Your HCG – HCG Weight Loss Drops Review

About Your HCG

Your HCG claims to be the pioneer HCG re seller in the online market. Founded by Daniel and Jaime Edmundin April 2009 it provides HCG homeopathic drop solutions for rapid and effective weight loss.

It all started when Jaime gained weight while working for the federal school lunch program. In her quest to lose the accumulated weight, she came across the HCG injection, which was only available in physicians’ offices and very expensive. Jaime saw the need to help other people who were battling weight gain to have access to affordable and healthy HCG solutions.

She, therefore, played a vital role in the formulating the HCG diet into a homeopathic form. This came with an online program for the HCG weight loss protocol.

What Your HCG Offers

Your HCG offers a homoeopathic HCC weight loss drops for your weight loss needs. As with any other HCG product, it works with the HCG diet plan that requires a low-calorie diet. You have to go by the plan to achieve the needed results.


Your HCG does not only offer HCG weight loss drops but also a pragmatic way of getting the worth of the money spent. You will have this benefits dealing with Your HCG.

Warning on the Product

As with any drug, if you are a pregnant, nursing mother, or under 18 years of age, consult your physician before using the product. In case of accidental overdose, seek professional assistance. The product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases. The FDA has not evaluated the statements.

  • You will surely lose weight
  • It is very easy to follow their diet plan
  • In the end, you will learn how to eat healthily and stay healthy.

The HCG Drops vs. Injection

Mostly, customers do contemplate whether to go for the HGC drops or the infections. This is due to the fact that many sites put the injection ahead of drops. Nonetheless, the HCG dropis as effective as the injection. You don’t need any doctor to administer the drops,unlike the injection that you would need a doctor to inject you. The injection is also expensive as compared to the drops. You can, therefore, rely on the Your HCG weight loss drops.

Why HCG Works

There has been a school of thought that the HCG diet plan works because of the person’s adherence to reduce calories intake. But the truth it, cutting down on calories without using HCG weight loss drops is starvation. The HCG drops works to reduce weight because it signals the body to release stored fat in the belly area, thigh and hips etc. This fat, therefore,burns to give the body the energy and nutrient needed while on the HCG diet. This makes you lose weight while taking the very low-calorie diet.

What to Eat

It is advisable to go by the HCG diet protocol when using Your HCG weight loss drops. Anything contrary to it will be a waste of time and money. The diet plan comes with the HCG drop package.

How Long Does it Take to Receive an Order

Receiving an order takes at most 7 working days. There are various shipping options to choose from.


First Class Mail:

U.S. Shipping Time: 5-7 business days (not insured and shipping time is not guaranteed)

International Shipping Time: 7-15 business days (depending on customs)

Priority Mail:

3-5 business days.

Express Mail:

1-2 business days

Note: The rate of shipping can vary according to your destination,

*Shipping time is considered the day product ships, not the day it is ordered. Most orders ship the next business day. Our shipping centre is closed Saturday and Sunday. All orders placed on Friday will ship the following business day.



Day 10 on the HCG Diet and I have lost 15lbs!!! Actually LOVING the diet! Hunger is gone, no side effects, and still able to keep up with my almost 2 years old! Going to try to hit 115 by the end of my 45 days!*


THIS HCG DIET PLAN IS AMAZING!!! I’ve lost 23 pounds in 25 days. This is an amazing program and a wonderful way to implement a lifestyle change. I never get tired of hearing people say… WOW, YOU ARE LOOKING GREAT!*


Your HCG, LLC.

Address: 8750 S Sandy Pkwy, Ste E

Sandy, UT 84070

Mobile: 877-7482709


Do we Recommend this Product?

Customers have good reviews about this product and it seems to have worked for some of them. However, information about the product is very limited on the official website.

We therefore recommend that you choose one of the products from the top 3 products list.