Procerin -an Overview

Procerin is a safe and natural product that works specially well for men still in the hair growth phase, especially in young men from the age of 18-35; or older men still seeing good hair growth.procerin

In these cases, the Procerin can increase thickness, hair count and overall hair health. The use of herbs and vitamins can be helpful internally to facilitate hair growth and improve the overall health of the hair.

Procerin uses a two part process, the first is a tablet that includes vitamins and minerals and the second is a fast acting foam that is applied to the scalp twice a day (usually morning and at bedtime).

This combination works to reduce the loss of hair, and can improve the density and quality of the hair; as it stops the hair loss cycle and improves the hair growth.

How it Works

Procerin works using natural ingredients that go after the dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a by-product of testosterone.


An enzyme called 5 Alpha-reductase (5AR) attaches to the testosterone and converts it to DHT.

DHT attaches to the androgen receptors in the scalp; this slows down the regrowth which increases the receding hairline pattern of baldness.

It also contributes to the minimization of the hair follicles which allows more of the scalp to show through.

Procerin blocks the development of DHT by targeting the chemical process that allows the 5AR to attach to the testosterone.

This stops the hair loss process without creating the sexual side effects.

In addition, Procerin uses vitamins, herbs and minerals which improve the density and health of the hair as well as helping to promote new growth.

Procerin requires continual application for about 1-2 months before results can be fully seen.

Procerin offers a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Company Information

Procerin is a product of the Speedwinds Nutrition Inc. Company, which has been in business since 2002.

They are a GMP-certified laboratory providing stringent testing and safety standards. Speedwinds Nutrition Inc. is also the manufacturer of Sytropin, Vasacor and Synotrex.

Reasons To buy Procerin



Since Procerin works to stop the production of DHT before it occurs, the hair loss process can be interrupted.

The use of natural ingredients allows Procerin to be effective without the sexual side effects of some products.

Procerin is available without a prescription, and with two applications of the foam and one tablet a day the process is simple, easy and convenient.

Real user Reviews



Procerin is designed only for men, but for men with good hair growth this is an excellent product.

We think the use of natural ingredients is important, as is the convenience of buying Procerin without a prescription; so we listed Procerin as our Top Hair loss Products.