Rejuvi medical – Oral HCG Troches Review

In this review, I will delve into the services of Rejuvi medical, what they do, and the services they provide. Then I will review one of their products Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches.

About Company

Rejuvi is an online tele medicine company, which provides varieties of weight loss products. It started in Southeastern WA as a health and wellness clinic. Rejuvi Medical deal in products like Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), peptide therapy, B12, lipotropic and arginine among others.

What They Do

Rejuvi Medicals serves as an intermediary between clients and online clinical providers. They provide information and connect you to specialized medical providers in the field of weight loss, fatigue management, and general well being. You can get all this information from the comfort of your home.

Services for Weight Management

Rejuvi Medical weight management services help you to

  • Control hunger
  • Boost metabolism
  • Guard against a slowed metabolism during dieting
  • Burn fat, and spare muscle while losing weight

Energy and Fatigue Management

Fatigue and energy level management is very important for your general well being. Fatigue, when not managed well can result in weight gain and poor lifestyle. This is where Rejuvi Medical comes in to help you manage your low energy and fatigue to promote well being and help you shed some weight.

Age Management

No one wants to age, despite it being part of life. You can’t decrease your age but you can determine how to look as you age. Rejuvi Medical provides you options on how to look young and stronger.

What is the Rejuvi medical Oral HCG Troches

The Rejuvi medical Oral HCG Troches is one of Rejuvi revolutionary approach to weight management problems. The HCG troches contain vitamin B12, Arginine and Carnitine. This is another thing that baffles me, the product is very expensive and with that should contain more quality ingredients.But as to whether it is effective as the company claims only time and reviews by customers will tell.

Benefits of Rejuvi medical Oral HCG Troches

According to Rejuvi, the oral HCG troches is formulated with ingredients that help to boost your energy while building lean muscles.

It claims that the HCG prevents muscle wastage by building your testosterone. This according to Rejuvi helps the customer to maintain and stick to the very low-calorie diet without having many challenges. But can this be the only effect the oral HCG troches has on the body? No, because the product may have other side effects, which we will soon go into.

How it Works

According to information on Rejuvi’s website, the B12 content in the HCG troches boosts your energy.

The carnitine is an amino acid with has fat burning properties. It also helps toimprove your physical performance.

Arginine is also an amino acid that takes part in protein synthesis to help build lean muscles.

Cons of HCG Troches

Ingredients: The ingredients list for HCG Troches is very short for a product that claims to bring results. There are many other products out there, which have a tall list of ingredients. This is not to disclaim that HCG Trochesmay work for some people.

Price: The price seems to be very high and that has been one of the major complaints of customers. 30-day troches cost as much as $250, which is ridiculously high. There are a lot of HCG products on the market that cost less yet effective.

Customer Reviews

  1. Barbara

They have been really helpful with all ..

“They have been really helpful with all my needs..very attentive…started my HCG diet 5 days ago…so far so good…looking forward to great results.”

  • Maureen Bjerke 

“I tried HCG diet once and was successful. But with this company, things turned otherwise. The company does not give you instructions on the supplies. So basically you are on your own. It is costly as well.”

Where to Buy

For your safety and quality of the product, it is advisable to make all your orders from the official website of Rejuvi Medical. This is because the company claims to sell their product only after a Tele-med consultation. This helps them to know your needs before prescribing a product that may work for you. This is a very positive approach but we can’t affirm that the consultation yields any positive results.


You can contact Rejuvi Medical by:

201 N Edison St
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone/Text: +1 (866) 951-7101



Do We Recommend this Product?

HCG troches are very expensive. Buying a 30-day regimen for $250 is outrageous and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to spend that much on a product.

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