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The Official  HCG Diet Plan

HCG products come with its own diet plan to ensure maximum benefit. Going strictly by the plan is the surest way to achieve the worth of the money spent. So, just stay with me as I take you through the plan/programme

What is Does The HCG Diet Plan/program Entails?

The official 21 day HCG diet plan offers all you need to succeed in your quests to reduce weight and shed off some fat. It has become one of the trusted weight loss plans for many people. It is very beneficial to people with busy schedules who don’t have time to workout.


The plan comes with HCG diet drops to be used for the 21 days, official HCG diet weight loss program ebook and the HCG recipe book. Others are the original pound and inches ebook and the official weight loss log ebook.

The Ingredients for Official HCG Diet Drops Meant for the Plan

The active ingredients for HCG diet drops are:

  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
  • Vitamin B12 Supplement
  • Mag-Phos
  • Nat-Phos Cell Salts

Inactive ingredient

Colloidal mineral water

The Three Phases of the Official HCG Diet Plan

The official HCG diet plan has three phases and that helps you to measure your success. The three phases are as follow:

1st Phase

This can be said as the most important phase of the entire HCG diet plan. It equips you with how to use the HCG drops to maximize its effect. The phase, which lasts for just two days affords you the chance to eat as much as you can and take in a lot of water, about one gallon a day. This is meant to prepare you for the greater task.

2nd Phase

As the first phase sets the tone for the plan, phase two is more of a restriction. You will have to gradually decrease your calories intake. This will enable you to burn fat and lose weight.

3rd Phase

This is the serious and difficult part of the plan. You will have to totally eliminate foods that contain calories and fat. You will reduce your food intake and rely on some particular foods. You will do this until you reach your target. After reaching your target, you will then go through the maintenance section to be able to maintain your weight. This will prevent gaining back the shed weight. During this period, you can take calories but in moderation and also increase your water intake.

The Official Diet drops Challenge

The company believes in the workability of the plan that, they have thrown a challenge to users. They offer that going by the plan if you are unable to shed some weight within 7 days after 90 days of purchase, return the product for a refund. You will also have additional $10 for the inconveniences.


#1 offer

15 Day (1oz) Official HCG Diet Drops Program costs $59

#2 offer

21 Day (2oz) Official HCG Diet Drops Program costs $79

#3 offer

45 Day (4oz) Official HCG Diet Drops Program costs $99

#4 offer

90 Day (2x4oz) Official HCG Diet Drops Program

Product Review

There have been countless reviews of the official HCG diet plan. Few of them are listed below:

Posted by Deborah L.

“I have tried so many products and spent so much money only to find that my body doesn’t respond to them. I tried HCG after consulting my general physician as to its safety. He approved it for my use. It worked! I didn’t stay on it out of stupidity. Then gained my lbs. lost and continued to go up on the scale. I restarted only 4 days ago and have lost 3 lbs already.”

Posted by Shelly Hodges

“I’ve taken the HCG weight loss drops for 30 days and the results are amazing. Not only have I achieved my target weight; in addition, now I have so much more energy. Try this product. You won’t be disappointed.”

Posted by Unknown

Love the stuff works great, the additional diet plan download disappeared, happen twice not sure if it’s on a time thing.

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Warning and Disclaimer

Even though some people have had success going by the plan, it is not a guarantee that everyone can achieve such success. Since you will strictly need to be on a less calorie diet, consult your doctor before using the product.

Where to buy

You can buy this product from its official website or from


Do We Recommend this Product?

Even though the company have thrown a challenge for a full money back guarantee ,the customers are not very much satisfied about the product.

But there are better options and you can see these options here.