Provillusprovillus men women

Provillus is a very effective and popular product, sold to help restore hair lost and improves the quality and condition of the hair.

It uses herbal extracts and all natural products along with FDA approved ingredients.

provillus men women

Provillus comesboth a Men’s and Women’s product line , since there are differences in the way hair is lost in each gender.

Provillus contains vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to improve growth, health and vitality as well as strength and luster of the hair.

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on confidence and self-esteem, restoring the quality and health of hair is essential in a hair loss defense product.

How it Works

The main ingredient in Provillus is Minoxidil, which works to restrain DHT growth. DHT stops hair growth.

This approach is most effective in Androgenetic alopecia, which is caused by the increased levels of androgen.

Provillus is popular because it is effective and is reported to have no side effects.

Company Information

Provillus is a product of the Ultra Herbal LLC, a member of the Natural Products Association.

Ultra Herbal has a reputation for its dedication to safety and product effectiveness.

The company is focused on quality and customer satisfaction.


There are no chemicals in Provillus it is an all-natural product. The herbs, vitamins and minerals are effective for

restoring the health and natural sheen to hair as well as effectively dealing with hair loss.

The FDA approves the ingredients and the production is within the standards of the FDA as well.

The Men’s Version includes a raft of vitamins and minerals including: B Vitamins including B6 and B7, Zinc and Saw Palmetto.

provillus men

The use of other herbs including Nettle root, pumpkin seed, ginseng make the hair shine and improve the natural health.

The Women’s formula works with Vitamin B6 as well along with Biotin, Magnesium and Horsetail silica. The addition of benzoic acid works as a sun block and anti-aging ingredient.

provillus women

Provillus works to block DHT, helps prevent thinning hair and restores the quality of hair follicles. It helps hair loss reportedly without the harmful side effects of their competitors.

It works best on Male and Female Pattern Baldness rather than patches of hair loss.


This is our top recommendation, the natural formula and the effectiveness of the product along with the overall popularity makes Provillus an easy choice for those wanting to restore their hair density and health.

The addition of the vitamins, Biotin and natural herbs make the hair look and feel great. We think you can’t go wrong with Provillus.

Check out their website for more information and testimonials.

provillus men women