews by customers.


The official website of HCG Ultra Diet Drops only provides Human Chronic Gonadotropin 12x, 30x, 60x, Purified Water, 20% U.S.P. Alcohol as the formula for the product.

Benefits of HCG Ultra Diet Drops

HCG Ultra Diet Drops claims to have many benefits including

  • It is natural
  • It is very effective and gives results when used as directed
  • Less hunger
  • Increase metabolism
  • You drop weight very fast
  • It is easy to use
  • There is a money back guarantee
  • No serious side effects
  • Available in various packages

 Side Effects

It seems the side effects of HCG Ultra Diet Drops depend on the user. But there have not been customer reviews pointing out any serious side effects. Some customers have this to say

  • “I’ve started taking HCG Ultra months ago and in my case, there are no side effects,” offered one user.
  • “If you don’t follow the program to the letter then there will be adverse effects.”

It is also possible to have side effects like

  • Stomach aches
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dehydration

The Cons

  • Can cause rashes (as a result of built up toxins in the body being released during fat loss) fatigue, and leg cramping.
  • Overusing or abusing the product will not result in better or faster results.
  • Clients who did not follow the hardly achieve any results.
  • HCG Ultra Diet Drops can cause hyper ovulation in women


Ryan South

“I started HCG Ultra when I was 230 lbs. In 7 months I lost 60 pounds. I lost a lot of weight fast. It was easy at first. it was a little harder the further I got into it. After a couple of months, my wife couldn’t believe the results. She tried it too and lost 32 lbs.”

Shirley Shogren

“Have used HCG before but this is not taking care of the pounds that I wanted to and am almost finished with the drops.”

Claude Bolan Very quick and effective product
“I lost 15 lbs and my son lost 32 pounds on the drops. I have tried many other methods before but could never get to my ideal weight. I did it on the drops. THE HCG DIET DOES WORK and is quick and effective.”

Where to Buy

For quality reasons, you have to purchase HCG Ultra Diet Drops from the official site www.hcgultradietdrops.com. You can also purchase from Amazon.


Before you choose an HCG product, you should find the one that suits your needs. You can rely on testimonies from friends and family to choose a product that works. There are many products claiming to contain HCG but few of them actually does.

Visiting this page can give you the best HCG drops on the market.