Slim Firm Oral HCG Reviews

About Slim Firm Philipians

Slim Firm offers various products for your general well being and health needs. They provide a wide range of products made from botanicals herbs and plants components.

Their variety of products includes powder, liquid, tablets and bars for various purposes including weight management, boosting appetite and reducing the absorption of macro nutrients.

Slim Film Philippians also has the weight and fat burn supplement called the HCG Ultra Big Lean, that is helping a lot of people to burn unwanted accumulated fat in the body.

How does the Slim Firm HCG Ultra Big Lean Work?

As with other types of HCG, the Slim Firm Ultra Big Lean drops is your best bet for your weight loss needs. When administered into the body, it signals the hypothalamus in the brain to release stored fat in the body.

The fat will, therefore, be burned into energy for the body to use instead of relying on food. In effect, your appetite for food is reduced and that automatically cause the body to lose weight.

The Slim Firm HCG Ultra Big Lean works on fat and not the muscles. It works better when you reduce your calories intake.

Benefits and Results of Using Slim Firm HCG Ultra Big Lean

  • It is very effective and gives you the needed results
  • The brand is Slim Firm is trusted and provides quality products
  • The product is very affordable.
  • HCG Slim Firm drops reduce the food craving and regulate food intake.
  • It has great control over the cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and immune system.

Customers have achieved the result of burning from 0.5 to 1.5 pounds each day. Some have even lost as much as 2 pounds a day. Results depend on the individual body type and how they adhere to the strict diet plan.

Quality of Product

Slim Firm HCG Ultra Big Lean drop has undergone the test of time and has been intensely researched into. It is made from potent ingredients making it efficient and safe for consumption.

The HCG Diet Plan

There HCG Diet plan for Slim Firm HCG Ultra Big Lean drops has four phases.

The Loading Phase

This is the first two days of your HCG drops program. Within these first two days of taking the drops, you have to eat as much as you can. You can consume as much fat as you want within this phase.

Phase Two

This is when the real deal starts. From the day 3 of the HCG diet program, you have to consume only 500 calories in a day. You have to take the Slim Firm HCG Ultra Big Lean drops as prescribed. How long you take this drops depends on the type of program you subscribed to and the amount of weight you want to lose.

Phase Three

This is after you have completed your diet program according to the days you subscribed to. During this phase, you will continue to be on the 500 calories a day for three days. This will help to get rid of the HCG in the body. The phase is also known as the Transition phase.

Phase Four (Maintenance)

With the maintenance stage, you slowly and carefully introduce other foods into your diet. You can eat anything except foods containing a high level of starch, sugar and artificial sweeteners. This can help you maintain your shape and prevent regaining of fat.

How to Order

You can order from its  official website

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You can order or make enquiries by calling

Mobile: 0917 821 7881
Mobile: 0917 833 2765

If you are in the US


1968 S. Coast Hwy #883,

Laguna Beach CA 92651


Do We Recommend this Product?

The product promises much but as to whether it is effective or not, little is provided on that. This is why we recommend that you rather check here for your best hCG weight loss products.